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Friend and friendship essay

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band business plan I just got home from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my mother, sister, brother, niece and nephew in friend essay Franklin Park, New Jersey. The roads were slick from an early snow shower that turned to freezing rain. As I was driving home it dawned on me that I haven#8217;t written a blog post (on any topic) in over a month. But tonight I suddenly found the inspiration to on the civil war, present A Sample Music Business Plan for Your Band. For those of you who haven#8217;t read my previous posts on this topic, I#8217;ll briefly bring you up to speed. I wrote a post on Music Think Tank Open that was transferred to the main page (an honor in my book) called How to Write a Music Business Plan.

It was a bit fluffy like this one might end up and essay one of the MTT readers called me on it. The first comment was, #8220;Would have been stronger with a template or sample.#8221; I got pissed off and created a template. College Essays. Thanks again Justin. However, I never provided a sample for two reasons. One, I thought that I might loose business opportunities by essay, providing a sample of a plan that I#8217;ve done. Essays 2013. People like to friend essay, copy plans instead of learning the steps or hiring a business plan writer like myself.

Two, because business plans as you will see in origin antithesis vinyl the sample below, are confidential. Friend Essay. Half of on the civil my clients will make me sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and swear me to secrecy for essay, good reason. Luckily for steps, you about and friendship, a year ago, one rap group from VA gave me the go ahead to river, publish their plan, but we#8217;ll get to that in a moment. Every time I sit down to write another music business plan I think about all of the starving artists out there who have failed to and friendship essay, see the value in the business planning process. There are all sorts of books out there telling people not to plan. I personally don#8217;t understand that concept at all. I#8217;ve read that planning is nothing more that guessing recently. To Start Essay. If that#8217;s the friend essay case, I#8217;ve been one lucky dude. I plan everything.

I plan what body part I#8217;m going to work at the gym tomorrow, what I#8217;ll have for best college 2013, dinner the next day and what I#8217;ll will wear to work on Monday. And Friendship Essay. I honestly feel that I would not be as successful as I am if it weren#8217;t for careful planning. Its obvious that planning a business is much more intricate than planning your personal life. If running a business was as easy as having an idea and on the american war going for friend and friendship essay, it, we#8217;d all be rich. Secret Essays. A plan not only essay provides you with a framework for growth, but also takes a closer look at of dissertation the details of your business; ones that are typically over and friendship, looked without a business plan. A CEO has to manage everything from steps, personnel to product development and marketing to distribution and essay accounting.

How is one supposed to conceptualize that process in their head? The answer is clear to me. You can#8217;t. Whether you are planning to approach a bank or family member for financing or simply look at ways to improve your business, a good plan includes the five sections that follow. Details on each of these plans can be found in previous posts and outlined in depth in my template, You don#8217;t have to take my work for it however, there are tons of resources online that will tell you the same thing about business planning. Over the years I have tailored these plans to on the american, mirror the needs of the ever changing music industry. Even this plan that I am presenting today is of date, just a year after I completed it. Friend And Friendship Essay. That should tell you that a business plan should be a living and breathing part of your business and updated as your wants and needs change. On The Civil War. Without further ado, I present to you a sample music business plan for indie hip hop group, The Northern Southerners. Northern Southerners Business Plan Northern Southerners Financial Statements.

Kevin Englishis a marketer and student of the arts, who blogs about the skills and strategies necessary to get the most of friend essay your musical career at or on Twitter @eleetmusic. Nice piece Kevin. In the future, I see investors providing funding for steps of dissertation, well organized groups that have traction and a working business model. Terry McBride#39;s Nettrwerk Group started a joint venture fund called Polyphonic where his company#39;s intent is to and friendship, invest in different ways to start an argumentative artists that are in a place where they could grow with the help of and friendship essay outside funding. Any band with a good team and there business in order can benefit from doing a business plan. Secret River Essays. Doing one properly provides any band#39;s music business with an excellent road map for future growth. If you are a band already on solid financial footing doing a business plan can only increase your self awareness. Additionally, if you are serious about investor funding, most serious investors will want to see at friend essay the very least a detailed well thought out steps, Executive Summary of your project. Thanks Dave.

Polyphonic looks interesting. Its about time someone stepped up to the plate to take advantage of the scaling of independent musicians. I#39;ll have to do some research on them myself. And Friendship. Hey Kevin, not sure you#39;ll remember me, but we connected back in the spring and we talked on the phone briefly about essays, my music business plan. I#39;ll say for the most part, the majority of what I planned for (or more so my goals) got accomplished and I#39;m moving on to rehashing out friend essay, things for 2011 that I simply did not get to this year. One thing I learned as I implemented my plan was that some things took longer (and more $$) than I wanted and I had to learn to ways to start, be okay with that.

Like my album for instance. I thought a May 2010 release, but it ended up being released November 2010. But the thing is is that it was my first one and I had no idea how it played out in reality. I read a good book recently, Rework, that had an interesting chapter on and friendship essay plans--thought I#39;d see what your reaction was. To summarize they say: - plans are fantasy, there are too many factors out of your hands to predict. - start referring to your business plans as guesses. - plans let the past drive the future. Secret Essays. - you have the essay most information when you#39;re doing something, not before you#39;ve done it. Steps Of Dissertation. - they advise not writing a long winded plan, because it mostly ends up collecting dust or being constantly rewritten. I#39;ve experienced these realities in my past life helping non-profits write strategic plans and seen the plan utterly fall apart or not even used for numerous reasons. In the music industry today, which is friend, constantly changing, I completely agree that all the components you mention for a plan should be thought about and written down, but do you think this means musicians should write several short-term plans a year or phase them out? It probably depends on the goals of the secret river artist.

The follow up question I have to your post is taking a plan and implementing it--how does one do it? Other than doing it, what should be in place to friend essay, ensure the music business plan shows success? I wanted to those those questions out for readers here, but my two quick answers are--A) just start doing it (how else does anything get done), and B) incorporate metrics into the plan. (music blog) Of course I remember you. I#39;m like an best college essays, elephant when it comes that kinda of thing ;-) This post is purposely in direct contradiction to that section in ReWork for friend, two reasons: 1.) I#39;m not trying to sell you a book (yet) 2.) I#39;ve personally seen businesses fail because they didn#39;t plan. 37 signals is a great company and the authors are very smart guys, but when I hear you say things like everything you PLANNED for college 2013, you accomplished, it further underscores my point. To answer your questions: Start by reviewing your finances. If you don#39;t have the money to and friendship essay, record, market, distribute and promote you cannot proceed. Measurable goals is the name of the steps of dissertation game. You have to know how many fans, shows, and digital downloads you need in order to essay, become profitable.

Otherwise your plan was created in vein. Essays On The American Civil War. Great hearing from you Brian. Friend Essay. Keep up the good work! Kevin, I#39;m glad the topic of best college music business plans has come up, because I#39;ve been trying to wrap my head around them for a while. After reading over your post and the provided documents, I#39;m still very skeptical about their practicality. (I don#39;t intend to come off as a jerk - its hard to ask critical questions online without sounding like one) First off, it seems like the plan for friend essay, Northern Southerners is basically to do what every other aspiring band and origin vinyl label does. Produce albums, merchandise, and tour. To me, this all seems like stating the obvious.

I don#39;t understand how this constitutes a guiding plan. Under what circumstances will the folks at Northern Southern ever encounter some question or situation in which they say, hmmm, i dunno, we better check and see what the plan said, and then crack this thing open and have their answer? It all seems very substance-free. And Friendship Essay. Then there#39;s the finance page. am I reading this wrong, or does it end stating that they#39;re going to be $80,638 in the hole at the end of the year? Obviously companies need to incur some startup costs, but for steps, a PLAN, this certainly seems to end on a bit of a cliffhanger! Fuirthermore, (And I have always, always wondered this), how the heck can ANYONE project music sales for a startup act?

Granted, they project a year end total of only $10,700 in total sales, which I suppose is friend and friendship essay, realistic. but what are those numbers based on? Isn#39;t knowing that more important than a plan that includes get a customized myspace layout? I guess I just don#39;t see how spend money on a publicist and creative summer courses ireland promoter equals a marketing plan. Essay. I understand how a plan that defines participants roles, describes specific strategies, and sets clear benchmark goals can be useful. But this plan does none of that. However, even if it did, my overarching question remains; how can ANYONE predict revenue or sales in this music industry for new products or artists? It seems to me like things either catch heat, or they don#39;t, and it usually comes down to an argumentative essay, who is able to work their media connections best and get the most exposure. I#39;m really not trying to tear this post down, I#39;ve just been told time and time again about the friend essay importance of business plans in on the war music only to see a laundry list of very basic promotional activities, combined with seemingly imaginary financial projections. Friend Essay. I would very much like to different to start an argumentative, hear where I am missing the friend and friendship essay point.

Thanks for best college essays 2013, reading and asking some very good questions. Friend. BTW you don#39;t come off as a jerk. I see exactly where you are coming from and I intend to help you understand where I think you may be missing my point. You should always be skeptical of new ideas, especially when they appear from an unfamiliar author on a blog that claims to be the most relevant think tank in the new music industry today. I#39;m a huge skeptic myself and creative summer further more I#39;ve never been known for blowing smoke when it comes to friend, the music business.

Independents should protect their right to call, bullshit, so I#39;m glad you were man enough to do so. In any event, here are my arguments. Point #1: First off, it seems like the plan for Northern Southerners is basically to origin vinyl, do what every other aspiring band and label does. And Friendship. You#39;re correct. It is exactly that. What is different here is that the Northern Southerners have put it on different essay paper in order to identify the essay holes in it. How can you find flaws in what you propose to do without seeing all of the details out in front of you? They have also itemized what the cost are for each basic step of the creative writing summer way. Sure, most (not all) artists know how it goes: ? record and and friendship album, market it, promote it and distribute it. Now ask yourself, how many artists can say they have contacted all of the vendors necessary to carry out those four obvious steps, and project how much this labor of love will cost them in 2011? The Northern Southerners can.

Point #2: Under what circumstances will the vinyl folks at Northern Southern ever encounter some question or situation in which they say, hmmm, i dunno, we better check and see what the plan said, and then crack this thing open and friend essay have their answer? Thats a perfect segment to point #1. The Northern Southerners are often asked by investors to river, forecast what they are likely to spend next year. Conversely they will also have to take an educated guess about how much money they will make. Friend. Think of a business plan as a big budget. Do you tell your banker that you are skeptical about budgeting for college, auto purchase or home loan?

That you don#39;t see the value in planning for those types of secret expediters? Why is a music business any different? If you say, because its too hard and it either catches or it doesn#39;t, makes me think that it is even more important to plan. Not less. Music is emotional, I know, but businesses aren#39;t. Remember, I didn#39;t make these rules, I#39;m just presenting a way to and friendship, bridge the two truths. Steps Of Dissertation. Point #3: (And my personal favorite) Furthermore, (And I have always, always wondered this), how the friend and friendship essay heck can ANYONE project music sales for a startup act? How about we start with your neighborhood and antithesis vinyl say, Who is most likely to buy my album in and friendship essay this town? What does my target customer look like?

What do they do for fun? Where do they hang out? Let say you come up with one market segment that is 30 year old men. What do 30 year old men do on a beautiful day like today? Watch football. So you can either come up with a catchy song about how Titans CB Cortland Finnegan got his ass beat last week and put it out on the internet too see if it catches You can look at origin vinyl the City, County and State Census records to find out exactly the number of 30 year old men that live in your neck of the woods. Then you take your marketing tool(s) of and friendship essay choice and examine the industry standards on say, pay per clicks (if you plan to use internet promotion). That is what this and any other good financial plan is based on. Steps. Cold hard facts about potential customers and the current economic climate. Not lofty ideas and passing thoughts about how great your music is.

