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Good first paragraph essay

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Good first paragraph essay

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The days of proper heading for an admissions, anxiously waiting by the mailbox for news from a long distance relative or lover are over. Children no longer send cute, labor intensive, hand written Thank Yous to grandmothers. Instead, both are sent via e-mails. News and good first paragraph essay, thanks are welcome via e-mail but all the personal touch is gone out of these once treasured moments. Children learn to type instead of perfecting their handwriting skills. Grandparents now treasure printouts of emails instead of letters and cards. Email is general essay definitely a two-headed snake in both the home and the corporate world. Email has allowed communication to take place like never before.

Soldiers are able to paragraph “talk” to their families, instantly when before it would take weeks for news to travel back and forth. Email has enabled lost friendships to be found when there have been thousands of research papers, miles between them. First? Email allows out-of-state grandparents to instantly see pictures of their first grandchild. Essay? Email allows businesses to interact between each other and first essay, between their employees immediately on issues and ideas. Contracts can be completed in minutes instead of days. Yes, email has been one of the online need, greatest inventions of all times. Good Paragraph Essay? But then there is the other head of the snake. What is email doing to our social skills and our ethics?

And at what costs? Granted, email is c3 coursework better than no mail when it comes to a friend or family member. Email users are able to essay stay in contact with long distance family and friends. The fears in communication of huge long distance phone bills and bad handwriting have vanished. Email has come to medical research papers the rescue.

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Pursuing the separation of politics and essay prosecutions at the Department of Justice. From the research, 4/23/07 edition of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Cracking down on drugs and pornography was big business in former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft’s Department of Justice. When federal prosecutors in California passed on cases involving glass bongs and hard-core sex movies, Pittsburgh-based U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan swooped in and stole the show. Critics blasted “Operation Pipe Dreams,” calling the nationwide sting on drug paraphernalia trafficking a waste of resources.

Buchanan charged on, though, and in 2003 won a conviction against Tommy Chong — the Los Angeles actor made famous by good paragraph the marijuana-laced “Cheech and Chong” movies. That same year, she charged Extreme Associates and the California owners of the porn production company in the first major federal obscenity prosecution in more than a decade. Critics again wailed about resources and the government fiddling with constitutional freedoms. The Justice Department and Ashcroft praised both cases. Buchanan was rewarded with a string of medical research lofty posts, one of which — director of the good essay, Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys — has landed her at the forefront of a congressional investigation into a group firing of literature review of research fellow Republican prosecutors. Buchanan will not discuss the firings or the House investigation but said the priorities of the Justice Department are those of her office — including pursuing public corruption cases. The Justice Department is reviewing a House Judiciary Committee request to speak to Buchanan and seven other Justice Department officials. She has not met with House investigators. Democrats want to find out why the good first, Bush administration sacked eight of the country’s 93 federal prosecutors. Democrats say they believe some U.S. attorneys were fired to interfere with public corruption cases in ways that might help Republicans.

The House Judiciary Committee has evidence that D. Kyle Sampson, former chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, consulted Buchanan as head of the Executive Office U.S. attorneys in 2004 and c3 coursework 2005 about whom to fire. Heading the office was largely administrative and dull until 9/11, when the Justice Department began to use it to control U.S. attorneys, said Fred Thieman, a former U.S. attorney in Pittsburgh under President Clinton. “I can’t understand why someone would want that position, unless there was some other purpose,” Thieman said. Buchanan said she works hard and with determination, finding it an honor to serve President Bush and the Justice Department in whatever role necessary. Good First Essay. Those who know Buchanan said she is a hard worker and does what’s needed to college essay please her bosses. “They ask, and she responds,” said Roscoe Howard Jr., former U.S. attorney for paragraph the District of c3 coursework Columbia. “Certainly, the objective evidence is that they like her.” H.E. Good First Paragraph. “Bud” Cummins, former U.S. attorney for eastern Arkansas and income essay one of the eight forced to step down, said he likes and respects Buchanan. If she participated in the dismissals, though, she failed her colleagues by essay participating “in the completely ridiculous process of making a list of names” of income people to be fired, he said. Thomas J. Farrell, a former assistant U.S. attorney in Pittsburgh and frequent Buchanan critic, called Buchanan’s response to the House inquiry a litmus test for good first essay her. “I hope she stands up for the integrity and competence of those U.S. Mei Maths C3 Coursework Help. attorneys who were fired,” he said. Buchanan was appointed U.S. attorney for Western Pennsylvania by President Bush in September 2001.

Her office has opened at least five investigations into good first paragraph, prominent Democrats over college essay help online the past five years. Critics say she has ignored allegations against fellow Republicans during that time. “It has been and paragraph essay remains the general essay, practice of first paragraph my office to investigate and prosecute individuals who violate federal law without regard to their political affiliation,” Buchanan said. Buchanan said all investigations and prosecutions are analyzed from a legal, not partisan, perspective. She has prosecuted former Allegheny County Sheriff Pete DeFazio and aides in his office and former Allegheny County Judge Joseph Jaffe. An investigation of literature former Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy ended without charges being filed.

“There’s no greater adherent to using public corruption charges against first essay, the other party than Mary Beth Buchanan,” said Jerry McDevitt, a defense lawyer representing Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, a Democrat, against charges he abused his former public office as Allegheny County coroner for private financial gain. Allegations of improper use of office staff have been leveled against two Republican politicians in her jurisdiction, U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy and help former state Rep. Jeff Habay. Habay was prosecuted in Allegheny County Court. No federal charges have been filed against these men, but federal authorities are prohibited from saying whether either is being investigated. “ Silence of the lamb, Alberto Gonzales. What Gonzales isn’t saying is as important as what he claims he cannot recall.

His lack of recollection gives the appearance that he’s trying to keep Karl Rove out of the spotlight. Gonzales continues his shellgame; claims he did “nothing improper” By Alberto R. Gonzales. Sunday, April 15, 2007; B07. My decision some months ago to privately seek the resignations of a small number of U.S. attorneys has erupted into a public firestorm.

First and foremost, I appreciate the public service of these fine lawyers and dedicated professionals, each of whom served his or her full four-year term as U.S. attorney. Good Paragraph Essay. I apologize to proper heading them, their families and the thousands of dedicated professionals at the Justice Department for my role in allowing this matter to good paragraph essay spin into an undignified Washington spectacle. What began as a well-intentioned management effort to identify where, among the 93 U.S. attorneys, changes in leadership might benefit the department, and therefore the American people, has become an unintended public controversy. While I accept responsibility for my role in commissioning this management review process, I want to make some fundamental points abundantly clear. I know that I did not — and would not — ask for the resignation of any U.S. attorney for an improper reason. Furthermore, I have no basis to believe that anyone involved in this process sought the removal of medical a U.S. attorney for good essay an improper reason. Given my convictions on essay, this issue, I testified before Congress in good January and will do so again on Tuesday. I have personally spoken with many members of application essay online need Congress over the past several weeks to hear their concerns about this matter. Additionally, I have instructed all Justice Department officials to make themselves available for essay on-the-record interviews with lawmakers and help hearings before Congress, and I have ordered the release of thousands of pages of internal documents.

All of these documents and public testimony indicate that the first essay, Justice Department did not seek the removal of any U.S. attorney to interfere with or improperly influence any case or investigation. Heading Admissions. Indeed, I am extremely proud of the department’s strong record of vigorous prosecutions, particularly in the area of good first paragraph public corruption, where Republicans and research papers Democrats alike have been held accountable for their crimes. I have nevertheless asked the Justice Department’s Office of good first paragraph essay Professional Responsibility to further investigate this matter. Working with the research papers, department’s Office of Inspector General, these nonpartisan professionals will complete their own independent investigation so that Congress and the American people can be 100 percent assured of what I believe and what the investigation thus far has shown: that nothing improper occurred. While I have never sought to deceive Congress or the American people, I also know that I created confusion with some of paragraph my recent statements about my role in this matter. To be clear: I directed my then-deputy chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, to initiate this process; fully knew that it was occurring; and approved the final recommendations. Sampson periodically updated me on literature of research, the review.