Look I#39;m not going to elaborate any further in friend this comment, but please feel free to ask more question here, via email, twitter or phone. I#39;ll leave all of my contact info at the bottom of the post. I finally had a chance to secret river essays, skim through this. As someone that has invested in, written and consumed my fair share of essay plans, here#39;s my feedback: Your plan is a fine friend plan. Steps. It#39;s a plan that close friends with money to burn (in a wood stove) might invest in. However, I don#39;t believe this is the type of plan anyone could sensibly shop to strangers (as investors). Here are a few reasons why: The upside you are offering is far too low for the perceived risk involved. I would never put $100K into something as risky as a band unless I was going to own a significant chunk (probably far more than 20%) of the friend essay entity that controlled all the essays rights and friend IP. You need to demonstrate that you are taking some of the significant risks off the table. Without signed rights and essays services agreements, there#39;s no minimal guarantee that the songwriter or lead singer is friend and friendship essay, not going to drift off to some other band/venture.

As Justin said, the plan is lacking in different ways to start substance (sorry).. The music comes first; music sales, merch sales, touring, selling stuff - these are obvious things. I want to know what you are going to essay, do to propel yourself to essays 2013, the moon. The 6% return is nice if you are a bank, but I want to friend, know how I am going to end up owning a chunk of a $35M annual business two years from now! What#39;s the unique, unusual, inventive, off-the-charts thing (strategy) that you are going to on the, employ that#39;s going to friend, put you on the map and keep you on the map? (This could potentially include using investor money to hire a prominent manager.) If you are going to pitch business plan 101 to artists, IMHO you need to really dig into to start my 360 deal documents ( to develop an understanding of how to 1) minimize risk, 2) align incentives, 3) capture all potential revenue streams, and friend and friendship essay 4) paint a picture of significant upside. If the origin antithesis vinyl hardest thing in the music business is putting lyrics together with a melody to create a popular song, then the second hardest thing is friend and friendship, finding the money you need to do everything else. In this industry, before you even write a plan to raise $10K, you better have 1) excellent songs, and creative summer courses ireland 2) a believable strategy that#39;s going to make you into a true, viable business. Cheers.

Strategy for a viable business. Bruce I know you love lists: New Order: choose the worst singer to not only sing but also write the lyrics (some of friend essay which are literally made-up gibberish). Essays American Civil War. Stay signed to a label that refuses, on principle, to friend, finance PR. Invest the majority of any money made in different an argumentative essay a nightclub that loses money hand-over-fist (and don#39;t buy the friend essay building it#39;s in, just spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on its refurbishment). Steps Of Dissertation. Name yourselves after Hitler#39;s own term for the Nazi party. And Friendship. Jimi Hendrix: restart your career as a black, psychedelic rock star in another country where black people are still a novelty, by supporting Gene Pitney and creative summer courses Engelbert Humperdinck, then return to your country of birth and try to start your new career there by supporting the Monkees. Pledge support for the soldiers in friend Vietnam whilst presenting yourself as an alt. culture freak (change your mind later).

Perform and river essays record the national anthem at sunrise with feedback guitar and sexually provocative hip thrusts. Die from ingesting your own vomit after building an intense mythology about friend and friendship, your drug-taking powers. Summer Courses. Nirvana: oh, you can fill this one in friend yourself. Success? Yes, all three, business-wise. Now, if you#39;d asked the managers, the story would have an ever-so slightly different slant, right? Ladies and gentlemen musicians - please, find yourselves people who are good at business in order that you need not be. Ladies and gentlemen, gurus, advisers and steps of dissertation marketeers - please, find yourselves some musicians who are good at music and prove your theories. Thanks for friend and friendship, taking the to start an argumentative essay time to read and comment. I sincerely respect your judgement and friend essay expertise.

Correct. The Northern Southerners came to me for a business plan to submit to a family friend that was already interested in investing, but wanted to see their business on paper. You need to demonstrate that you are taking some of the significant risks off the table. Agreed. I#39;ll look into this further with future plans of the sort. As Justin said, the plan is summer courses, lacking in substance (sorry) Don#39;t be sorry. And Friendship Essay. This is your professional opinion. Granted, everyone isn#39;t at the same level as you are. This plan may lack substance for you, but be very relevant to an argumentative essay, someone else. If you are going to pitch business plan 101 to artists, IMHO you need to really dig into my 360 deal documents ( First of all I#39;d like you to understand that I#39;m not pitching (Lord knows I have enough work to do).

I#39;m simply sharing what I know with the and friendship people who have asked. Please remember that this plan is a sample. Not the end all be all or a guaranteed road to success. I want to on the civil, know what you are going to friend and friendship, do to propel yourself to creative ireland, the moon. Finding something unique that with propel the friend essay artist to the moon is no easy task. No one has found that thing from my knowledge. Not sure why I#39;m expected to include this in the plan. In any event, the Northern Southerners #39;thing was the different ways to start essay fact that they were able to clear a Bruce Springsteen sample for their lead single. That#39;s a lot more than some can say. I#39;ll respond to the only coherent sentences in friend and friendship essay your comment above. Ladies and gentlemen musicians - please, find yourselves people who are good at business in order that you need not be.

Really? How much will that cost you over the course of your career? Isn#39;t it better to know the business than to relinquish control to creative summer courses ireland, someone who says they are acting in your best interest? Ladies and essay gentlemen, gurus, advisers and marketeers - please, find yourselves some musicians who are good at music and prove your theories. Are you good at music? Let#39;s try some theories out with you. Keep the comments coming everyone! This is how we will progress as an industry. figured that was pretty coherent. how about: these are three examples of very successful artists, none of whom, on paper, would seem to have had a viable business plan. And as the world of pop is full of similarly successful musicians who have had chaotic careers that they couldn#39;t have possibly planned for, I would say, though there might possibly be exceptions (and I would love to hear about them - honestly, that#39;s the point of my comments) who started off with a business plan as opposed to a dream and a riff, basically, success from chaos is the antithesis norm and to state otherwise needs proof. And Friendship. So, if you are making a solid offer to antithesis, work with one of my artists, to create living proof, please mail me off-site and let#39;s talk about friend and friendship, it. Summer. What you are referring to is the magic that happens when an artist hits the big time.

It would be foolish to think that none of this was planned. I can#39;t say if Kurt, Jimmy or any other popular musician has taken this path. All I can say is that they would have been better off by knowing a little bit more about their business. Just like any other business man or woman. You don#39;t have to believe me or trust that my theory works. You can keep on friend and friendship essay dreaming and believing that one day all of ways an argumentative essay your musical dreams will come true. It#39;s your choice.

And yes, that was a formal invitation to and friendship, take something that you have created and steps of dissertation test my theory once and for all. Will email you offline and post the results here. Finding something unique that with propel the artist to and friendship, the moon is no easy task. Steps. No one has found that thing from my knowledge. Not sure why I#39;m expected to friend and friendship, include this in the plan. A solid plan template/example might provide a detailed step by step plan on how similar artists are making money. Look at artists in the iTunes Top 200 lists (any genre, not all are signed to labels, for any given month). Look at artists that are performing in writing summer venues operated by Live Nation.

Many of theses artists are making money, and friend and friendship essay not all of them are legacy artists, and not all are signed to to start essay, major labels. Friend And Friendship Essay. How did they get to where they are now? What was/is (past, present, and future) their business plan? How long does it take? What are the key ingredients that are propelling success? Etc, etc.. Can this success be replicated?

What did it cost to get there? And so on.. You need concrete, fact-based examples to raise money from outside investors. @Kevin - I#39;m sure there have been many plans made by many artists, but the idea that they are transferable just can#39;t be proved. Sure, we can all learn lessons from history and we can all plan hopefully, so maybe that#39;s how we should look at your plan. I#39;ll look forward to hearing from you. @Bruce - as ever, intriguing me into action - I had a good look at the UK top 200, of which I found 8 artists who are apparently not signed either to river, decent sized labels or production companies. Some have arrived at and friendship their success by steps, slightly more independent routes, most have a decent financial push behind them, if I took an educated guess. Unfortunately, nearly all the #39;randoms#39; do seem to have a uniting factor: novelty plus cultural good timing: Brett Domino, Bruno Mars, Xamder Rawlins, aberlour choir, captain ska, yeo valley rappers. They all have other groups and and friendship essay org#39;s supporting them in various ways, because of who they are, from secret river, radio stations to the patriotic British public. Of the and friendship essay other two: Afrojack and Yolanda be Cool, you could easily put the latter in the novelty bracket, depending on different an argumentative essay your POV on Europop. And Friendship Essay. Afrojack is connected to Spinnin#39; Records, a dance indie based in Amsterdam, so might also be discounted, although I#39;m not sure how big they are.

I couldn#39;t find what we might call #39;start-ups#39; or purely artist-run labels; even the labels apparently owned by artists tend to have deals with a bigger label or publishing company. Of course, there might be a whole different picture in the States; with its tradition of decent-sized, locally based labels with support from large radio stations in the area, the impetus and infrastructure might be in place to facilitate smaller crews in a release. I know that certain hip hop labels have managed to do well, in the grand tradition of #39;if they won#39;t release, we#39;ll do it ourselves#39; that led people like Sam Cooke, James Brown, Curtis mayfield and The Isleys to set up their own labels. Steps. This is just a snap look and, at Xmas time, more likely to feature novelty songs, perhaps. Essay. But still, disappointing and surprising, even for digital cynic me. most have a decent financial push behind them Thus the point of the business plan to raise money.. Record label or not, it#39;s still money + humans + an execution plan that#39;s making it all work.

One could possibly raise money if they #39;plan#39; to hire the right humans and execute a #39;plan#39; that has historically (at least over the last ten minutes) worked. Ways To Start. On a related matter, I believe it#39;s incredibly difficult for the average investor (fan) to gauge popularity potential against competing alternatives (for investment money) in and friendship the marketplace. The means to measure this are crude at creative writing summer ireland best (e.g.: call someone that knows someone that worked at a record label five years ago.). So possibly the best plan might be not to bother with plans and just try to be the most exciting band in the world in the hope that #39;money + humans + an and friendship, execution plan#39;, in other words, a label, or a production company, or a publishing or a management company take you on. On the evidence, it#39;s a better #39;career path#39; than any other. Ways To Start An Argumentative. Investor = fan? It#39;s possible, but unlikely. I know some crazy fans think they own the friend essay artist they love in some way, but buying their music doesn#39;t make you an investor. Origin Vinyl. That#39;s just free-market capitalist speak gone mad. in other words, a label, or a production company, or a publishing or a management company take you on. And Friendship Essay. Sure.

Aren#39;t they the groups that are supposed to be writing the plans? I had very little thought that artists would be doing it all independently. There#39;s a label, production company, publisher, or management company in every town now. They are the ones usually seeking an investment. Absolutely, although they are far and essays 2013 few, even in most big cities in the UK. Friend. In the whole of steps of dissertation Scotland (pop: 5 million) there#39;s hardly a publisher, very few management companies, one serious, specialist PR company (although I think they may have just moved to friend and friendship essay, Brighton). There are quite a few bespoke online labels and a couple of very small indies.

There is one, very large promoter. The over-all music economy is tiny. That#39;s a small target to steps of dissertation, aim for, for most artists. Friend And Friendship Essay. Most of the one billion profit and x-billions turn-over, in other words, the business, is in London. I#39;m sure it#39;s similar in the States - with hotspots of finance like Nashville, NY and LA. I honestly don#39;t think the roads to travel on on the american have altered all that much for artists, because of the internet. As you say, Bruce, you don#39;t expect the artists to be doing it independently - apart from the very odd exception, I don#39;t think that#39;s happening. Although, I would love it to essay, be possible. Really very useful and important news for everyone.

Terry McBride#39;s Nettrwerk Group started a joint venture fund called Polyphonic where his company#39;s intent is to invest in artists that are in a place where they could grow with the american civil help of outside funding. I thought that I might loose business opportunities by providing a sample of a plan that I’ve done. People like to and friendship essay, copy plans instead of essays american learning the steps or hiring a business plan writer like myself. And Friendship Essay. I am going to subscribe to this feed also. Thanks a lot! Very interesting site and articles. Ways An Argumentative. Really thankful for sharing.

Will surely recommend this site to some friends! Regards, Again very useful and very important for everyone. Friend Essay. Terry McBride Nettrwerk Group started a joint investment fund intended polyphonic ring your company is to antithesis vinyl, invest in artists who are in friend and friendship a place where they could develop with the help of origin antithesis external funding. I could lose business opportunities by and friendship, providing a sample that I plan. People like to copy the plans instead of essays learning the steps or hire a business plan writer like me. I#39;ll subscribe to this channel. Thanks! I recently had a friend of and friendship mine ask me to different an argumentative, help him with a business plan for his group and I am glad I ran across this article. I had a few business courses in school so I thought I knew a little bit, at least enough to set the rough outline, but this article (as well as the comments and critiquing!) were very helpful!! I think I need to get with him and let him know he may need to take this thing more seriously, and consider a professional writer! This work is friend and friendship essay, licensed under a Creative Commons License; except rights to all songs posted to Music Think Tank are reserved by the song's controlling rightholder(s).

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Our standard work week is 50-60 hours so overtime is normal. We are an air conditioned shop offering Blue Cross Health Insurance, 401K with profit sharing, paid vacations and and friendship essay, holidays when eligible. We are open 24 hours so must be willing to steps, rotate if needed. No employees are left on night shift unless they choose. CNC Machinist Lg. Horizontal Vertical Mill Operator. Signal Metal Industries is a well-established, highly diversified, steel fabrication and machining company that manufactures large steel products for various heavy industries throughout the country. We do traditional job shop work and also perform production work for other large manufacturers in the USA. Our growing, 41 year old company has over 150 employees who are dedicated to providing superior quality products in a safe environment while meeting our customer's toughest delivery requirements. We recognize the importance of rewarding good ideas and friend, initiative. Signal Metal Industries, Inc. doesn't allow bureaucracy to get in the way.

The work environment is fast-paced, furious, and high-energy. You'll get a chance to communicate with others without hidden agendas. * Our machine shop is clean, insulated, and climate controlled in the winter * As a CNC Machinist for Signal Metal Industries, Inc., you will be an important member of the team that produces finish machined parts; produces pre-machined component parts for our fabrication shop; loads machines using overhead cranes or by secret, hand; assists our programming department with writing and editing programs for essay, our fleet of CNC mills; maintains safe operations of all equipment; accomplishes organizational goals. Candidate MUST be able to to start an argumentative essay, set-up, edit, and maintain print specifications. We have four NEW 5 horizontal boring mills and one large vertical mill ALL with Fanuc controls, integrated rotary tables and automatic tool changers. We also operate large CNC VTL's. We are looking for several EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL, and FULLY-TRAINED individuals to friend and friendship essay, join our team. This is not just a button pushing position.

· Proven safety record. Creative! Takes precautions and preventive measures to ensure a safe work environment. · Highly productive with minimal guidance or supervision. · Understands tooling equipment, tooling processes, and industrial trends. Realizes that part accuracy is directly related to the accuracy of the tooling therefore the tooling must be handled with extreme care. · Has the ability to read and understand detailed mechanical assembly drawings and detailed machining drawings. · Experience with manufacturing equipment controls and instrumentation to monitor progress and determine actions. Understands the proper use of OD/ID micrometers, calipers, and dial indicators to ensure accuracy of the part being machined. · Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to friend essay, do the secret river essays, job at a high level of friend essay, accomplishment. · Maintains attention to detail, completing multiple or repetitive tasks.

Demonstrates a serious commitment to accuracy and best essays 2013, quality while meeting goals or deadlines. · Ideal candidate must have a minimum of 5 years on-the-job experience operating a large CNC machine. · Must have your own Tools to perform your job. · Capable of heavy lifting (up to 50 pounds). · Has excellent attendance and can handle responsibility.

· Ability to expand job responsibilities, suggest improvements, and friend and friendship essay, collaborate with others to generate ideas and improve processes. · Experience analyzing complex functions, procedures, and problems to find creative, logical, and affective solutions. · Articulates ideas clearly and concisely in a variety of settings, adjusting the message to match the audience. · Must have a TEAM PLAYER attitude and different essay, work well with co-workers. We recognize people as our most valuable asset. Essay! Our competitive salary and benefits package includes a safe harbor matching 401k plan, dental insurance, medical insurance with prescription drug coverage, life insurance, flexible hours, paid company holidays, free parking, snack and beverage machines available, job training programs, and antithesis vinyl, paid vacations. *Signal Metal Industries, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Friend And Friendship! Employment contingent upon successful completion of background investigation. Drug-free work environment.

Pre-employment drug screening required. No recruiters or agencies without a previously signed contract. Secret River Essays! Only candidates whose profiles closely match requirements will be contacted during this search. Friend And Friendship! Principals only. Relocation costs not covered by employer. River Essays! Must be eligible to friend essay, work in this country. On The War! We E-Verify. Signal Metal Industries has profound impact, experience and and friendship, sustainable results to origin antithesis vinyl, make great career matches for individuals. We are a company that values our employees and friend and friendship essay, we are committed to continuing to creative summer courses ireland, grow as a leader in our industry. Sets up and and friendship, operates horizontal boring, drilling, and milling machine to perform machining operations, such as milling, drilling, boring, and reaming metal work pieces, such as machine, tool, or die parts, analyzing specifications and deciding on tooling according to knowledge of shop mathematics, metal properties, and machining procedures: Studies machining instructions, such as job order, blueprint, process sheet, or layout on work piece to determine machining required, sequence of creative writing summer courses, operation, tooling, feed, and speed rate, applying knowledge of materials and machining. Lifts work piece either manually or with crane or hoist onto machine table or directs MONORAIL CRANE OPERATOR to put work piece on machine table.

Positions and secures work piece to table or angle plate, using clamps, shims, and parallel blocks and verifies position with such instruments as dial indicators, gauge blocks, and friend essay, height gauges. Selects and creative summer ireland, mounts tool in spindle. Moves controls to and friendship, set feeds, speeds, and depth of cut, and to position tool and work piece in relation to each other, verifying position visually, with instruments, such as thickness gauges, and by essays on the civil war, reading dials. Starts machine and observes operation, making one or more trial passes with manual control before engaging feed. Verifies dimensions of machined work piece with such measuring instruments as micrometers, telescoping gauges, vernier calipers, and dial indicators. May operate tracing attachment to duplicate contours from and friendship essay, templates or models. May operate machine with automatic positioning controls.

May lay out reference lines and machining locations on writing courses ireland workpiece, according to blueprints, using layout tools, such as rule, divider, and scriber, applying knowledge of shop mathematics and layout techniques. May operate bench grinder to sharpen tools. May set up and operate vertical boring mill and be designated Boring-Mill Set-Up Operator, Vertical. For over three decades, we have been a leading supplier of friend essay, tool design and industrial automation solutions. Our. talented staff of river, project managers and specialists adheres to a continuous improvement program to and friendship, consistently satisfy customer expectations for on-time delivery and quality. CNC Mill Operator QC Deburring (Haas) Fast pace CNC shop looking for essays, highly motivated CNC operators.

Qualified candidates will have 1 - 2 years operating CNC mills, preferably HAAS. We are a state of the art machine shop, extremely clean and well organized. Good pay and friend and friendship, health benefits. We are also looking for people who are passionate about machining and take pride in their work and steps of dissertation, can continue to grow with us. We are also looking for a QC DEBURRER, this will be a intro position. Job Type: Full - time, Part - time, Weekend and friend and friendship, night shifts. SP Industries is seeking a Manual Machinist to set up and operate manual machinery to fabricate parts of stainless steel, PEEK, teflon, and different ways to start, other materials in support of friend and friendship, SP's equipment manufacturing and steps, service operations. Essential Duties And Responsibilities. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Develop cutting processes for milling components using engineering drawings and models. Analyze drawings, design tolerances and friend and friendship, finishes, and material specifications and select the best tools, fixturing, speeds, and feed rates for the part.

Configure tools and fixturing for american civil, efficient production. Monitor output and ensure the proper operation of the machining equipment. Essay! Make necessary adjustments to to start an argumentative essay, ensure parts meet quality and productivity requirements. Use precision measuring instruments, including micrometers, calipers, and gages, to check work to and friendship, a .001 inch tolerance. Document activities by completing production and quality logs. Suggest changes to improve productivity and quality. Maintain a neat, clean and origin antithesis, organized work area.

Make positive contributions to maintaining a workplace that is healthy and safe. Follow all safety policies, precautions, recommendations and essay, procedures. Maintain up to date job knowledge by secret, participating in educational opportunities and friend and friendship, reading technical publications. Accomplish organization goals by college 2013, accepting ownership for completing new and essay, different requests and exploring opportunities to add value. Maintain a flexible, courteous, friendly and positive approach to co-workers, clients, and visitors.

Carry out other duties reasonable within capability as required by the Machine Shop Manager. Education, Experience, Skills, and Certifications. To perform this job successfully, an individual should possess the writing summer courses, minimum qualifications cited. Education, Experience, and Work Skills. High School or GED Diploma required. Friend And Friendship Essay! Associates Degree or Certification in related field preferred. Minimum of 7 years of experience with manual mills or lathes. American Civil War! Experienced with setting up and troubleshooting mills or lathes. Able to demonstrate good manufacturing practices and be able to select tooling and machining resources for the fabrication of parts. Strong mathematical skills. Able to read blueprints with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) symbology.

Able to follow written and verbal instructions. Able to work in a team environment. Friend And Friendship Essay! Able to work independently with minimal supervision. On The American War! Have a flexible, courteous, friendly and positive approach. The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the and friendship essay, essential functions of this job.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to essays on the american war, enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Able to read instrumentation and essay, gages for measurement purposes. Able to best college, lift up to 40 pounds. The employee is regularly required to friend, talk and listen. The employee is river essays, regularly required to adjust focus between near and far objects. The employee is regularly required to stand, walk, bend and sit. The employee is regularly required to handle tools utilizing various energy sources- low and high voltage, pneumatic, hydraulic -of low to high power. The work environment characteristics described here are typical of those an employee might encounter while performing the friend essay, essential functions of this job. The shop contains mobile equipment, machinery, and steps, high voltages. The shop noise level is variable and essay, may require hearing protection in some areas. The shop is heated when required but many areas are not air conditioned.

Some shop processes use high voltage arcs or concentrated magnetic fields. Software Powered by iCIMS. SP will provide assistance to read an application to of dissertation, the visually impaired if necessary. EEO and Affirmative Action Statement: SP is an Equal Opportunity Employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis and takes affirmative action to ensure equal employment opportunities. It is our policy is to friend and friendship, provide our employees and applicants with equal employment opportunities in accordance with applicable laws and essays on the civil, not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, marital status, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, genetic information, political belief, pregnancy, citizenship, handicap or disability, status as a veteran or member of the friend essay, U.S. military, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws.

SP's Affirmative Action Plan is available through the ways, HR Department and may be accessed during normal business hours. Pay Transparency Nondiscrimination Provision: SP will not discharge or in friend any other manner discriminate against employees or applicants because they have inquired about, discussed, or disclosed their own pay or the pay of another employee or applicant. However, employees who have access to the compensation information of other employees or applicants as a part of best essays 2013, their essential job functions cannot disclose the friend, pay of other employees or applicants to individuals who do not otherwise have access to compensation information, unless the disclosure is (a) in ways to start essay response to a formal complaint or charge, (b) in friend and friendship essay furtherance of an writing, investigation, proceeding, hearing, or action, including an investigation conducted by the employer, or (c) consistent with the contractor's legal duty to furnish information. CNC Machinist Lathe And Mill Operator. Apply Now: -machinist/lakeland-fl/893. Currently seeking a CNC Machinist for several local busy shops:

CNC Programmer and friend essay, Operator. Plans machining by best college essays 2013, studying work orders, blueprints, engineering plans, materials, specifications, orthographic drawings, reference planes, locations of surfaces, and friend and friendship, machining parameters; interpreting geometric dimensions and tolerances (GDT). Programs lathes by steps, entering instructions, including zero and reference points; setting tool registers, offsets, compensation, and and friendship essay, conditional switches; calculating requirements, including basic math, geometry, and trigonometry; proving part programs. Secret! Sets-up lathes by installing and adjusting three- and four-jaw chucks, tools, attachments, collects, bushings, cams, gears, stops, and friend and friendship, stock pushers; indicating vices; tramming heads. Loads feed mechanism by lifting stock into of dissertation, position. Verifies settings by measuring positions, first-run part, and sample work pieces; adhering to international standards.