As I recall, his updates were brief, relatively few in number and focused primarily on the review process. During those conversations, to my knowledge, I did not make decisions about who should or should not be asked to resign. I am committed to explaining my role in good first paragraph essay this process and proper for an essay will do so Tuesday when I testify before Congress. I am also committed to correcting any management missteps that occurred during this process. In recent weeks I have met with more than 70 U.S. attorneys around the country to hear their concerns and discuss ways to improve communication and good coordination between their offices and the Justice Department. These discussions have been frank, and good ideas are coming out, including ways to ensure that every U.S. attorney can know whether his or her performance is at the level expected by the president and the attorney general. Additionally, I have asked for recommendations on formal and informal steps that we can take to improve all forms of income inequality essay dialogue between the main Justice Department and U.S. attorneys nationwide. I am also telling our 93 U.S. First Paragraph Essay. attorneys that I look forward to working with them to pursue the great goals of our department in income inequality the weeks and months to come.

During the past two years, we have made great strides in securing our country from terrorism, protecting our neighborhoods from good first essay gangs and drugs, shielding our children from predators and pedophiles, and income inequality essay protecting the first, public trust by prosecuting public corruption. General. As I have stressed repeatedly to our U.S. attorneys and others within the department, recent events will not and essay must not deter us from our important mission. In part because of my own experience, I know the real strength of America. It lies in our Constitution, our people and our collective unyielding commitment to equal opportunity, equal justice, common decency and fairness. With this same commitment in application essay help my mind, I very much look forward to answering Congress’s questions about this matter on Tuesday. ED.: Dear Mr. Gonzales – we, the good first paragraph, people of America, hope (and pray) you will do the right thing by either testifying without the slightest hint of obfuscation or lies, or, in the alternative, submitting your resignation forthwith. C3 Coursework. You are not the right man to run the Department of good paragraph Justice. Resign, sir, and allow this country to medical research papers move beyond your own poor job performance and the controversy you, Pete Domenici, Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, Monica Goodling and Heather Wilson created. Further, I would ask that you submit a public apology for the sin you have committed against 8 very good former U.S.

Attorneys. Please don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you as you exit the building. Battle contradicts Gonzales’ Statements on Firings. By Dan Eggen and Paul Kane, Washington Post Staff Writers. Monday, April 16, 2007; A04. The former Justice Department official who carried out the firings of good eight U.S. attorneys last year told Congress that several of the help, prosecutors had no performance problems and good first paragraph essay that a memo on the firings was distributed at a Nov. 27 meeting attended by Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, a Democratic senator said yesterday. The statements to House and Senate investigators by Michael A. Battle, former director of the Executive Office for U.S.

Attorneys, represent another potential challenge to the credibility of for an admissions Gonzales, who has said that he never saw any documents about the firings and that he had “lost confidence” in the prosecutors because of performance problems. Battle’s statements, relayed to reporters yesterday by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), came as Gonzales prepares for a make-or-break appearance on Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Prepared testimony released yesterday indicates Gonzales will apologize to the fired prosecutors for the way they were treated and will acknowledge that he has been “less than precise” in describing his role in the firings. But Gonzales will also hold firm to his contentions that any missteps were “honest mistakes,” that “nothing improper” took place, and good first essay that most of the details were handled by his then-chief of staff, D. College Help Online Need. Kyle Sampson, according to the testimony. “I have nothing to hide and . . . I am committed to assuring the good essay, Congress and the American public that nothing improper occurred here,” Gonzales says in his remarks. “I made mistakes in not ensuring that these U.S. attorneys received more dignified treatment,” he adds later. “Others within the Department of Justice also made mistakes.

As far as I know, these were honest mistakes of perception and income judgment and not intentional acts of misconduct.” Seven U.S. attorneys were fired on Dec. 7, and another was dismissed earlier, as part of a plan that originated in the White House to replace some prosecutors based in part on good first paragraph essay, their perceived disloyalty to President Bush and his policies. The uproar over the removals has grown amid allegations that some Republican lawmakers improperly contacted prosecutors about investigations and general paper essay repeated misstatements by good first paragraph essay Gonzales and other Bush administration officials about the review of research, scope and nature of the dismissals. Democrats have also seized on presidential senior adviser Karl Rove’s connection to some of the firings, and on revelations last week that the White House and the Republican National Committee have lost e-mails that are supposed to be preserved under record-keeping laws. Gonzales and his deputy, Paul J. McNulty, initially told Congress that the firings were due to “performance-related” problems. Essay. Subsequent e-mails and other documents released by Justice showed that most had positive job reviews, that they and other U.S. attorneys were ranked on whether they were “loyal Bushies,” and that Gonzales was more deeply involved in the process than he has sometimes acknowledged.

The statements by Battle, who left his job last month, are the mei maths c3 coursework help, first details to emerge from more than 20 hours of interviews with four top Gonzales aides over the past two weeks by staff members on the House and Senate Judiciary committees. The last of those interviews was conducted yesterday with Sampson, who testified publicly last month that he was only an “aggregator” of information on the firings and essay that ultimate responsibility rested with Gonzales. Battle told investigators that he was “not aware of performance problems with respect to papers several” of the prosecutors when he called to first essay fire them, Schumer said in a conference call with reporters yesterday. Schumer said Battle also contradicted Gonzales’s assertion at a March 13 news conference that he had not seen any documents or participated in general structure any discussions about the firings. A memo related to the dismissals was passed out at a Nov. 27 meeting attended by Gonzales and essay others, Battle told investigators.

“Mike Battle remembers a memo was distributed,” Schumer said. In his prepared remarks for Tuesday, Gonzales says “my statement about ‘discussions’ was imprecise and overbroad, but it certainly was not in paper essay structure any way an attempt to paragraph mislead the American people.” Gonzales also addresses new documents released Friday showing that Sampson had identified five potential replacement prosecutors in early 2006, which appeared to contradict testimony from Sampson and repeated statements from Justice officials that no such list had been drawn up. Gonzales will testify that he remembers being told about two possible replacements, but that neither was approved and no one was lined up when the income inequality essay, last seven firings were carried out. Schumer and Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.), chairman of the good first essay, Senate Judiciary panel, immediately criticized Gonzales’s planned testimony as falling short of answering key questions about the firings. “The attorney general has offered another in a series of contradictory statements about the mass firing of U.S. attorneys,” Leahy said. “It has been impossible to discern the c3 coursework help, truth in this matter based on good first paragraph essay, the shifting explanations and changing stories coming out of the Justice Department and White House.” Sen.

Arlen Specter (Pa.), the application essay need, committee’s ranking Republican, also said Gonzales should consider reinstating the fired U.S. attorneys. Specter and fellow Republican Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) said Gonzales has an “uphill” climb to good first restore his credibility with Congress. Numerous Democrats and some Republicans have called on mei maths c3 coursework, Gonzales to resign. “He needs to first paragraph explain what he did and why he did it,” Graham said yesterday on “Fox News Sunday.” “There are three or four different versions of essay his role in this, and he needs to bring clarity to what he did and why he did it.” In a related matter yesterday, an attorney for paragraph Sen. Essay Structure. Pete V. Domenici (R-N.M.), who faces an ethics inquiry into his role in the firings, declined to comment on an Albuquerque Journal report that Domenici directly contacted Rove to push for the firing of paragraph essay David C. Iglesias as New Mexico’s U.S. C3 Coursework. attorney. The report said Domenici’s call to the White House came after a late October phone conversation with Iglesias about a local corruption case.

Iglesias has testified he felt the call amounted to improper political pressure and believes it lies at the heart of his firing. Domenici has acknowledged that he complained to Gonzales and McNulty about Iglesias, and has said he told the Justice Department he wanted Iglesias replaced “some months” before the call. But he has never acknowledged calling the good essay, White House about the issue. Thousands of inequality essay pages of documents released by Justice have yet to explain the rationale for Iglesias’s firing. In his testimony last month, Sampson could not recall why Iglesias was put on the list, which did not happen until Nov. 7, less than two weeks after Domenici’s call to Iglesias. The e-mails: Gonzales caught in a lie? Gonzales aide floated replacements early on. E-Mails appear to first essay contradict DOJ statements on mei maths help, genesis of attorney firings. WASHINGTON – The attorney general’s former top aide identified five Bush administration insiders as potential replacements for sitting U.S. attorneys months before those prosecutors were fired, contrary to good first paragraph essay repeated suggestions from the Justice Department that no such list had been drawn up, according to documents released yesterday. E-mails sent to the White House in heading January and May of 2006 by D. Kyle Sampson, then chief of staff to essay Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, name potential replacements for U.S. attorneys in San Diego, San Francisco, Little Rock and review papers Grand Rapids.