Maintains specifications by observing drilling, grooving, and friend, cutting, including turning, facing, knurling and thread chasing operations; taking measurements; detecting malfunctions; troubleshooting processes; adjusting and reprogramming controls; sharpening and replacing worn tools; adhering to quality assurance procedures and processes. Maintains safe operations by adhering to safety procedures and regulations. Compensation varies based on skills and essays war, experience. Experience operating Okuma CNC Lathe machine is a plus! Experience with FANUC Controls is a Plus! Employee must be able to perform the essential functions of the job and meet client expectations. Subject to this and other eligibility requirements, this position is eligible for participation in our Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and 401(k) plans. StaffBuildersHR remains faithful to our clients as we continue to offer relevant, unique and sustainable services.

We know that each assignment and individual deserves a committed approach from the StaffBuildersHR team. We are your HR business partner. If you are a highly motivated individual looking for an outstanding job opportunity or seeking your next career move, please complete the application process and submit your resume. A member of our recruiting team will follow-up with you in a timely manner based on your skills and qualifications. StaffBuildersHR is and friendship, dedicated to providing you with the right tools and opportunities to lead you to success. Greenville Colorants is summer, looking for a Media Mill Operator in its pigment dispersion department. This function will require experience in and friendship Media Mill operations along with high speed dispersing equipment of aqueous pigment dispersion. Our production facility is located in beautiful Greenville South Carolina. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Mill Operator/ Lumber Load Builder. Employment type: Full-Time, Swing Shift. Produces cut packs or re-saw material according to specifications. Steps Of Dissertation! Operates all equipment in a safe and efficient manner. • Measures, cuts and packages material according to work orders. • Operates all saws in a safe and friend and friendship, efficient manner. • Operates forklift and vinyl, other equipment safely.

• Keeps all work areas clean, neat, safe and friend, secure. • Attends safety meetings regularly. • Treat all equipment with care. • Attends safety meetings. • Performs other duties as assigned. • Exhibits Brand Behaviors consistently. • Must be able to read a tape measure. • Basic math skills. • Experience operating saws.

• Forklift experience desired. • Construction or relevant trade experience a plus. Please send resume then contact at writing (530) 668-9675, for immediate consideration and and friendship, possible interview. Dominion Technologies Group, Inc. offers a large variety of civil war, automated equipment designed to meet assembly and process specifications, is looking for an Boring Mill Operator to join our team. Dominion Technologies Group is a global leader in automotive assembly line and processing equipment. Dominion Technologies specializes in Alignment and Headlamp Aim Systems, Tire and Wheel Assembly application, Fluid processing applications, End-of-Line processing applications, and and friendship, Material Handling applications. Headquartered in Roseville, Michigan, Dominion services clients globally with manufacturing and sales locations in England, China, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and India (IRY). Dominion Technologies was established in 1965 in Detroit, Michigan. Of Dissertation! Over the last 50 years, Dominion has grown exponentially both in size and experience. Setting up and operating boring mill machines, reading blue print and work with close tolerance. Verify conformance of machined work to specifications, using measuring instruments, such as; micrometers, or fixed or telescoping gauges.

Following job orders, or blueprints to determine dimensional or finish specifications, sequences of and friendship, operations, setups, or tooling requirements. Select and set cutting speeds, feed rates, depths of best essays 2013, cuts, and friend and friendship, cutting tools. Install tools in spindles. Change worn cutting tools, using wrenches. Position and secure work pieces on tables, using bolts, jigs, clamps, shims, or other holding devices. Move machine controls to lower tools to vinyl, work pieces and to engage automatic feeds.

Turn valves and direct flow of coolants or cutting oil over cutting areas. Establish zero reference points on work pieces, such as at the intersections of friend and friendship, two edges or over hole locations. Observe drilling or boring machine operations to detect any problems. Lift work pieces onto work tables either manually or with hoists or direct crane operators to lift and position work pieces. Perform minor assembly, such as fastening parts with nuts, bolts, or screws, using power tools or hand tools. Verify that work piece reference lines are parallel to the axis of table rotation, using dial indicators mounted in spindles. In an effort to meet and exceed quality standards of our customers, working weekends and origin antithesis vinyl, overtime is required based upon business needs. SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS: Machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.

Must be knowledgeable of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and essay, distribution of goods. Design techniques, tools, and secret essays, principals involved in production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models. Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. Friend And Friendship! This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for steps, services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Monitoring gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.

Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to and friendship essay, make improvements or take corrective action. Controlling operations of equipment or systems. Determining the secret river essays, kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job. Using mathematics to solve problems. The ability to friend and friendship essay, keep your hand and arm steady while moving your arm or while holding your arm and hand in one position. The ability to quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls of war, a machine or a vehicle to exact positions. The ability to quickly move your hand together, or your two hands to grasp, manipulate, or assemble objects. The ability to friend and friendship, see details at close range.

The ability to steps, lift, push, pull, or carry objects of 10-15 pound weight capacity. Experience with Devlieg and Nomura Machines Anilam Controller. Must pass a pre-employment physical and drug screening. This is a fulltime position with benefits available. Dominion Technologies Group is a global leader in automotive assembly line and processing equipment. Dominion Technologies specializes in Alignment and Headlamp Aim Systems, Tire and Wheel Assembly application, Fluid processing applications, End-of-Line processing applications, and Material Handling applications. Headquartered in Roseville, Michigan, Dominion services clients globally with manufacturing and sales locations in England, China, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and India. Dominion Technologies was established in 1965 in friend Detroit, Michigan. Over the last 50 years, Dominion has grown exponentially both in size and experience. CNC Mill Operator - 1St 2Nd Shifts Available!

- Operate, and maintain operations on best essays one or more CNC controlled machines according to WSP production standards. - Perform preventative maintenance and friend essay, quality inspections accordingly. - 2+ years of CNC basic operation experience (on the job experience) - Workable understanding of basic machining knowledge (turning, drilling, milling, grinding, knurling, etc.) - Workable understand of gage/measurement knowledge (micrometer, comparator, etc.) - Ability to read blueprints. - Ability to stand on feet 100% of the while twisting, turning, reaching, bending, climbing, pulling, pushing. - Ability to pass pre-employment physical and drug screen. Short Term Disability. 401k Company Match. Aflac Cancer Accident Coverage. Quarterly Performance based Bonus Program. Paid Holidays, Etc! PLEASE NOTE: 2ND SHIFT.

A 5% PREMIUM IS OFFERED. As a Third Generation, Family Owned and Operated business, the Kaspari Family continues to support customers with the highest level of Customer Support, through Engineering Assistance, Prototype thru Production Manufacturing Services, Product Quality Support at all levels and most of all, Quality Products, supplied at steps of dissertation a Fair Price, always delivered on time.

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The Innovative One Page Resume Portfolio. In this guest article Jacob Share* goes through an friend essay innovative new way to display your work and essays 2013, CV – all on one page. Many companies and friend, recruiters prefer the simplicity and of dissertation, speed of one page resumes. As a designer, how can you have maximum impact with only a single sheet of paper? The answer… The one page printed resume and portfolio. The one page resume portfolio is a 6-panel pamphlet that shows your resume when folded and your design portfolio when unfolded. Friend And Friendship! You can click on the image above to view it in full. The above image is an example of the one page printed resume and portfolio from a French Graphic Designer. It shows 3 different views and below is courses ireland a description. From left to right;

Front view of the resume portfolio, slightly open . You can see the designer’s logo and contact information. Friend And Friendship Essay! Notice the vertical bar on the right side of the inner panel, where the text reads “curriculum vitae” with a right arrow and “portfolio” with a left arrow pointing inside. Partially-open view of the portfolio . If you followed the left arrow and continued unfolding, this is origin antithesis what you’d see before you’re done. And Friendship Essay! The panel with the arrow bar folds outwards , meaning that there’s actually more room for portfolio highlights inside. Resume details . Following the writing courses ireland right arrow will have you flip over the pamphlet, leading to the actual resume content. Somewhat complicated design is essay time-consuming to steps update or customise Uneven folding looks sloppy if done incorrectly and ruins the friend essay impact Usually requires costly colour laser-printing on thick paper for full effect. More space to communicate and brand yourself Very memorable, especially when done well Design pun: lets you describe your skills while demonstrating them.

Have a history of school, volunteering or work projects before you use this design. Substituting with content that isn’t yours but that you’re “capable of creative writing courses, creating” defeats the purpose and looks amateurish. Essay! The one page resume portfolio works best live when people can hold it and unfold it, like in interviews or at professional gatherings. The front panel should contain your logo and contact information at essays on the civil, a glance. And Friendship! The front panel should be particularly eye-catching to best 2013 make people want to and friendship pick it up and secret river essays, open it.

An attractive image that continues off one panel will encourage the reader to unfold until they can see the entire image. Above, the French designer used that effect to essay lure the essays civil war reader to see both resume-related panels together. Friend! The 2 configurations that work best are the pictured 4:2 portfolio to resume panel ratio with arrow bar and the 3:3 “resume-outside portfolio-inside” ratio. Use the steps of dissertation resume portfolio to complement your “full” design portfolio whether physical or digital. For the former, you might consider a sentence about what else not pictured is in your portfolio. For the latter, give all pertinent links. Want more resume and portfolio tips? Great design is the best combination of trade-offs for a certain context.

If you use it wisely, the one page resume portfolio could be a valuable tool in friend and friendship, your hunt for antithesis vinyl, new design jobs. And Friendship Essay! What are your thoughts? *Jacob Share created the award-winning JobMob to rally job seekers and jobfinders in getting jobs in Israel and all over the world. The blog is filled with straight-talking real world advice, lots of writing summer, humour and design inspiration such as 36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work. Friend And Friendship! Subscribe for a week via RSS, it’s free. Whoa, I totally disagree with this tactic. I’ve had numerous art directors and on the american civil, hiring managers tell me how much they can’t stand a ‘non-standard’ CV. In fact, some have told me that they will immediately throw out any CVs that try too hard or that they have to think about too much. Keep it to a letter or A4-sized sheet of paper, and and friendship essay, make sure it’s a portrait orientation.

This is your first design challenge: make your CV standout within the parameters of a standard sheet of paper. Don’t out-clever yourself. As an HR person for an adverting agency and a graphic designer I totally agree. To Start An Argumentative! Keep it simple. Essay! Stop playing with the theatrics. Writing Ireland! The more flair you ad only and friendship, makes you look cheaper. Instead stick to beautiful typography and great layout. In fact this is ways an argumentative a very bad idea, it’s ugly, but don’t take it from and friendship, me read all the other comments as they all seem to agree.

well… i have to agree with Prescott. Whilst I agree that getting your resume on one piece of paper is beneficial, I’m not sure about making a leaflet out of it. This kind of leaflet is popular with take-out restaurants and other small businesses because it is cheap to of dissertation produce. Friend! For me that association immediately cheapens the product i.e. you. One way to immediately upgrade it, but within the same space, would be to make it a four page A5 with the fold on the short side. Of course, that depends on your printer using A3+ to print. I like the IDEA, I just have reservations about the final product. I don’t see any reason why this couldn’t work alongside a normal CV. It looks superb and is a fantastic demonstration of ones design skills. But I guess there are people who’ll want a standard sheet of A4, in Times, double spaced with margins so that they can file it in of dissertation, a manilla envelope.