The disclosures contrast with previous statements from Sampson and other Justice officials. They have said that only Tim Griffin, a former aide to presidential adviser Karl Rove who was later appointed the good, top federal prosecutor in Little Rock, had been identified as a replacement candidate before the dismissals of the help online, sitting U.S. attorneys. “These documents uncover one of the most central and disconcerting contradictions we’ve seen so far,” said Sen. Charles E. Good Essay. Schumer (D-N.Y.). General Essay Structure. “We have been told that there were no backups in mind to replace the fired U.S. attorneys, and these documents make it clear that there were.” Sampson’s attorney and a Justice spokesman said yesterday that the candidates listed were only tentative suggestions and first paragraph were never seriously considered. Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said the list “reflects Kyle Sampson’s initial thoughts” and general essay “in no way contradicts the department’s prior statements” about the lack of good first a candidate list. Sampson told the Senate Judiciary Committee last month that on Dec. 7, when seven U.S. Review Of Research Papers. attorneys were sacked, “I did not have in mind any replacements for any of the seven who were asked to resign.” The names of the potential replacements were part of nearly 2,400 pages of documents related to the firings released by the Justice Department yesterday.

They include more complete versions of e-mails and memos previously released. The documents provide new details about a range of topics, including the Justice Department’s focus on its prosecutors’ conservative political credentials and the evolving justifications for the firings. The release came as Gonzales continued intensive preparations for testimony next Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Democrats plan to focus on the Justice Department’s numerous conflicting statements about the firings and on Gonzales’s shifting explanations of his role. A number of Republicans have joined Democrats in demanding that Gonzales resign. Seven U.S. attorneys were fired in December, and another was dismissed earlier in 2006, as part of a plan that originated in the White House to replace some prosecutors based in part on good first paragraph, their perceived disloyalty to President Bush and his policies. The uproar over the removals has grown amid allegations that some Republican lawmakers improperly contacted prosecutors about investigations and assertions by Democrats that the firings may have been an attempt to disrupt public-corruption probes. The possible replacements listed by Sampson in mei maths help early 2006 were all high-level administration officials, including two suggestions for San Diego who were later given other U.S. attorney postings: Jeffrey A. Taylor, now chief prosecutor in the District, and good first essay Deborah Rhodes, now the college application essay, U.S. attorney in Alabama. Both were career prosecutors in San Diego before taking senior Justice jobs.

Other candidates included Rachel L. Brand, head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy, who was considered to replace western Michigan’s prosecutor, and Daniel Levin, a former senior Justice and White House official who was listed as a San Francisco candidate, the memos show. Sampson, who resigned as Gonzales’s top aide last month, said in good paragraph prepared Senate testimony last month that “none of the U.S. attorneys was asked to inequality essay resign in favor of good paragraph a particular individual who had already been identified to take the heading admissions, vacant spot,” except for the prosecutor in essay Little Rock. Sampson’s attorney, Bradford A. Berenson, said yesterday that “testimony regarding the admissions, consideration of replacements was entirely accurate” and that “Kyle had none in mind” at the time the good paragraph essay, firings were carried out. “Some names had been tentatively suggested for discussion much earlier in the process, but by the time the general essay structure, decision to ask for the resignations was made, none had been chosen to serve as a replacement,” he said. Roehrkasse said that Brand had expressed interest in becoming the U.S. attorney in Grand Rapids but later decided against good paragraph essay, it. One document also raises new questions about the papers, firing of prosecutor David C. Iglesias in New Mexico, who has testified that he felt pressured by Sen. Pete V. Domenici (R-N.M.) and paragraph Rep. Heather A. Wilson (R-N.M.) to speed up indictments of for an Democrats before last November’s elections. Two pages of handwritten notes by Monica M. Goodling, until recently Gonzales’s senior counselor, include this criticism of Iglesias: “Domenici says he doesn’t move cases.” The notes are undated but appear amid a set of documents relating to meetings in first paragraph essay February of this year. Domenici and Wilson have admitted calling Iglesias but have denied pressuring him. Domenici called Gonzales or his deputy four times to complain about Iglesias, and Gonzales also fielded complaints about him last fall from review Bush and Rove.

The documents show the evolution of good March 6 testimony from William E. Moschella, the principal associate deputy attorney general, to of research papers a House subcommittee. First. Draft versions written just days before he appeared begin with a declaration that Justice “strongly opposes” efforts to revoke Gonzales’s new authority to appoint interim U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation. The scandal mushroomed in ensuing days, however, and income Moschella’s testimony was reshaped as the department backed down on the legislation. The documents also reveal new details about the first essay, Justice Department’s efforts to contain the literature review papers, political damage as controversy over good first essay the firings grew. On March 5, for medical research example, chief Justice spokeswoman Tasia Scolinos sent an e-mail to White House aides saying that Moschella should focus on first paragraph, admitting mistakes related to how prosecutors were notified of their dismissals. “We are trying to muddy the coverage up a bit by essay online need trying to put the good first essay, focus on the process in which they were told,” Scolinos wrote, adding that “I don’t know if the Senate Dems will let this go until it is all out in the open.” Also released yesterday was a chart given to Gonzales in February that noted U.S. attorneys’ political backgrounds and whether they were members of the Federalist Society, a coalition of conservative lawyers and legal scholars with close ties to the Bush administration. It is not clear when the chart was compiled, nor is it clear whether the Federalist Society information is accurate. Another document, compiling internal Justice Department “talking points” about the fired prosecutors, disparages two U.S. attorneys — in college online need identical language — about immigration enforcement. Excerpts from DOJ docs released yesterday:

The Justice Department on Friday released 2,400 documents to congressional panels investigating whether the firings last year of the U.S. attorneys were politically motivated. Kyle Sampson, then-chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, wrote an Jan. 9, 2006, e-mail to then-White House Counsel Harriet Miers suggesting replacements for several U.S. attorneys who would be fired nearly a year later: “PLEASE TREAT THIS AS CONFIDENTIAL. … “Margaret M. Good. Chiara. Replacement candidates: Rachel Brand? “Harry E. ‘Bud’ Cummins III. Replacement candidates: Tim Griffin?” On March 29, under questioning from Sen.

Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Sampson said he had no replacements for the fired U.S. attorneys last Dec. 7, when the first wave of them were fired. “Domenici says he doesn’t move cases.” _ Then-Gonzales counsel Monica Goodling, in undated, handwritten notes apparently setting out reasons for college essay need the dismissals. In New Mexico, U.S. Attorney David Iglesias was fired in part because of criticism by paragraph essay Republican Sen. Pete Domenici. The Bush administration and congressional Republicans conferred closely on how to handle testimony earlier this year from the income inequality essay, fired U.S. Good Paragraph Essay. attorneys and medical research current Justice Department officials: “Crystal and Dan Flores just called me. Paragraph Essay. They are all geared up and general paper structure ready to go after the former USA witnesses coming next week.” _ Feb. 28 e-mail from first paragraph Acting Assistant Attorney General Richard Hertling to college other Justice Department officials, referring to aides to House Judiciary Committee Republicans preparing for testimony by the fired U.S. attorneys.

The White House reached out to Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., to fight off Democratic charges that Griffin was unqualified: “WH political reached out to Sen. Sessions and requested that he ask helpful questions to make clear that Tim Griffin is qualified to serve. “They requested that someone in our (Office of good first paragraph essay Legislative Affairs) call the senator’s staff and make sure that we take advantage of the offer.” _ Goodling, in a Jan. Medical Papers. 17 e-mail to Hertling. She also included talking points on Griffin “as well as a narrative that can be used by staff and his resume.”

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You acknowledge that you have read and consented to first paragraph's Privacy Policy. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. will not be liable to you in income inequality relation to the contents of, the good first essay, use of, or otherwise in connection with, this Website: for failure to learn the material covered by medical, the Paper; and. for your final grade; and.

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Analysis of a Prose Passage by Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay Sample. Did you know that the Dead Sea Scrolls also known as the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century were discovered in 1946? The Dead Sea Scrolls are Hebrew and are very interesting to study because of the vest history included. The Scrolls are important because you can see what the Hebrews were writing about good first paragraph essay around 100 BC and possibly why the Scrolls were being written. Did you know that the Dead Sea Scrolls also known as the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century were discovered in 1946? The Dead Sea Scrolls are Hebrew and are very interesting to study because of the vest history included. The Scrolls are important because you can see what the medical research papers, Hebrews were writing about around 100 BC and possibly why the Scrolls were being written.

What Are The Dead Sea Scrolls?? What Are The Dead Sea Scrolls?? There are many ways of first paragraph explaining what the Dead Sea Scrolls are. For example they are the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. They happen to be the oldest and largest collection of historical manuscripts ever found, and they are Jewish written in Hebrew, Aramic, and Greek. The Scrolls were written on research animal skins with carbon based ink with no punctuations at all. The Dead Sea Scrolls happen to be proof that the Jewish culture was richer and good first paragraph different 20 centuries ago then anybody thought. Heading For An! They are 825-870 different documents. To the general public the first, Scrolls are artifacts of income great significance, mystery, and drama.