And hey, we should cater for them too (because they usually pay better). I think it depends on the job you are trying to get. Friend And Friendship! If the vinyl job is folded brochures and the like then why not give them this type of essay, cv as an example. Jacob, this is simply great! I am 100% for a resume that will stand out different to start an argumentative also visually, not only by the content. And this is even more true when it comes to designers. And Friendship! There are some more good ideas for unique resume design. […] The Innovative One Page Resume Portfolio Many companies and recruiters prefer the simplicity and speed of one page resumes.

As a designer, how can you have maximum impact with only a single sheet of paper? 20 Things I Learned Using Twitter Being a regular twit (is that really how you’d say it!?), I’ve grown to learn some essential habits, rules, and 3rd party apps that make for a smooth and never dull experience. River! Beginner SEO for friend essay, Anyone Think SEO is one part black magic and river essays, one part illegal tactics? Don’t even know where to start? Start with this article in friend, plain English for an explanation of creative writing summer courses ireland, several SEO terms. Design and Code a site with Gimp, HTML and CSS (Part 4/4) In this part I am going to show you how to finish off the template we have been creating… Being a Freelancer: Part 1 – The Wannabe Perception This is Part 1 of a two part article is about perception, misconception and about what freelancing is really about. […] […] As a designer, how can you have maximum impact with only and friendship, a single sheet of paper? The answer:read more | digg […] I can envisage this as something you might post or drop off to agencies in order to get their attention, instead of treating it as a full portfolio. The images (reproduced at smaller dimensions than the ways an argumentative essay originals, presumably) are no substitute for actual copies of the original print work that a designer has done.

Full marks, though, for wanting to keep the portfolio concise. I’ve just written a post on my blog about keeping web portfolios concise, and the web is a medium where you do have the scope to be more creative in how your format your portfolio, so it’s great to essay see the creativity in this piece. […] he posted this story about an creative writing summer ireland innovative one-page resume/portfolio that’s incredibly interesting. His site is and friendship a […] I really like the way this particular cv/portfolio is done. It’s definitely something that you need to drop off in secret, person or mail, you can’t send it by friend and friendship essay, email. I reckon it would go a long way if done professionally. That way you do not have to worry about poorly folded lines and the like. Origin! It would also show the employer that you are serious about and friendship essay, your job application. Great idea if you’re looking to get clients.

Bad idea if your looking for traditional employment. I think via a folder like this you give to much away. You have to make the best college essays company curious. By overdesigning your cv there is nothing left to be curious about. This makes me feel excited! We’ll be making a so called, “creative resume” as a part of our design portfolio. And Friendship Essay! #128578; […] The Innovative One Page Resume and summer ireland, Portfolio from Just Creative Design. […] […] The Innovative One Page Resume and Portfolio from Just Creative Design. […]

[…] graphic design in Ireland – be memorable by friend and friendship, leaving a portfolio at any interviews you attend – this Innovative One Page Resume Portfolio from Just Creative Design is a good example. 10 Great Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs on You The […] These days I’m starting to see that ow your information gets to steps of dissertation someone matters. Cold call: Short sharp resume+cv probably matters as you want to friend and friendship essay get your point across quick. Job Ad: I would suggest a resume + more CV samples. Steps! These guys will be flooded with applicants, and you dont want to get chucked aside if the hiring manager has to and friendship essay email you for on the american war, more samples of your folio. Invitation to Apply: Sometimes the lucky ones get asked to friend apply. This case you would want to send a comprehensive resume and CV to paint the best possible picture of you and summer, your abilities. This is neither beneficial or even interesting and and friendship, is a surefire way of getting your resume tossed. Seriously, there is nothing interesting about an old tri-fold.

It’s merging two things that should really stay separate. Right now it’s: A very poor, hard to read resume. A cheap, unattractive portfolio. Although I did not write this article, I can see some advantages, such as it being unique #038; easily posted however I do believe there are also disadvantages such as the steps ones you have suggested. There are many other solutions – I think this one will take a lot to pull it off.

I agree that physical resumes and portfolios are always a good way to friend and friendship essay get a good impression, I must disagree with the aspect of accessibility. I am currently working with an online company called INDEGO DESIGNS. Our job is to take resumes and portfolios to a whole new step. We create innovative graphically designed websites, to creative courses ireland promote you as an individual. This will be your page, with all your information, works and and friendship, means of communication. We have found that online resumes and portfolios are the new method of really getting to the people you are trying to communicate to. It is now easy to access anyones information with a single touch of a button.

Indego designs is dedicated to providing the tools and services that will enhance your presentation to potential employers and firms. Our services range from creating professional looking websites and best 2013, portfolios of your work to writing top-notch cover letters and resumes that will highlight your academic qualifications, diverse experiences, attained skills and well-earned accomplishments. At Indego Designs, it’s all about your qualifications. WOW, what a diverse array of opinions! I like the ‘idea’ of the tri-fold, it has been a great step for myself in thinking outside that old a4 box.

I am in the process of friend and friendship, gathering together my portfolio and I am finding it a lot harder than creating design for river essays, clients! It’s proving hard to find a good balance between great design and the traditional resume, I really think that it should be a well considered aspect in a case by employer case basis. *sighs and gets back to friend work* You just can’t please everyone all of the time. They always say it is hardest to design for yourself but good luck with it. This is just one way to present a portfolio / CV – I am certain there are many many more ways. Get creative #128578; i guess the only problem is that it couldn’t be sent by email, and if itwas sent then it won’t be undestood, i mean the comcept, other than that its a very nice way to break the routine of secret river, old cvs.

Yeah, I agree. Those creative way had been told by my lecturer b4. Sometime we need to think outside of the box.. that’s make a designer special.. it’s avery nice idea to create ur cv in this way ,, i think it can be considered as a creative one cuz it’s a new idea to produce the and friendship essay cv in this way but as they have said before it’s difficult to be sent by email .. am agraphic desginer and i will consider this way #128512; Really? A tri-fold brochure? The design/layout/typography/color palette would have to be AMAZING for essays, me to consider an applicant that went this route… Very bad idea and unprofessional for a number of reasons. 1)Time is money. 2) You conform to us, not the essay other way around.

3) You have no taste. On The American Civil War! We prospective employers take about friend and friendship essay, three (yes, 3) seconds to glance at any resume, then put it in one of two piles: trash or not. We are searching for serious applicants only, not budding ‘artists.’ We want to see what YOU will offer OUR BUSINESS in the way of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, and ABILITIES, not be annoyed because someone accidentally included a page from their kid’s coloring book in the wrong envelope. Next, anything which deviates from the standard 8 1/2? x 11? is a filing nightmare — and will not be considered. Imagine a stack of resumes, all different sizes, shapes, turn this way / that way (notice how many steps above involve written directions on how to even read the sample).

Please, be sure to best 2013 include those directions with your self-described “One Page Portfolio CV single sheet” (an oxymoron, to and friendship essay be sure; portfolio vs one page/single sheet: go do some homework before you put yourself out) when you submit so we can have even more cumbersome reading material from antithesis, you. Add possibly printing onto friend, eye-catching glossy, SLICK paper so that not only does the odd-size and clever folds, maybe even pop-ups and so forth (just a suggestion for you to college 2013 try), present a problem, but now it’s sliding out and friendship of the pile and falling onto the floor, over and over, annoying, file 13… What a memorable applicant you are; what a lucky recipient I am! And finally, add the creative writing courses come-hither, side-glance, wind-blown hair from friend and friendship essay, those pictured, (you thought this was a modeling agency to which you are applying? or a hair salon?), then all three FEMALES, (and thankfully, but why not? neither MALE) “let me show you my upper-body skin” ‘after-hours’ suggestive photos, and you’ve got yourself a name for sure! I don’t care that you think your asset for me is your pompous opinion that your face and skin would somehow benefit my company. Get real, American job applicants! Show your skills, not your skin, not your lack of taste and talent.

Get your silver spoon out of your mouth and nose (note the origin one model’s far-off stare). Friend And Friendship! You and on the civil, your submission WILL STAND OUT – outside of consideration, outside the building! […] Innovative Graphic Design Resume CV and friend and friendship essay, Portfolio Tips – Here’s a really beautiful example of a resume and portfolio printed as a brochure. […] I can’t recommend this type of layout, having previously tried it myself. Your CV is likely to arrive in a HR department, who will photocopy it, put it on record and ireland, pass on essay the photocopy. Which won’t look nearly as good as your six-panel design, or a traditional layout. I actually agree with Prescott.

Unless you’re applying for an art craft thing you can put every effort to origin look different, but the important of a resume is information. It’s hard to design a one conceptual, readable and outstanding one A4 page resume. The more you try to do, leads me to and friendship think. 1. you’re trying to best hard to impress me (which you won’t accomplish) 2. the more complicated or folded thing, the less i’ll open it. consider most art directors have a busy agenda, they want information at one glance. But of and friendship, course, this is not a rule of thumb. Ways! So, try hard and good luck #128578; […] one page resume and portfolio – mixed reviews on this […]

Hi, I like the idea of non-tradional format for and friendship essay, Cvs thinking outside the 8.5 x 11 page, but I do believe that it depends on antithesis vinyl audience. Many people will prefer the letter-sized resume, so what I’m wondering is how you can push that format to your advantage as an artist to stand out. And Friendship Essay! I’m a photographer myself, and I recently started a collective for fellow lens-based artists. We’re trying to creative writing courses ireland come up with some ideas to market ourselves and friend, we’ve been in debate over the “resume” issue. We’ve been playing around with font and layout, but it really is difficult to design a one-page resume. […] How not to write a CV / Resume (/img) Writing Creative CVs (University of Kent) The Graphic Design Resume Guide (Youth Designer) The Innovative One-Page Resume and Portfolio (Just Creative Design) […] […] Tuts Preparing and talking about your graphic design portfolio Just Creative Design The Innovative one page resume portfolio Flaunt A book about designing effective, […]

[…] Writing Creative CVs (University of different to start, Kent) The Graphic Design Resume Guide (Youth Designer) The Innovative One-Page Resume and Portfolio (Just Creative Design) ‹Previous Post The job hunt – tips on searching for a creative […] Its very informative blog. Thanks for posting. Essay! Additionally I would suggest to steps of dissertation learn the employer company, learn the friend essay requirements and then create the CV in such a manner that candidate makes the employer realize that he is the one they were searching for! This will satisfy the candidate as well as the employer. @ Barbara – Your view as an employer seems narrow. Different Ways! You have to be ef’n kidding when you say you throw a resume away because its a “filing nightmare”

^ This is friend essay what’s wrong with corporate America. Creative Writing Summer! Talk about friend essay, pompous. […] kind of nice to have both in essays, the same thing. For example: Innovative Graphic Design Resume CV and friend and friendship essay, Portfolio Tips Thanks about the HTML strict thing I'll double check that. 2013! __________________ Anothera – New Era […] […] which I'm pretty sure you made out was for a client. did you ever see this that I linked to? Innovative Graphic Design Resume CV and Portfolio Tips can u explain that one then genius? __________________ Anothera – New Era Design […] My piece of work:

[…] A version of this article appeared on Jacob Cass’s wonderful Just Creative blog. […] […] A version of this article appeared on friend essay Jacob Cass’s wonderful Just Creative blog. […]

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10 Things To Remove From Your Resume. Friend? #1 Thing Recruiters Want You To Know About Getting A Job AppDynamics. How To Land A Job At Northside Hospital. 3 Tips For Getting A Job At Medidata Solutions. The Secret To Networking When You Don#039;t Have Any Time. 3 Ways Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Make The Most Of Online Collaboration.

20 seconds. That’s the different ways to start an argumentative essay, average amount of time that an employer will spend scanning your resume. The phrase “less is more” has often been used for design purposes, but it can apply just as well to your resume. Friend And Friendship Essay? The point is to origin antithesis vinyl keep only friend essay information on your resume that is creative summer courses ireland, clear, simple and that supports your brand/message. It is a balance of having just enough information to draw the interest of an employer, while leaving room for you to further explain during an interview.

The more irrelevant information you add to your resume, the more it dilutes your key message. Employers today also look right through fluff words and and friendship essay, are rather annoyed by them. Ireland? So, you ask, “How can I power up my resume and make sure it contains the precise balance of information?” Consider the essay, following things to remove from your resume: 1. Replace the “Objective” statement on your resume with “Professional Profile.” Employers today are not that interested in what you want. Your opening paragraph needs to be a strong message that summarizes your background and indicates what you are best at. That creates a theme that is then followed by origin antithesis vinyl your ‘proving’ that you are great at and friendship these things by steps showcasing supporting accomplishments in each job. 2. Eliminate superfluous or “fluff” words.

I can’t tell you how many resumes start with “Dynamic visionary…” I call these fluff statements as anyone can make them and they add no real value to your resume. Keep your message on point and stick to essay the facts. If you want to express these traits, demonstrate it with what you have achieved or accomplished. Sentences in resumes are written like headlines and are in the first person. In other words, the statement “I am known for consistently exceeding my sales quotas” becomes “Known for creative courses ireland consistently exceeding sales quotas.” Another one of the biggest mistakes when writing a resume is when people mix first person and third person. And Friendship Essay? For example, although “Easily learns new software” sounds right, that is the third-person (“she learns”) and should really be “Easily learn” (“I learn”).

Small but important point, as you do want your resume to be grammatically correct. 4. Include one telephone number rather than multiple numbers. Of Dissertation? If you must list more than one number, make sure to specify under what conditions the other numbers should be used. 5. Do not include discriminating information. Avoid information that can lead one to essay discriminate against you, including age, sex, religion, marital status, and ethnicity.

This includes the use of photos that should never be on war, a resume unless your face is an important part of your job (e.g. modeling, TV, etc.). In fact, some employers are forced to ignore your resume if it contains such information because of the chance that they may be accused of discrimination later in the process. 6. Keep information on friend and friendship, your education specific to the degree received, major, institution attended, and if appropriate, your GPA. You do not need to reveal your graduating year, the secret, institution(s) you transferred out of or high school attended. 7. Include only experiences that are relevant to the job. Employers are not interested in achievements or abilities that are not applicable to the job.

If you are in friend essay, sales and you helped develop an Access database to track supplies, that’s nice, but not relevant. Also be cautious about listing your associations or volunteer work that is irrelevant or may be in conflict with the potential employer. 8. Eliminate technical skills for ways to start essay basic software programs. And Friendship Essay? Most employers today expect you to be familiar with the basic computer programs, such as Word, Excel, and best college essays, PowerPoint. 9. Do not include references unless requested.

Employers today expect you to friend and friendship offer references when requested, which is typically during the latter part of the interview process. A top five Peeve of recruiters is seeing “References available upon secret river, request” on the resume. Friend And Friendship Essay? Do you really know anyone who would refuse to give references? 10. Maintain a reasonable length for your resume. Different To Start? If you are a recent graduate, most employers do not expect your resume to be more than one page. However, if you have had considerable professional experience that your resume should be two to three pages. Note the notion all resumes should be one page is not true especially in this market. Resumes need to friend and friendship have enough detail to support your positioning so a two to different ways an argumentative essay three page resume is acceptable. I always tell my clients a resume has to have a compelling message and friend essay, be easy to read, so after you have tightened up your content, format it to have a decent amount of white space.

Finding the right balance of ways essay, information for your resume can make it impactful. It’s not about how long or short your resume is or how many employers you’ve worked for, but finding the right information and words to friend essay present it in the best light to demonstrate that you have the specific experiences and skills the employer is seeking. So, keep in mind the phrase, “less is more” when creating or updating your resume. This post was originally published on an earlier date. Don Goodman’s firm was rated as the #1 Resume Writing Service in on the american, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Don is friend essay, a triple-certified, nationally recognized Expert Resume Writer, Career Management Coach and Job Search Strategist who has helped thousands of people secure their next job. Check out his Resume Writing Service. Secret River? Get a Free Resume Evaluation or call him at friend 800.909.0109 for more information. Disclosure: This post is secret river essays, sponsored by a CAREEREALISM-approved expert. You can learn more about expert posts here .

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Defining and Managing Test Priorities for COTS Software. © 2000 Johanna Rothman. This paper first appeared in Software Quality Professional, Volume 2, #3, June 2000. Software publishers create commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software when they think there is sufficient demand for a commodity-type product. By avoiding custom software development, these publishers can create an economy of scale, increasing the likelihood of profitability. Some software publishers believe that to succeed in the COTS market, they have to be responsive to their customers and friend essay release successive products quickly.

This responsiveness and steps push to essay, release creates several problems for the development and testing staff: Responsiveness may cause the requirements to best college essays, change rapidly and frequently, even near the end of a project. When requirements change, both the developers and testers are affected. The developers have to change what they produce, and the testers have to friend, change what they test. Both of those changes can cause project delays. The push to best, release quickly means that the friend and friendship essay testers and test manager may not have discussed the product quality requirements–what is truly good enough to ship–with the rest of the project team or with senior management. Without those conversations, one person, generally the test manager, is origin antithesis vinyl, assigned the friend role of quality keeper for this project, a classic testing mistake (Marick 1997). One way to manage the rapid changes from responsiveness and the lack of agreement on what is acceptable to ship is to develop criteria for allowable project changes and criteria for product release. Defining what is acceptable to change and what is acceptable to ship can help testers and test managers avoid many of the headaches, fights, and american civil us-vs.-them discussions at the end of the project. DEVELOP CRITERIA TO ASSESS REQUIREMENTS CHANGES. In commercial software development, the requirements will change and will change quickly.

One way to manage the changes is to develop criteria to assess requested changes. Two questions are especially helpful here: “What happens if we ship with these changes?” “What happens if we don’t ship with these changes?” These are examples of the “who wins, who loses” kinds of questions one can ask about requirements. (Whenever one makes a change in friend and friendship essay, requirements, someone wins and someone loses.) Looking at the consequences of making the changes encourages discussion about the best essays 2013 changes. Sometimes, developers and testers can come up with an easier and less-risky approach to and friendship essay, implementing the requested changes. Even if there is no alternative, discussing the reasons for the change requests helps reinforce what is critical for this release. A colleague, Dan, told his story of using criteria to secret essays, assess requirements changes. For two releases, he was adamantly opposed to changes in requirements late in the development cycle.

Management overruled him. During the third release, he was not even invited to the meetings where they decided on late changes. Friend Essay. Dan and his testing staff were surprised by those new requirements, and, consequently, did not test the changes adequately. After the civil war third release was shipped, some customers were upset with the bugginess of the software. Friend And Friendship Essay. The customers complained to senior management. Senior management came to Dan and said, “Why did you let us shiop this buggy product?” Dan replied, “How am I supposed to origin vinyl, know where to look for bugs if I don’t know what’s in there?” Senior management realized that keeping Dan out and friendship essay, of the secret meetings was not helpful. Once Dan was back into the decision-making process, he chose a different approach. Instead of resisting all changes, Dan explained he wanted to consider the customers’ perspectives for potential changes.

Dan suggested they ask about the consequences of shipping with and friend and friendship essay without the changes, instead of steps of dissertation just discussing how to insert the changes. This allowed the management team, along with the senior developers and testers, to discuss the merits of changing the product late in the release cycle, and to identify their product and business risks. Instead of late requirements changes being a quality or development decision, they were now a business decision. In the friend essay same way, knowing when a product is ready to release is american, a business decision. To help make those business decisions, it is useful to specifically define the testing priorities for a given release. Define testing priorities by developing a test strategy and friend and friendship then defining product quality and milestone criteria. Once these criteria are established, the project team can assess the product against creative writing summer ireland, these milestone criteria, whenever they choose. The first step to defining and managing the testing priorities is to define a test strategy.

The strategy helps one decide what must get done and when. The strategy addresses the and friendship essay following concerns. Here are examples of three organizations (their names have been changed) to illustrate these concerns. What will and will not be tested and creative summer courses how. And Friendship. Will some functionality not be tested? How will exploratory testing be used? Will there be any regression tests or create regression tests? Where and when will automation be used?

Is installation, performance, or load testing also required for this product, and if so, what is its priority? SmartStore’s test manager realized that the test group could not accomplish all the testing the creative test group wanted to and friendship, perform. Antithesis. SmartStore’s flagship product was a fast storage and access product. Friend Essay. SmartStore’s performance was its market differentiator–the reason for on the civil the customers to friend and friendship, buy the product. The test manager defined a test strategy that included which specific functionality would to summer courses, be tested by implication–that is, not direct testing of that functionality, but if the testersy happened to test it. And Friendship. In addition, the antithesis vinyl test manager prioritized the performance testing with the testers. SmartStore’s testers had specific plans for how to test performance and what kinds of performance to test. Friend. They knew the parameters that were expected to influence performance, especially the load on the network, the load on the server, and the size of the data set. The testers defined six test scenarios that represented the performance they were willing to test on an ongoing basis, and then created automated tests to be able to run those tests for every build. Not all functionality was tested under load. They chose representative functionality to test under load, based on how SmartStore’s four largest customers used the product.

What priorities will be applied to the testing work? In what order will the features be tested? PhoneHome had to of dissertation, ship a major release by a specific date or incur a huge contract penalty with a major customer. The PhoneHome test group specified which tests would be run in which order. At the ship date, PhoneHome management was able to provide a coherent description of the test coverage on a feature-by-feature basis. Friend And Friendship Essay. The customer agreed not to use the untested features. Origin. The customer was willing to friend and friendship, take shipment, because his high priority features had been tested. The other customers were willing to wait for the complete release, so the different to start an argumentative essay PhoneHome test group was able to continue their testing, to test the then-untested features. Friend. What are the of dissertation criteria applied to the product at different milestones, such as entry into system test, Beta, and release? What does “ready” mean for this product at friend and friendship, these milestones? A major finding at StockIt’s project retrospective was that different people in engineering had a different idea of what “ready” meant.

Some developers thought the software was ready if it compiled. Some testers thought the product was ready when no more bugs could be found. Some managers thought it was ready when the ship date arrived. The project manager and the chief architect had their own definition of “ready” that was less one-sided. Writing Summer Courses. Unfortunately, the project manager and and friendship essay chief architect had not explained their criteria for each milestone.

Without agreement on “ready” at the different milestones, the vinyl organization was in continuous disagreement about the state of the product and its readiness for testing and shipment. For the next release, StockIt chose to define release criteria and Beta milestone criteria. Employees reviewed those criteria at each project team meeting, and were able easily decide when the project was ready for friend and friendship Beta and ready for final release. The test strategy describes explicit choices of what will be tested, in what priority, and creative writing summer courses how to know when the product is shippable. The test strategy also describes what must be measured to assess project state and friend essay the project’s ship-readiness. This article will not address part of the first component of the test strategy, how to test functionality. For ideas on essays on the american, functionality testing, see (Kaner et al. 1993). For software products, testing priorities are the result of essay project goals.

Market forces make this even more obvious for COTS software. Every project has its own goals. To determine the appropriate testing priorities for a project, first define and understand project goals. The end goal in COTS projects is to make money for best essays the company. (For some projects, the goal is not necessarily to friend and friendship, make money. Sometimes, the goal is to float a trial balloon or to take away market share.) The company will make money if the product meets the customers’ quality criteria.

Define project and testing goals to reflect the project’s quality criteria. The three possible externally visible project goals for software projects are (Grady 1992): Minimize time to market by delivering the release as soon as possible Maximize customer satisfaction by delivering a specific set of features Minimize number of known and shipped defects. In the author’s experience, a project can have only one of these goals as its top priority. When starting a project, pick one of these three external views of quality as the predominant goal of the release. There are other internally visible project quality goals: reducing cost of development, reducing the number of people required, or reducing the tools needed to do the work.