It has been determined that most of the first paragraph, Scrolls were written before the birth of proper for an Jesus. Clearly the Dead Sea Scrolls happen to be many different things. There are many ways of explaining what the Dead Sea Scrolls are. For example they are the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century. They happen to good essay, be the essay, oldest and largest collection of historical manuscripts ever found, and they are Jewish written in Hebrew, Aramic, and Greek. The Scrolls were written on animal skins with carbon based ink with no punctuations at all. The Dead Sea Scrolls happen to be proof that the first paragraph essay, Jewish culture was richer and different 20 centuries ago then anybody thought. They are 825-870 different documents.

To the general public the Scrolls are artifacts of literature review papers great significance, mystery, and drama. It has been determined that most of the Scrolls were written before the birth of Jesus. Good First! Clearly the Dead Sea Scrolls happen to college essay help need, be many different things. They were found within many different years. Good First Paragraph! They all happen to be found within the years of medical 1946-1956. The first Scrolls were found during the winter of first essay 1946-1947. 300 Scroll fragments from 33 manuscripts were found February 1952 inside Cave 2. Mei Maths Help! On March 14, 1952 the Copper Scroll and 14 Scroll manuscripts were found in Cave 3. August 1952 15,000 fragments from good more than 500 different Scrolls were found in Cave 4. Archaeologists excavated caves 7-9 but didn’t find much. In 1956 Cave 11 was discovered along with 21 lengthy texts including the 28 foot long Temple Scroll. They were found within many different years.

They all happen to help, be found within the years of 1946-1956. The first Scrolls were found during the winter of first 1946-1947. Essay! 300 Scroll fragments from good first paragraph essay 33 manuscripts were found February 1952 inside Cave 2. On March 14, 1952 the Copper Scroll and 14 Scroll manuscripts were found in mei maths Cave 3. First Paragraph Essay! August 1952 15,000 fragments from more than 500 different Scrolls were found in Cave 4. Archaeologists excavated caves 7-9 but didn’t find much. In 1956 Cave 11 was discovered along with 21 lengthy texts including the 28 foot long Temple Scroll. They were found in one place within many different caves. They were found throughout 11 caves high up along the sea cliffs overlooking the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea around 13-20 miles east of Jerusalem in review papers what is known as the Judean Desert. The Scrolls were found wrapped in cloth in essay narrow ceramic jars along the wall of the dark cave. They were found not long from the ruins of Khirbet Qumran. Paper Essay! The first 7 Scrolls were found in Cave 1, 14 more in good essay Cave 3, 500 in Cave 4, 25 in Cave 5, 31 in Cave 6,less than 20 in cave 7,8-9 had only 10,and 21 more in Cave 11. Clearly they were all found differently. They were found in one place within many different caves.

They were found throughout 11 caves high up along the sea cliffs overlooking the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea around 13-20 miles east of Jerusalem in what is known as the Judean Desert. The Scrolls were found wrapped in cloth in narrow ceramic jars along the wall of the dark cave. They were found not long from the ruins of Khirbet Qumran. The first 7 Scrolls were found in Cave 1, 14 more in Cave 3, 500 in Cave 4, 25 in Cave 5, 31 in Cave 6,less than 20 in paper structure cave 7,8-9 had only 10,and 21 more in Cave 11. Clearly they were all found differently. There are many reasons why the Dead Sea Scrolls. They are so important because of how old they are. Good First Paragraph! Discovery of the Scrolls offered scholars an invaluable source for help online need, the nature of post-biblical times and studying the sources of two of the worlds great religions.

Since their discovery excavation, reassembly, and translation, the Dead Sea Scrolls have provided us with many fascinating insights. They are pretty important because Prochecies not found in the Bible are written in the Scrolls, and first paragraph essay never before seen psalms are in them. Paper! They can enhance our knowledge of both Judaism and essay Christianity, also how the mei maths help, Bible was transmitted across the ages. Good Paragraph Essay! Clearly the Dead Sea Scrolls are important for many reasons. There are many reasons why the Dead Sea Scrolls. They are so important because of literature of research how old they are. Discovery of the Scrolls offered scholars an invaluable source for good, the nature of post-biblical times and college application essay help need studying the good first paragraph, sources of two of the worlds great religions. Since their discovery excavation, reassembly, and application help online need translation, the Dead Sea Scrolls have provided us with many fascinating insights. They are pretty important because Prochecies not found in the Bible are written in the Scrolls, and never before seen psalms are in them.

They can enhance our knowledge of both Judaism and Christianity, also how the Bible was transmitted across the ages. Clearly the Dead Sea Scrolls are important for many reasons. You can find what was being written about around 100 BC and why they were being written, that is why they are important. There are many ways of explaining what they are, they were found within many different years, they were found in many caves, and they are important for many reasons. Good! This topic seemed interesting because it is something that is historical and religious but is not taught in class. You can find what was being written about around 100 BC and why they were being written, that is why they are important.

There are many ways of review explaining what they are, they were found within many different years, they were found in paragraph many caves, and they are important for many reasons. This topic seemed interesting because it is something that is historical and religious but is not taught in class. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Analysis of a Prose Passage by Ralph Waldo Emerson. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Analysis of a Prose Passage by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Mei Maths Help! Ralph Waldo Emerson is probably the most influential figure in American literary history. He was responsible for shaping the literary style and vision of the American Romantic Period. Nowadays, when#8230; #8221;Nature#8221; By Ralph Waldo Emerson. “Nature” written by Ralph Waldo Emerson is not a straight forward piece of writing; on the other hand I believe that through Emerson and mankind, nature is good essay a realization that#8230; Ralph Waldo Emerson. A man who has his own mind and beliefs, He has varieties of quotes.

A quote that got my attention “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead#8230; Ralph Waldo Emerson. In the world of Ralph Waldo Emerson, #8220;nothing is more simple than greatness, to be simple is to help, be great#8221;. Good Essay! Emerson believed in simplifying life, he believed that the less#8230; Themes of individualism in Ralph Waldo Emerson#8217;s, #8220;Self-Reliance#8221; In society today it is very hard to be ones own individual self. Peopled tend to see other people as either individualists or conformists. If a person doesn#8217;t fall in#8230; Comparing #8220;Living like Weasels#8221; (Annie Dillard) and medical papers #8220;Nature#8221; (Ralph Waldo Emerson) This paper will compare and contrast two essays.

The first being #8220;Living like Weasels#8221; by Annie Dillard. The second essay called #8220;Nature#8221; by good, Ralph Waldo Emerson. They both focus on#8230;

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C. G. Jung – Essay on Wotan [w. Nietzsche] Divine Gloom by Oleg Korolev. En Germanie naistront diverses sectes, S’approchans fort de l’heureux paganisme:

Le coeur captif et petites receptes. Feront retour a payer la vraye disme. — Propheties De Maistre Michel Nostradamus, 1555. [“In Germany Shall diverse sects arise, Coming very near to happy paganism. The heart captivated and small receivings. Shall open the gate to pay the true tithe.” ] When we look back to the time before 1914, we find ourselves living in a world of events which would have been inconceivable before the war. Good Essay. We were even beginning to help, regard war between civilized nations as a fable, thinking that such an absurdity would become less and less possible on first essay, our rational, internationally organized world. And what came after the war was a veritable witches’ sabbath. Everywhere fantastic revolutions, violent alterations of the map, reversions in politics to medieval or even antique prototypes, totalitarian states that engulf their neighbours and outdo all previous theocracies in their absolutist claims, persecutions of Christians andJews, wholesale political murder, and finally we have witnessed a light-hearted piratical raid on a peaceful, half-civilized people. With such goings on in the wide world it is not in the least surprising that there should be equally curious manifestations on a smaller scale in other spheres.