The internally visible goals are not generally important to COTS customers. They do not care how a business is run; they only care about the creative summer ireland result. In addition, the steps taken to and friendship essay, decrease the cost of development frequently increase the cost of quality: the courses organization simply cannot generate a product within the time, feature, and defect constraints if overall product development is not sufficiently funded. Reducing development cost without changing the time, feature, and defect constraints generally extends the development cycle, increases defects, or reduces product features. (Abdel-Hamid and Madnick 1991). The project manager and test manager then address the other two goals within that context. If the test manager accepts and understands this prioritization, he or she can actively decide to shape the friend and friendship essay testing process to achieve the goal. As the river project proceeds, the testers can make tradeoffs consistent with the priorities. If the test manager or the project manager refuse to accept that only friend and friendship essay, one of these goals can be paramount, the project is writing ireland, not likely to make any of its goals. Choose which aspect of quality is most valuable to customers. Then work with the friend project manager to make trade-off decisions about the other two goals within the context of the primary goal. Product quality criteria help direct what functionality needs to be tested.

The quality criteria are the definition of what customers want in a product–what defines the product as “good enough” to ship (Bach 1997). One way to choose the right quality priorities for a project is to steps, use Geoffrey Moore’s high-tech marketing model (1995) to understand what the market requires at this time . Figure 1 provides a view, based on his model, of the interaction between the definition of friend quality and the product’s lifetime. For more information, see (Rothman 1998) and, for a slightly different perspective, see (Hendrickson and Hendrickson 1999). The users (and potential users) have different perceptions of product quality over the product’s lifetime. The table shows how the three possible priorities are sorted for different classes of users. As a product evolves, it moves from one target user group to another, and (in the model) the priorities shift accordingly. Figure 1: Quality Perceptions over Product Lifetime. * Medium pressure for features does not mean pressure for new features. It means that the promised features must be in the product and must be working. To define product quality, choose which priority is most valuable to the customers.

For any given product, one of these priorities is dominant; the other two are traded off within that context. Some people are not easily convinced that there is only one top priority. Here is different to start an argumentative, a check to verify that choice: If it is three weeks before the scheduled ship date, the defect count is higher than the developers prefer, and friend and friendship essay the last feature is not quite implemented, what does management choose to different ways an argumentative, do? If management chooses to ship anyway, then time to market is the top priority. And Friendship Essay. If management chooses to ship as soon as that feature is installed, then customer satisfaction through features is the top priority. Different To Start An Argumentative Essay. If management chooses to hold shipment to fix the defects, then low defects is the primary definition of quality. Since quality is value to someone (Weinberg 1992), one way to think about quality criteria is to ask what customers value most in friend, this product: What will make them decide to buy or not buy this product? The customers’ primary buying choice–what they value, their definition of american quality–defines quality for this release.

Once shipment, features, and low defects have been prioritized, specific and measurable quality criteria can be created for different project milestones. COTS software producers typically assume their highest priority is time to market. Although time to market is and friendship essay, generally important, it’s not always critical. One way to differentiate when time to market is critical is to define milestone criteria. Milestone criteria help the project team and senior management understand when the product development team is antithesis, meeting any of the quality criteria, at specific times in the project. Especially when time to market is critical, milestone criteria help the project team realize early when it is not meeting the milestones. The author has had success generating criteria for system test entry, Beta ship, and and friendship essay product shipment milestones. System test entry criteria may be very different than the ship criteria. Especially for COTS software, many software producers and customers expect the state of the software going into system test or Beta to be quite different from the final shippable system.

To define milestone criteria, first, using the definition of what quality means for this project, define what is critically important to this particular project. After determining what is important, one can define objective, measurable milestone criteria. Negotiating Agreement on Criteria. Initially, the testers and the test manager may develop the milestone criteria. When developing criteria, make sure they are measurable and reflect the needs of secret essays this specific project–this product release.

One alternative is to define criteria as a group, consisting of the project manager, test manager, and the entire project team. Friend. If this is origin, too many people, then a cross-functional team including the project manager, test manager, and and friendship essay marketing manager can create the different ways to start an argumentative milestone criteria draft. Once the initial criteria draft is ready, the entire project team needs to and friendship essay, review and accept the milestone criteria. The project team then reviews the steps of dissertation criteria and accepts the criteria to test its work against. Acceptance means the entire project team judges the deliverables against the project criteria at the specific milestones.

When a team accepts the milestone criteria, team members are willing to do what it takes to meet those criteria. Only this release’s critical considerations become milestone criteria. Frequently the criteria become more stringent for later milestones in COTS projects. When discussing or negotiating criteria with the project team, negotiate on essay, the merits of each criterion (Marick 1997), not on any one person’s position. See (Fisher, Ury, and Palton 1992) for origin more information about friend and friendship, useful negotiating tactics. The criteria negotiation results in measurable criteria to use to measure the project’s progress. Others have had success with gradations of milestone criteria, however, the author specifically creates binary, unambiguous milestone criteria to know whether the secret river essays criteria are met–if the criteria are either complete or not complete. She then uses the criteria to evaluate whether the team has met the milestone in question.

If the project team has not met the milestone by the expected date, members decide whether to keep going on until they meet the criteria, replan the project, renegotiate the criteria, or some combination of these. Different organizations with products in different phases take different approaches to developing milestone criteria. Following are three examples. SmartStore’s product was in the early adopter phase. Time to market was a driving factor for its release cycles. Specific features, especially performance, were critical to product success. The company created criteria for and friendship entry into system test and product release milestones.

The criteria for of dissertation starting the system test are not as demanding as the criteria for friend and friendship product shipment. The system test criteria assume that the product going into system test is at least as good as the previous release, for the performance test. The ship criteria verify that this release’s performance is better than the previous release’s performance. In addition, the critical dates are noted as system test entry and creative courses release criteria. SmartStore was going to ship its product that quarter.

The company knew it and decided it was better to be clear about that fact than be surprised. The test manager and project manager used the milestone criteria differently. The project manager used the dates as a way to test the progress the and friendship developers said they had made, and as a way to identify risk in the project. Best. The test manager used the dates to prioritize the test effort, and to identify areas of testing risk. The project team defined these criteria by thinking about what was important to friend, SmartStore and its customers. For SmartStore, product performance is not just a feature; lack of performance is steps, a significant defect. And Friendship. Since time to market and then features were the product’s major definition of quality, many of the essays civil ship criteria were bounds put on the defect assessment effort.

Defects were not the primary driver of quality but were important in knowing how good or bad the and friendship essay product was. SmartStore was willing to postpone final product shipment only to meet the performance and product shipment criteria. Contrast SmartStore’s criteria with PhoneHome, another company with a product in the early adopter phase. Time to market was a driving factor in addition to steps of dissertation, a particular set of features. If it did not make its market window, it would have lost the market. PhoneHome management realized they could not test everything before the release. They created criteria for friend and friendship essay entry into system test and product release milestones.

Again, the system test entry criteria are not as demanding as the release criteria. Secret. The system test entry criteria assume that the product going into system test is at least as good as the previous release, and has specific additional functionality (module D). The release criteria verify that this release’s performance is no worse than the previous release’s performance, and that the promised additional functionality exists and works well enough. In addition, the critical dates are noted as system test entry and release criteria. If PhoneHome did not ship a reasonable product in time, it would have lost significant market share and market opportunity. Some readers may be wondering if PhoneHome really was a COTS software company. This particular release was for friend and friendship essay a specific small set of customers. If the summer company succeeded with this set of customers, it would have the friend and friendship essay customer references to college 2013, succeed in the larger marketplace. The product is now a commercial product, sold all over the world. At the time, PhoneHome management did not want to friend essay, invest in a custom product, so although this release was focused on one primary customer, it was quickly sold to more customers. StockIt was firmly in the mainstream of its primary market and was working on acquiring new markets with an ways to start, extension to friend essay, the software.

StockIt’s quality drivers were: 1) low defects so it would not alienate its current customer base; 2) time to market with some new functionality and increase the customer base; and secret river 3) more features. StockIt engineering management decided they needed more milestone criteria so they would understand project status and know when they were done, so they used feature freeze, entry into system test, Bbeta, and release. StockIt’s milestones and friend criteria were quite different from SmartStore and PhoneHome’s because it was working to retain and attract different kinds of customers. ASSESS THE PRODUCT AGAINST THE MILESTONE CRITERIA. When creating milestone criteria, make them measurable, so the project team can periodically assess the essays criteria. Use the criteria to make binary decisions (yes or no) about whether the criteria are met. When developing the milestone criteria, set up the measuring system to obtain the measurements. One technique the author has used is publishing these criteria in the agendas for each project team meeting and friend essay assessing project progress against the criteria at college essays, every meeting.

Since the criteria are aggregate measures, no one feels as if they are being singled out to measure them. Once one has measurable criteria for different milestones, it is easy to measure the project against those criteria. It may not be possible to meet all the criteria in friend essay, every project. When the project cannot meet the criteria, the steps of dissertation project manager should be honest about it. The choices are then to change the criteria or replan the project to meet the criteria.

If time to market is critical to the project, then either replan the project or work with the project team to reduce the criteria, and make it clear to the other people in the company the effects of essay reducing the criteria. When faced with aggressive schedules, insufficient staff, or incomplete knowledge of the project’s feature set, define and manage the project’s test priorities. Define the test strategy, define product quality and milestone criteria, and then monitor the criteria against the milestone criteria when one wants to essays american war, get the highest priority work accomplished. I thank the essay following reviewers for to start an argumentative essay their substantive and essay helpful suggestions for this article: James Bullock, Benson Margulies, Jerry Weinberg. I also would like to thank the origin antithesis vinyl SQP reviewers. Abdel-Hamid, T., and S. Madnick. Friend Essay. 1991. Software project dynamics. Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Prentice Hall. Bach, J. 1997. Good enough software: Beyond the buzzword.

IEEE Computer (August). Black, R. 1999. Communication on sw-test-discuss e-mail list. Fisher, R., W. Creative Writing Courses. Ury, and B. Patton. 1992. Getting to friend and friendship essay, yes , second edition . New York: Penguin Books.

Grady, R. 1992. Practical software metrics for project management and on the civil process improvement . Englewood Cliffs, N. J.: Prentice Hall. Hendrickson, K., and E. Hendrickson. 1999. Quality along the lifecycle. In Proceedings of ASM/SM ’99 , San Jose, Calif . Kaner, C. et al. 1993. Testing computer software , second edition . New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Marick, B. Friend And Friendship Essay. 1997. Courses Ireland. Classic testing mistakes . STAR. Moore, G. 1995. Inside the tornado . New York: Harper Collins. Rothman, J. 1998. Defining and managing project focus. American Programmer (February): 19.

Weinberg, G. M. 1992. Quality software management, vol. 1 . New York: Dorset House Publishing. Like this article? See the friend other articles.

Or, look at my workshops, so you can see how to use advice like this where you work.

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columbia essay EssayEdge offers all users free access to over 100 admissions essays accepted by the United States' top undergraduate, graduate, and and friendship professional programs. The following Sample Admissions Essays are for Wharton, Tuck and Columbia. Sample MBA Admissions Essays - Content provided by EssayEdge's Harvard Editors. This section contains three pages of content: Prompt: What one nonprofessional activity do you find most inspirational and why? (Wharton) A little over steps of dissertation, two years ago I began tutoring high school students in essay several types of mathematics, including preparation for the S.A.T. Test. Best 2013! While I did this initially to friend and friendship essay earn money, I have continued to tutor (often pro creative courses ireland, bono) because I enjoy the material and the contact with the students. I have always enjoyed math tremendously.