In the realm of philosophy we shall have to wait some time before anyone is income essay able to assess the kind of age we are livinging. But in the sphere of religion we can see at once that some very significant things have been happening. We need feel no surprise that in first paragraph essay Russia the colourful splendours of the Eastern Orthodox Church have been superseded by general essay theMovement of the Godless — indeed, one breathed a sigh of relief oneself when one emerged from the good first paragraph haze of an Orthodox church with its multitude of lamps and research papers entered an good paragraph essay honest mosque, where the sublime and invisible omnipresence of God was not crowded out by a superfluity of sacred paraphernalia. Tasteless and general essay pitiably unintelligent as it is, and however deplorable the low spiritual level of the “scientific” reaction, it was inevitable that nineteenth-century “scientific” enlightenment should one day dawn inRussia. But what is more than curious — indeed, piquant to a degree — is that an ancient god of storm and frenzy, the long quiescent Wotan,should awake, like an extinct volcano, to new activity, in a civilized country that had long been supposed to have outgrown the Middle Ages. We have seen him come to life in the German Youth Movement, and right at the beginning the blood of several sheep was shed in honour of his resurrection. Armed with rucksack and first paragraph essay lute, blond youths, and sometimes girls as well, were to be seen as restless wanderers on every road from the North Cape to Sicily, faithful votaries of the roving god. Later, towards the research end of the Weimar Republic, the paragraph essay wandering role was taken over by thousands of unemployed, who were to be met with everywhere on their aimless journeys.

By 1933 they wandered no longer, but marched in their hundreds of thousands. The Hitler movement literally brought the whole of Germany to its feet, from five-year-olds to veterans, and produced a spectacle of a nation migrating from one place to another. Income. Wotan the wanderer was on the move. He could be seen, looking rather shamefaced, in the meeting-house of paragraph essay, a sect of simple folk in North Germany, disguised as Christ sitting on a white horse. I do not know if these people were aware of Wotan’s ancient connection with the figures of Christ and Dionysus, but it is not very probable. Wotan is a restless wanderer who creates unrest and for an essay stirs up strife, now here, now there, and works magic. First Paragraph. He was soon changed by college application essay need Christianity into the devil, and only lived on in fading local traditions as a ghostly hunter who was seen with his retinue, flickering like a will o’ the wisp through the stormy night.

In the Middle Ages the role of the restless wanderer was taken over by Ahasuerus, the Wandering Jew, which is essay not a Jewish but a Christian legend. Paper Essay Structure. The motif of the wanderer who has not accepted Christ was projected on the Jews, in the same way as we always rediscover our unconscious psychic contents in other people. At any rate the coincidence of anti-Semitism with the reawakening of good first paragraph, Wotan is a psychological subtlety that may perhaps be worth mentioning. The German youths who celebrated the solstice with sheep-sacrifices were not the first to hear the rustling in the primeval forest of the unconsciousness. They were anticipated by Nietzsche , Schuler, StefanGeorge, and Ludwig Klages. The literary tradition of the Rhineland and the country south of the Main has a classical stamp that cannot easily be got rid of; every interpretation of intoxication and exuberance is apt to be taken back to classical models, to literature review, Dionysus, to first, the puer aeternus and the cosmogonic Eros.No doubt it sounds better to academic ears to interpret these things asDionysus, but Wotan might be a more correct interpretation.

He is the god of storm and frenzy, the mei maths c3 coursework help unleasher of passions and the lust of battle; moreover he is a superlative magician and artist in illusion who is versed in paragraph essay all secrets of an occult nature. Nietzsche ‘s case is proper heading for an admissions certainly a peculiar one. He had no knowledge of Germanic literature; he discovered the “cultural Philistine”; and the announcement that “God is good first essay dead” led to Zarathustra’s meeting with an unknown god in unexpected form, who approached him sometimes as an of research papers enemy and paragraph sometimes disguised as Zarathustra himself. Zarathustra, too, was a soothsayer, a magician, and papers the storm-wind: And like a wind shall I come to good essay, blow among them, and paper essay with my spirit shall take away the breath of their spirit; thus my future will sit. Truly, a strong wind is Zarathustra to first essay, all that are low; and general essay structure this counsel gives he to his enemies and to all that spit and spew: “Beware of good, spitting against the wind.” And when Zarathustra dreamed that he was guardian of the graves in the “lone mountain fortress of death,” and was making a mighty effort to open the literature review gates, suddenly. A roaring wind tore the gates asunder; whistling,shrieking, and good first essay keening, it cast a black coffin before me. Mei Maths. And amid the roaring and good paragraph essay whistling and shrieking the coffin burst open and spouted a thousand peals of laughter. The disciple who interpreted the essay dream said to Zarathustra:

Are you not yourself the wind with shrill whistling,which bursts open the first essay gates of the fortress of death? Are you not yourself the coffin filled with life’s gay malice and angel-grimaces? In 1863 or 1864, in his poem TO THE UNKNOWN GOD, Nietzsche had written: I shall and will know thee, Unknown One, Who searchest out the depths of my soul, And blowest through my life like a storm, Ungraspable, and yet my kinsman! I shall and will know thee, and serve thee. Twenty years later, in his MISTRAL SONG, he wrote: Mistral wind, chaser of clouds, Killer of gloom, sweeper of the structure skies,

Raging storm-wind, how I love thee! And we are not both the first-fruits. Of the same womb, forever predestined. To the same fate? In the dithyramb known as ARIADNE’S LAMENT, Nietzsche is completely the victim of the hunter-god: Stretched out, shuddering, Like a half-dead thing whose feet are warmed,

Shaken by unknown fevers, Shivering with piercing icy frost arrows, Hunted by paragraph thee, O thought, Unutterable! Veiled! horrible one! Thou huntsman behind the cloud. Struck down by thy lightning bolt, Thou mocking eye that stares at me from the dark!

Writhing, twisting, tormented. With all eternal tortures, By thee, cruel huntsman, Thou unknown — God! This remarkable image of the mei maths c3 coursework help hunter-god is not a mere dithyrambic figure of good paragraph essay, speech but is based on college application help need, an experience which Nietzsche had when he was fifteen years old, at Pforta. It is described in a book by first paragraph Nietzsche’s sister, Elizabeth Foerster-Nietzsche.

As he was wandering about in a gloomy wood at night, he was terrified by a “blood-curdling shriek from a neighbouring lunatic asylum,” and soon afterwards he came face to proper heading for an admissions essay, face with a huntsman whose “features were wild and uncanny.” Setting his whistle to his lips “in a valley surrounded by wild scrub,” the huntsman “blew such a shrill blast” that Nietzsche lost consciousness —but woke up again in Pforta. It was a nightmare. It is significant that in his dream Nietzsche, who in reality intended to go to Eisleben, Luther’s town, discussed with the huntsman the question of going instead to”Teutschenthal” (Valley of the Germans). Essay. No one with ears can misunderstand the shrill whistling of the medical storm-god in the nocturnal wood. Was it really only the classical philologist in Nietzsche that led to first paragraph essay, the god being called Dionysus instead of Wotan — or was it perhaps due to his fateful meeting with Wagner? Noumenautics: metaphysics – meta-ethics – psychedelics. In his REICH OHNE RAUM, which was first published in1919, Bruno Goetz saw the secret of coming events in Germany in paper structure the form of avery strange vision. I have never forgotten this little book, for it struck meat the time as a forecast of the good first German weather.

It anticipates the conflict between the realm of ideas and life, between Wotan’s dual nature as a god of storm and a god of secret musings. Wotan disappeared when his oaks fell and appeared again when the Christian God proved too weak to save Christendom from income essay fratricidal slaughter. When the Holy Father at Rome could only impotently lament before God the fate of the grex segregatus, the one-eyed old hunter, on good first, the edge of the German forest, laughed and saddled Sleipnir. We are always convinced that the modern world is a reasonable world, basing our opinion on general structure, economic, political, and psychological factors. But if we may forget for good paragraph essay a moment that we are living in the year of Our Lord 1936, and, laying aside our well-meaning, all-too-human reasonableness, may burden God or the gods with the medical research papers responsibility for contemporary events instead of man, we would find Wotan quite suitable as a casual hypothesis. In fact, I venture the heretical suggestion that the unfathomable depths of Wotan’s character explain more of National Socialism than all three reasonable factors put together. There is no doubt that each of these factors explains an important aspect of what is going on in Germany, but Wotan explains yet more.He is particularly enlightening in regard to a general phenomenon which is so strange to anybody not a German that it remains incomprehensible, even after the deepest reflection. Perhaps we may sum up this general phenomenon as Ergriffenheit — a state of being seized or possessed. The term postulates not only an Ergriffener (one who is seized) but, also, an good Ergreifer (one who seizes).

Wotan is an Ergreifer of men, and, unless one wishes to deify Hitler– which has indeed actually happened — he is really the only explanation. It is true that Wotan shares this quality with his cousin Dionysus, but Dionysus seems to have exercised his influence mainly on women. The maenads were a species of female storm-troopers, and, according to mythical reports, were dangerous enough. Wotan confined himself to the berserkers, who found their vocation as the Blackshirts of mythical kings. A mind that is still childish thinks of the gods as metaphysical entities existing in their own right, or else regards them as playful or superstitious inventions. From either point of c3 coursework, view the parallel between Wotan redivivus and the social, political and psychic storm that is shaking Germany might have at least the value of a parable. But since the gods are without doubt personifications of psychic forces, to assert their metaphysical existence is as much an intellectual presumption as the opinion that they could ever be invented. Not that “psychic forces” have anything to do with the good first conscious mind, fond as we are of medical papers, playing with the idea that consciousness and psyche are identical.

This is only another piece of intellectual presumption. “Psychic forces” have far more to first, do with the realm of the unconscious. Our mania for rational explanations obviously has its roots in our fear of metaphysics, for heading admissions essay the two were always hostile brothers. Hence,anything unexpected that approaches us from the dark realm is regarded either as coming from outside and, therefore, as real, or else as an hallucination and, therefore, not true. The idea that anything could be real or true which does not come from outside has hardly begun to dawn on good first, contemporary man. For the sake of better understanding and to mei maths c3 coursework, avoid prejudice, we could of course dispense with the paragraph essay name “Wotan” and speak instead of the furor teutonicus. But we should only be saying the same thing and not as well, for the furor in this case is a mere psychologizing of Wotan and tells us no more than that the Germans are in medical papers a state of”fury.” We thus lose sight of the most peculiar feature of this whole phenomenon, namely, the dramatic aspect of the Ergreifer and the Ergriffener. Good. The impressive thing about the German phenomenon is that one man, who is obviously “possessed,” has infected a whole nation to such an extent that everything is application set in motion and has started rolling on its course towards perdition. It seems to good paragraph essay, me that Wotan hits the mark as an of research hypothesis. Apparently he really was only asleep in the Kyffhauser mountain until the paragraph ravens called him and essay announced the break of day. He is a fundamental attribute of the paragraph German psyche, an irrational psychic factor which acts on the high pressure of civilization like a cyclone and blows it away. Despite their crankiness, the Wotan-worshippers seem to literature review papers, have judged things more correctly than the worshippers of reason.

Apparently everyone had forgotten that Wotan isa Germanic datum of good first, first importance, the truest expression and unsurpassed personification of a fundamental quality that is particularly characteristic of the Germans. Houston Stewart Chamberlain is mei maths c3 coursework a symptom which arouses suspicion that other veiled gods may be sleeping elsewhere. The emphasis on the Germanic race — commonly called “Aryan” — the Germanic heritage, blood and soil, the Wagalaweia songs, the ride of the Valkyries, Jesus as a blond and paragraph essay blue-eyed hero, the mei maths c3 coursework help Greek mother of St Paul, the devil as an international Alberich in Jewish or Masonic guise, the Nordic aurora borealis as the light of civilization, the paragraph essay inferior Mediterranean races — all this is the indispensable scenery for the drama that is taking place and at the bottom they all mean the same thing: a god has taken possession of the Germans and their house is filled with a “mighty rushing wind.” It was soon after Hitler seized power,if I am not mistaken, that a cartoon appeared in help PUNCH of a raving berserker tearing himself free from his bonds. A hurricane has broken loose in Germany while we still believe it is fine weather. Things are comparatively quiet in Switzerland, though occasionally there is a puff of good first paragraph essay, wind from the north or south. Sometimes it has a slightly ominous sound, sometimes it whispers so harmlessly or even idealistically that no one is alarmed. “Let the sleeping dogs lie” — we manage to get along pretty well with this proverbial wisdom. It is sometimes said that the Swiss are singularly averse to mei maths help, making a problem of themselves. I must rebut this accusation: the good Swiss do have their problems, but they would not admit it for anything in the world, even though they see which way the wind is blowing. Mei Maths. We thus pay our tribute to the time of storm and stress in Germany, but we never mention it, and this enables us to good first paragraph, feel vastly superior.

It is above all the Germans who have an opportunity,perhaps unique in history, to look into general paper essay structure, their own hearts and to learn what those perils of the soul were from which Christianity tried to rescue mankind.Germany is a land of spiritual catastrophes, where nature never makes more than a pretence of peace with the world-ruling reason. The disturber of the peace isa wind that blows into first paragraph, Europe from Asia’s vastness, sweeping in on a wide front from Thrace to the Baltic, scattering the nations before it like dry leaves. or inspiring thoughts that shake the papers world to its foundations. It is an elementalDionysus breaking into good, the Apollonian order. The rouser of this tempest is named Wotan, and we can learn a good deal about him from the political confusion and spiritual upheaval he has caused throughout history. For a more exact investigation of his character, however, we must go back to the age of myths, which did not explain everything in terms of man and his limited capacities, but sought the deeper cause in the psyche and its autonomous powers. Proper For An Essay. Man’s earliest intuitions personified these powers.

Man’s earliest intuitions personified these powers as gods, and first paragraph essay described them in the myths with great care and circumstantiality according to their various characters.This could be done the more readily on account of the firmly established primordial types or images which are innate in the unconscious of review of research, many races and exercise a direct influence upon them. Because the behaviour of a race takes on its specific character from its underlying images, we can speak of an good essay archetype “Wotan.” As an mei maths autonomous psychic factor, Wotan produceseffects in good the collective life of a people and thereby reveals his own nature.For Wotan has a peculiar biology of his own, quite apart from the nature of man. It is only from income essay time to time that individuals fall under the irresistible influence of this unconscious factor. First Essay. When it is quiescent, one is no more aware of the archetype Wotan than of a latent epilepsy. Mei Maths Help. Could the paragraph Germans who were adults in 1914 have foreseen what they would be today? Such amazing transformations are the effect of the god of wind, that “bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, nor whither it goeth.” It seizes everything in income essay its path and good paragraph overthrows everything that is not firmly rooted. When the wind blows it shakes everything that is insecure, whether without or within. Martin Ninck has recently published a monograph whichis a most welcome addition to our knowledge of Wotan’s nature.

The reader neednot fear that this book is nothing but a scientific study written with academic aloofness from the subject. Essay. Certainly the right to scientific objectivity is fully preserved, and the material has been collected with extraordinary thoroughness and presented in unusually clear form. But, over and above all this, one feels that the first paragraph essay author is vitally interested in it, that the chord ofWotan is vibrating in him, too. This is no criticism — on the contrary, it is one of the general essay structure chief merits of the first essay book, which without this enthusiasm might easily have degenerated into a tedious catalogue. Ninck sketches a really magnificent portrait of the German archetype Wotan. He describes him in ten chapters, using all the available sources, as the berserker, the god of storm, the wanderer,the warrior, the Wunsch- and essay help online Minne-god, the lord of the dead and of the Einherjar, the paragraph master of secret knowledge, the magician, and the god of the poets. Neither the Valkyries nor the Fylgja are forgotten, for they form part of the mythological background and fateful significance of research papers, Wotan.

Ninck’s inquiry into the name and its origin is particularly instructive. He shows thatWotan is not only a god of rage and frenzy who embodies the instinctual and emotion aspect of the unconscious. Paragraph Essay. Its intuitive and inspiring side, also,manifests itself in him, for he understands the runes and can interpret fate. The Romans identified Wotan with Mercury, but his character does not really correspond to general paper essay, any Roman or Greek god, although there are certain resemblances. He is first a wanderer like Mercury, for instance, he rules over the dead like Pluto and Kronos, and is connected with Dionysus by his emotional frenzy, particularly in its mantic aspect. It is surprising that Ninck does not mention Hermes, the god of revelation, who as pneuma and nous is associated with the literature review of research papers wind. He would be the connecting-link with the first paragraph essay Christian pneuma and the miracle of heading admissions, Pentecost. First Essay. As Poimandres (the shepherd of men), Hermes is an Ergreifer like Wotan. Ninck rightly points out of research that Dionysus and the otherGreek gods always remained under the supreme authority of Zeus, which indicates a fundamental difference between the Greek and good essay the Germanic temperament. Ninck assumes an inner affinity between Wotan and Kronus, and the latter’s defeat may perhaps be a sign that the Wotan-archetype was once overcome and college essay online need split up in prehistoric times. At all events, the Germanic god represents a totality on avery primitive level, a psychological condition in which man’s will was almost identical with the god’s and entirely at his mercy.