I can remember riding in a car for long distances as a child and continuously calculating average speeds and percentages of distances covered as we traveled. In college I took upper division math classes such as Real Analysis and Game Theory (and placed near the friend and friendship, top of the curve) though they were not required for my major. All this time spent playing with math has left me with a deep understanding of the way numbers work and the many ways in which problems can be solved. When I first began tutoring I was stunned to find that most of the kids I worked with, although very bright, not only lacked the ability to solve complex problems, they were very uncomfortable with some of the basic principles of math. American Civil War! This discomfort led to and friendship essay fear and antithesis vinyl avoidance, and the avoidance led to more discomfort. A vicious cycle began. Instead of seeing math as a beautiful system in which arithmetic, algebra and geometry all worked together to allow one to solve problems, they saw it as a bunch of jumbled rules which made little sense that they were forced to memorize. As a tutor, I found that it was important when starting with a new student to find out where his/her discomfort with math began. Often, this meant going back several years in their education to friend essay explain important basic concepts. Writing Summer Courses Ireland! For some students, fractions and and friendship decimals were the point at which math stopped making sense. For many others, it was the introduction of steps of dissertation, letters to represent numbers in algebra.

Some students found that identifying their weaknesses was an friend, embarrassing process. I explained to summer them that it was not their fault. Everyone comes to understand new concepts in math in a slightly different way, and the problem was that no teacher had taken the friend and friendship, time to explain their problem area in a way which would make sense to them. Since math was a system, once they missed out on an argumentative that one building block, it was not surprising that the rest of it did not make sense. Friend And Friendship Essay! Our mission together would be to find the way in which the system worked for them. Once we had identified the initial problem area, I would spend a lot of time getting the student to play with questions in that area from to start essay, a lot of friend and friendship, different perspectives.

For example, if fractions were the problem, then I would create games to get the student to think of fractions in terms of division, ratios, decimals or other equivalent systems. This would often be a fairly unstructured process, as I wanted to see how the student's mind worked and essays keep them from feeling any anxiety. Usually it did not take long for the concepts to start becoming clear to and friendship the student, as he/she played with the numbers in the absence of the pressure of school. My goal was to not just white wash over a students weaknesses with a few rules which would be quickly forgotten, but to help them develop an creative writing courses, understanding and an appreciation for the underlying principles. I found this process to be very satisfying for both myself and the young men and women that I taught.

It was a wonderful feeling to friend and friendship essay have a student laugh out loud with relief as a principle which had been unclear and causing anxiety for years suddenly made sense. Once these old problem areas were cleared up it was usually quite simple to essays 2013 make clear the subjects that they were working on at the friend, time, especially since I already had an understanding of origin vinyl, how they were best able to understand new concepts. Again, I found it important to get the and friendship, student to play with the essays on the american, new material and look at friend and friendship, it in several ways so as to different ways an argumentative develop a true understanding of the material. I was quite successful as a tutor. And Friendship! One young man increased his Math S.A.T. by 150 points. Another student improved so dramatically in geometry, her test scores jumped from about 55 percent to different over 90 percent, that her teacher kept her after class and asked if she was cheating. Friend Essay! Although most of vinyl, my students did not improve this dramatically, I walked away from and friendship essay, every lesson that I gave feeling that I had helped someone understand and enjoy math. Secret River Essays! I hope to be able to continue teaching, if only for friend essay a few hours a week, for river the rest of and friendship essay, my life. ** ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE COMMENTS: ** This essay shows that this applicant is dedicated not just to helping people, but to academics, learning, and math. His tutoring does not make us believe his sincerity; the thoughtfulness and detail with which he describes it do.

He has put obvious time into developing an effective method of teaching. The writer shows that he is result-oriented by measuring his success in terms of real numbers and percentage increases. Someone who applies such standards of accountability to his extracurricular life is sure to bring the same standards to school and business. Prompt: Describe the characteristics of an exceptional manager by examining someone whom you have observed or with whom you have worked. Secret! Illustrate how his or her management style has influenced you. (Tuck)

In management consulting, strong analytical skills are valued as much as, if not more than, effective managerial and leadership skills. Friend And Friendship! Unfortunately, for different ways essay some consultants, these characteristics, at times, are mutually exclusive. I was fortunate, however, to essay work with [name] on my first major project at [consulting firm]. Of Dissertation! As my projectmanager, he demonstrated a superior combination of leadership, managerial, and communication skills. As a result of our interaction, I learned several important lessons and friend and friendship essay tools that I used on essays on the american civil subsequent projects to improve my effectiveness as a team leader. To begin, [name] is friend and friendship, a true leader who exhibits courage and dedication. A powerful trait rarely found in the realm of steps of dissertation, business, courage is unique in its ability to unify and motivate people. Moreover, his courage is balanced appropriately with professionalism, strong values, and humility. He is sensitive to others’ feelings and recognizes that different people require different types of direction and treatment.

Although he often works with diverse and difficult groups, he always seems able to reach consensus and create a shared vision and purpose. Furthermore, he excels at and friendship, establishing priorities and proactively setting direction. As an effective manager, [name] also is able to translate his broad direction into discrete, tangible tasks. Since consultants often use difficult or creative analytical approaches, clearly articulating tasks and defining outputs is very important. In addition, he exercises the appropriate level of supervision. Rather than micro-managing his team members, [name] establishes clear accountabilities and expectations and pushes work down to the correct level. Origin Antithesis Vinyl! As a result, he creates a strong sense of friend essay, ownership and leverages the skills of his team members. Different An Argumentative Essay! Furthermore, he excels at creating a supportive environment and, when necessary, coaching team members to help them develop new skills. Finally, [name] is a masterful communicator. He is the only project manager I have had who gave me consistent and constructive feedback, importantly, both positive and negative.

Such feedback not only provides clear developmental objectives, but also signals to others that he values their contributions. This type of balanced and open communication quickly forms the foundation of mutual trust and respect. Furthermore, [name] excels in the art of negotiation and and friendship essay debate. He states his points with remarkable precision and is expert at remaining objective and recognizing all sides of an argument. And, regardless of the volatility of on the american civil war, a situation or the strength of his feelings, he always listens to all positions patiently and and friendship effectively controls his demonstration of emotion, thereby gaining the respect of others and lending additional credibility to his positions. Given my limited experience managing teams, my exposure to [name] was central to creative courses my early success at [consulting firm]. For example, although I had considered myself a leader in athletics, I had not learned to essay translate those skills into the business arena. [Name] taught me several effective methods to lead teams. Admittedly, as a highly motivated young analyst with very high work standards, I also lacked many of the skills required for effective team leadership. However, I quickly learned the importance of flexibility and became more comfortable providing feedback and different directing the work of others.

Furthermore, through his example, [name] taught me the importance of objectivity and the utility of several effective communication techniques. For example, I learned to use my sense of friend and friendship essay, humor as an effective tool to persuade, disarm, or motivate others. Early in my career at [consulting firm], I had several rare opportunities to lead client teams. In part due to the lessons I learned from [name], these projects were a great success. As a result, I went on to manage a half dozen diverseand difficult client teams that ranged in membership. With each project, I further refined the lessons I learned from [name] and developed new techniques for secret river leading and managing teams. Due to my rapid development, I was promoted to [position], a managerial, post-M.B.A. position at and friendship essay, [consulting firm], signifying that I can progress to the partner level.

Although I realize my tool kit is far from complete, these skills will be invaluable both in business school and beyond. ** ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE COMMENTS: ** This is ways to start an argumentative, another essay that stands out because of its solid writing and superior organization. It starts with a bold assertion to catch the friend and friendship essay, reader’ s attention and then uses the assertion to introduce the mentor’ s most outstanding quality. Each of the next three paragraphs clearly asserts and describes an additional supporting quality. The essay concludes with examples of how the mentor’ s influence has tangibly affected the writer’ s actions and work performance, resulting in courses rapid promotion. Prompt: Describe the two accomplishments that occurred in the last five years of which you are most proud. (Columbia)

Strategic Advisory for American Savings Bank. In January 1994,my group was engaged by Robert Bass' Keystone Partners to friend and friendship evaluate their investment in river California company, the culminating point of a five-year banking relationship. Keystone Partner however, engaged Goldman Sachs as co-advisor, thereby infuriating the Lehman team. We swore to keep control of the valuation process by solely handling the modeling work including complex simulations and projections, which I was solely responsible for. I quickly drafted a couple of pages that I distributed to both teams. Friend And Friendship! Overnight, the Goldman team reproduced them line by line and sent them directly to on the american civil war the client as their work. It was a great strike against our team. I decided to design a completely different model, and to draw upon and friendship essay the information that I could gather from a long and fruitful client relationship with Lehman Brothers. Different Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay! I convinced the senior vice president, vice president and associate who had covered the company for years to pass on their knowledge, persuaded them to be available for 36 hours straight to answer all my questions, and for four more hours to be trained by me on the model. I designed a 23 page model, stuffed with information, that we presented to the 42 person working team, gathered at friend essay, our request. The presentation, led by myself for technical explanations and the senior vice president for strategic conclusions, was a great success.

The Goldman Senior Partner, recognizing the excellency of our model, proposed that I remain in charge of essay, all the and friendship essay, number. I value this experience because I gained respect from the senior executives at all three firms. But most of all, although one of the vinyl, most junior banker, I was able to inspire a cohesive spirit to our team in pursuing our goal to produce a high quality presentation. Learning to Surf. My move to Los Angeles in August 1992 represented not only a great professional challenge-to work with only two senior bankers and friend and friendship cover all California financial institutions-but also a personal opportunity, a chance to broaden my horizons. I grew up in Paris and lived in college essays 2013 the capital for 21 years before moving to New York; I definitely was a city girl!

Los Angeles demanded however that I adapted to a whole different world, where sport rather than opera rhythms the season. Friend! I knew that my first year in the Los Angeles office would be extremely busy due to the small size of my group. In fact I averaged 90 hours of work per week that year. Creative Courses Ireland! To keep my sanity and maintain a good spirit, I resolved to try and learn a sport that had always fascinated me: surfing. Thus I bought a brand new wetsuit and longboard and started the experience bright and and friendship essay early on a sunny Saturday afternoon under the merciless scrutiny of the local surfers, all males, who did not hide their contempt for my pale skin and weak arms so typical of investment banking Corporate Analysts. Steps! Surfing seemed at first an impossible mission: my board always mysteriously rebounded on my head, while the waves would break exactly where I was paddling. At work, there was an explosion of and friendship, laughter when I proudly exposed my (only) personal project: why, a twenty-six year old Parisian, surfing? This had to be French humor!

I resolved however to creative practice every week-end before coming into the office. Friend And Friendship Essay! Last summer, I finally stood up on my board and rode the wave to of dissertation the beach. It was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life and although I still surf regularly, nothing matches my first wave nor the friend essay, pride that I felt. Because I received little help and encouragement but prevailed, I cherish this experience which was actually a tremendous confidence builder. ** ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE COMMENTS: ** The writer demonstrates a nice balance between her professional and origin antithesis vinyl her personal achievements. Her first accomplishment shows the essayist to be a savvy business professional and highlights her good political sense, dedication, and technical skill.

The second accomplishment rounds out the and friendship essay, image by painting a picture of a young, healthy, active woman willing to ways essay take risks and learn new skills at and friendship, the expense of laughter and embarrassment. The latter may have been a personal achievement, but these translate into very lucrative professional skills as well. Click here for the free EssayEdge admissions essay help course. Use coupon code 10010101 for 10% off EssayEdge editing. Sample Application and Admissions Essays:

Used by admissions officers to decide between two (or even two hundred) candidates with almost identical profiles, the application essay is often the ways an argumentative essay, only guide admissions officers have of your ambition, personality, and interests. As a result, your essay must be unique, captivating, and informative. Try the free online entrance essay course offered by friend, Essay Edge and Cyber Edit. Named the world's premier application essay editing service by The New York Times , EssayEdge has helped more applicants write successful application essays than any other company in on the american the world. This course offers extensive advice on friend how to courses write outstanding admissions essays.