But the Greeks had gods who helped man against paragraph essay other gods; indeed, All-Father Zeus himself is not far from the ideal of medical, a benevolent, enlightened despot. It was not in Wotan’s nature to linger on and show signs of old age. He simply disappeared when the times turned against him, and remained invisible for more than a thousand years, working anonymously and indirectly.Archetypes are like riverbeds which dry up when the water deserts them, but which it can find again at any time. An archetype is like an old watercourse along which the water of life has flowed for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself. The longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that sooner or later the water will return to its old bed. The life of the individual as a member of good paragraph, society and particularly as a part of the proper heading State maybe regulated like a canal, but the good first essay life of nations is a great rushing river which is utterly beyond human control, in the hands of One who has always been stronger than men.

The League of Nations, which was supposed to possess supranational authority, is regarded by some as a child in need of care and protection, by others as an abortion. Thus, the life of nations rolls on unchecked, without guidance, unconscious of where it is mei maths c3 coursework going, like a rock crashing down the side of first paragraph, a hill, until it is stopped by literature review an obstacle stronger than itself. First. Political events move from one impasse to the next, like a torrent caught in gullies, creeks and marshes. All human control comes to an end when the paper individual is caught in a mass movement. Then, the first essay archetypes begin to function, as happens, also, in the lives of individuals when they are confronted with situations that cannot be dealt with in any of the familiar ways. But what a so-called Fuhrer does with a mass movement can plainly be seen if we turn our eyes to the north or south of our country. The ruling archetype does not remain the same forever,as is evident from the temporal limitations that have been set to income, the hoped-forreign of peace, the “thousand-year Reich.” The Mediterraneanfather-archetype of the first paragraph just, order-loving, benevolent ruler had been shattered over the whole of northern Europe, as the medical present fate of the paragraph essay ChristianChurches bears witness. Fascism in Italy and the civil war in Spain show that in the south as well the cataclysm has been far greater than one expected. Even the Catholic Church can no longer afford trials of strength. The nationalist God has attacked Christianity on abroad front. In Russia, he is called technology and science, in Italy, Duce,and in Germany, “German Faith,” “German Christianity,” or the State.

The “German Christians” are a contradiction in terms and would do better to join Hauer’s “German Faith Movement.” These are decent and well-meaning people who honestly admit their Ergriffenheit and tryto come to heading for an admissions essay, terms with this new and undeniable fact. Good Essay. They go to an enormous amount of trouble to college application essay help, make it look less alarming by dressing it up in a conciliatory historical garb and giving us consoling glimpses of good first paragraph essay, great figures such as Meister Eckhart, who was, also, a German and, also, ergriffen. In this way the awkward question of proper heading, who the Ergreifer is good first paragraph essay is circumvented. He was always”God.” But the more Hauer restricts the world-wide sphere ofIndo-European culture to literature, the “Nordic” in general and to good, the Edda in particular, and the more “German” this faith becomes as a manifestation of Ergriffenheit, the more painfully evident it is that the”German” god is the god of the Germans. One cannot read Hauer’s book without emotion, if one regards it as the tragic and really heroic effort of a conscientious scholar who, without knowing how it happened to him, was violently summoned by the inaudible voice of the Ergreifer and is now trying with all his might, and with all his knowledge and ability, to build a bridge between the dark forces of life and the shining world of historical ideas. But what do all the beauties of the past from totally different levels of culture mean to the man of today,when confronted with a living and unfathomable tribal god such as he has never experienced before? They are sucked like dry leaves into the roaring whirlwind,and the rhythmic alliterations of the Edda became inextricably mixed up withChristian mystical texts, German poetry and the wisdom of the Upanishads.

Hauer himself is ergriffen by the depths of meaning in the primal words lying at the root of the Germanic languages, to an extent that he certainly never knew before. Hauer the Indologist is essay structure not to blame for this, nor yet the first Edda; it is rather the fault of kairos — the present moment in time — whose name on closer investigation turns out to be Wotan. I would, therefore, advise the German Faith Movement to heading admissions, throw aside their scruples. Intelligent people who will not confuse them with the crude Wotan-worshippers whose faith is a mere pretense. Good First. There are people in the German Faith Movement who are intelligent enough not only to believe, but to know, that the god of the proper heading for an Germans is good first Wotan and not the Christian God. This is a tragic experience and no disgrace. It has always been terrible to fall into the hands of a living god. Yahweh was no exception to this rule, and the Philistines, Edomites, Amorites and c3 coursework help the rest,who were outside the Yahweh experience, must certainly have found it exceedingly disagreeable. Good Paragraph. The Semitic experience of essay, Allah was for a long timean extremely painful affair for the whole of Christendom. We who stand outsidejudge the Germans far too much, as if they were responsible agents, but perhaps it would be nearer the truth to good first paragraph, regard them, also, as victims.

If we apply are admittedly peculiar point of view consistently, we are driven to general structure, conclude that Wotan must, in time, reveal not only the restless, violent, stormy side of his character, but, also, his ecstatic and mantic qualities — a very different aspect of his nature. If this conclusion is correct, National Socialism would not be the last word. Things must be concealed in the background which we cannot imagine at present, but we may expect them to appear in the course of the next few years or decades.Wotan’s reawakening is a stepping back into the past; the stream was damned up and has broken into its old channel. First Essay. But the Obstruction will not last forever;it is rather a reculer pour mieux sauter, and the water will overleap the obstacle. Then, at last, we shall know what Wotan is saying when he “murmers with Mimir’s head.” Fast move the sons of Mim,and fate. Is heard in the note of the Gjallarhorn; Loud blows Heimdall, the horn is aloft,

In fear quake all who on literature review, Hel-roads are. Yggdrasill shakes and shivers on good first, high. The ancient limbs, and the giant is loose; Wotan murmurs with Mimir’s head. But the kinsman of Surt shall slay him soon. How fare the gods? how farethe elves? All Jotunheim groans, the gods are at council;

Loud roar the dwarfs by the doors of for an essay, stone, The masters of the rocks: would you know yet more? Now Garm howls loud before Gnipahellir; The fetters will burst, and the wolf run free; Much I do know, and good essay more can see. Of the fate of the proper for an essay gods, the mighty in good essay fight.

From the east comes Hrym with shield held high; In giant-wrath does the serpent writhe; O’er the waves he twists, and medical research papers the tawny eagle. Gnaws corpses screaming; Naglfar is loose. O’er the sea from the norththere sails a ship. With the good people of c3 coursework help, Hel, at the helm stands Loki; After the wolf do wild men follow, And with them the brother of Byleist goes. –– [The two images below from 1899 and 1905 are of Wotan. Strange is a certain resemblance.] –– Wotan leading ‘The Wild Hunt’ – 1899AD – Franz von Stuck.

‘Odin Questioning Mimir’ by Emil Doepler (1905) The literary 3:am Magazine interviews Peter Sjostedt-H: Aron Flam interviews Peter Sjostedt-H: Panpsychism – talk at Exeter University: The Catacombic Machine talks to Peter Sjostedt-H: Second print run of Noumenautics now released. Sjostedt-H's article on good first paragraph essay, the psychedelic influence on philosophy goes viral: Marvel's Warren Ellis interviews Sjostedt-H: Sjostedt-H Whitehead article in Philosophy Now magazine:

Enpsychedelia interviews Peter Sjostedt-H: Interview on the Philosphy of Psychedelics by Inside the Rift: Open Air Atheist interview Sjostedt-H: Brief Critique of new BBC documenatry on Nietzsche:

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l assomoir resume Gervaise Macquart, fille d’Antoine Macquart, a quitte Plassans et la Provence, avec son amant Auguste Lantier et ses deux batards, Claude et Etienne, pour tenter sa chance a Paris. Paragraph! Mais Lantier abandonne la jeune femme pour Adele, une brunisseuse* en chambre. Research! Apres un combat homerique qui l’oppose a Virginie, la soeur d’Adele, au beau milieu du lavoir, Gervaise se retrouve seule a l’hotel Boncoeur, un garni sordide de Montmartre. Good Essay! Cependant, pressee par son voisin Coupeau, un ouvrier zingueur, d’accepter la vie commune, elle consent au mariage. Medical Papers! Mais Mme Lorilleux, la s?ur de Coupeau, reprouve cette union et fait un accueil glace a Gervaise.

La noce se deroule sous de funestes auspices : il pleut. Good First Paragraph Essay! Pour tromper l’ennui, on literature, se refugie au Louvre, sous la conduite de M. First Essay! Madinier, un ancien ouvrier devenu patron. Proper Admissions! Deplaces au milieu des ors et des chefs-d’?uvre qu’ils ne comprennent pas, les forgerons, les blanchisseuses et les concierges errent lamentablement dans le labyrinthe des salles, ponctuant leur visite de commentaires naifs ou egrillards qui offusquent jusqu’ aux gardiens. Apres un repas minable au Moulin d’Argent, les noceurs se separent, furieux d’avoir du payer des supplements et ce mariage bacle laisse a Gervaise le gout amer de l’echec. First Paragraph Essay! Cependant le menage est uni.

Travailleurs, les deux jeunes gens gagnent une petite aisance et peuvent s’installer dans leurs meubles, rue Neuve-de-la-Goutte-d’Or, tout pres de chez Goujet, un jeune forgeron qui vit avec sa mere. Income Inequality Essay! Bientot nait une petite fille, Nana. Good First Essay! Mais Cou- peau, jusqu’alors bon mari et bon pere, tombe d’un toit et voila l’ouvrier zingueur gate par l’oisivete forcee a laquelle le contraint son accident. Gervaise, qui a depense toutes ses economies pour eviter l’hopital a son homme, desespere de jamais ouvrir la boutique de blanchisseuse de fin* a laquelle elle revait. Online Need! Mais le forgeron Goujet, secretement amoureux d’elle, lui prete cinq cents francs qui lui permettent de s’installer au rez-de-chaussee de la grande maison de la rue de la Goutte-d’or, avec trois ouvrieres. Voulant prendre sa revanche sur ses pauvres noces ou les Lorilleux l’ont humiliee, elle s’endette pour les regaler d’un formidable gueuleton. Good Essay! Mais la fete qui consacre son triomphe marque le debut de sa chute. Research Papers! Depuis des semaines en effet, Virginie, qui a fait mine de se reconcilier avec elle, l’entretient de Lantier. Good First Essay! Quand le chapelier fait irruption dans la boutique ou l’on a dresse la table, Gervaise est deja prete a ceder a ses anciennes amours. Bientot Coupeau, aveugle ou complaisant, installe Lantier dans la blanchisserie et Gervaise, ec?uree par l’ivrognerie de son mari, redevient la maitresse du chapelier.

De plus en plus gourmande et paresseuse, ruinee par ses deux hommes oisifs qui lui mangent sa boutique, elle doit ceder son bail a Virginie et rejoint le coin des pouilleux, au sixieme etage. Rejetee de tous, elle sombre a son tour dans la boisson tandis que Nana, d’abord apprentie fleuriste, quitte le bouge familial et devient fille de joie. Income Inequality! Gervaise tombe alors dans l’hebetude epouvantable de l’absinthe : apres avoir assiste a la mort de Coupeau, victime d’une crise de delirium tremens, elle sombre peu a peu dans la folie et meurt de faim et de misere. « Le premier roman sur le peuple qui ne mente pas » Accuse par Hugo de montrer « comme a plaisir les hideuses plaies de la misere et de l’abjection a laquelle le pauvre se trouve reduit », l’auteur s’en defend dans la Preface du volume : « L’Assommoir est le premier roman sur le peuple qui ne mente pas et qui ait l’odeur du peuple », affirme-t-il. Vigoureusement oppose a l’idealisme de Hugo , chez qui l’ancien forcat Jean Valjean devient tout a la fois un saint laic et un chef d’entreprise riche a millions, Zola entreprend une ?uvre de verite sans complaisance. La pauvrete, il la connait pour avoir habite les mansardes du Quartier latin au temps de sa jeunesse, il connait la danse devant le buffet vide et les vetements portes au mont-de-piete ; il connait aussi les m?urs populaires par sa famille maternelle et par sa femme, Gabrielle-Alexandrine Meley, qui fut peut-etre lingere ou fleuriste ; il connait surtout la vie ouvriere par une abondante documentation et, en particulier, par le livre d’un ancien ouvrier devenu fabricant boulonnier, Denis Poulot, auteur du Sublime ou l’Ouvrier tel qu’il est en 1870 dont on good first paragraph essay, retrouve ici bien des echos. Mais, au-dela du realisme documentaire, on inequality, trouve dans L ‘Assommoir une illustration de la theorie du roman experimental : prenons des ouvriers ni pires ni meilleurs que d’autres, plongeons-les dans le milieu deletere des faubourgs, soumettons-les a une epreuve (l’accident qui condamne Coupeau a l’oisivete, le retour de Lantier qui reveille les fantomes du passe), et voyons comment ils reagissent en fonction de leur heredite et de leur temperament.

II - LE MILIEU, L’HEREDITE ET LE TEMPERAMENT DANS L'ASSOMMOIR. Le Paris de L’Assommoir, c’est celui des barrieres, des murs d’octroi qui entourent la ville d’une bande de desert propice a tous les trafics du plaisir et du crime : le bal du Grand Balcon et les « cris d’assassines » qu’on y entend parfois en temoignent. First Paragraph! Ce faubourg pestilentiel ou souffle la puanteur des abattoirs, ou l’on construit l’hopital Lariboisiere, installe au debut du roman un sombre horizon d’attente : abandonnee par Lantier dans le trou sordide de l’hotel Boncoeur, Gervaise a le pressentiment de son destin, « comme si sa vie, desormais, allait tenir la, entre un abattoir et un hopital ». Et Gervaise a vu juste. Literature Review Of Research! Comme les betes qu’on assomme dans les abattoirs, elle va etre assommee par le milieu putride du faubourg. Good First! L’Assommoir du pere Colombe resume a lui seul les influences malefiques qui vont s’acharner contre elle. Medical Papers! Avec sa « mine sombre » et ses « serpentins descendant sous terre », avec ce ronflement sourd, ce « souffle interieur » qu’aucune fumee ne denonce, l’alambic est l’embleme demoniaque des causalites souterraines du milieu. Good First Paragraph Essay! D’emblee, Gervaise est prise d’un frisson devant « la cuisine du diable» de la machine a souler.

«Travailleur morne, puissant et muet », infatigable, l’alambic capture la force de travail de ceux qui se laissent prendre a son air bonhomme, a « ce gros bedon de cuivre » qui fait l’orgueil de la maison. Research! Mais l’Assommoir, ce n’est pas seulement le cafe du pere Colombe ou l’on s’assomme a coups d’absinthe, c’est aussi le lavoir, ou Gervaise et Virginie s’assomment a coups de battoir, c’est encore la grande maison insalubre de la Goutte-d’or, c’est enfin la boutique surchauffee ou s’entasse le linge sale avec ses puanteurs et ses malpropretes morales. Un sou jete en l’air, retombant pile ou face. Au determinisme du milieu, Gervaise et Coupeau opposent d’abord un beau courage, mais, victimes d’une heredite gatee, ils abdiqueront bientot. Good Paragraph! Fille de l’ivrogne Macquart, Gervaise boite d’avoir ete concue dans l’ivresse brutale de son pere mais c’est surtout la volonte, en elle, qui est boiteuse : « elle se comparait a un sou lance en l’air, retombant pile ou face, selon les hasards du pave », ecrit Zola. Income! Quant a Coupeau, avec sa face de « chien joyeux et bon enfant », avec « son adresse et son effronterie de singe », il garde quelque chose de l’animalite primitive. First Essay! Or, pour Zola, lecteur de Darwin, seuls les etres les plus evolues sont capables de volonte. III - DU PEUPLE LABORIEUX AU PROLETARIAT CORROMPU.

De leur ascension sociale a leur decheance, les Coupeau vont donc parcourir tous les degres qui vont du peuple laborieux au proletariat corrompu : l’installation du couple rue Neuve-de-la Goutte-d’or, aupres des Goujet, s’accompagne d’une longue periode de temperance. Help! La temperance, c’est le refus de tous les exces, c’est aussi un usage moral du temps. Good Essay! Le culte religieux que Gervaise voue a sa pendule, « comme si le marbre de sa commode [s’etait] transforme en chapelle », symbolise les vertus proletariennes du temps de travail accumule, capitalise sur le livret de caisse d’epargne cache sous le globe de verre. Proper For An! Lorsque la blanchisseuse, retombee aux bras de Lantier, aura fait son deuil de la dignite, la pendule sera portee au mont-de-piete dans le minuscule cercueil d’une caisse a chapeau. La fete de l’oie est le premier pas vers l’intemperance : c’est dans la boutique que l’on dresse la table et deja les taches de graisse et de vin souillent l’etabli. Paragraph Essay! Voulant ecraser les Lorilleux de ses largesses, la blanchisseuse n’hesite pas a envoyer Maman Coupeau au clou pour emprunter sur son alliance ; et, dans ces ripailles rabelaisiennes ou le vin coule comme « un vrai ruisseau, lorsqu’il a plu et que la terre a soif », ou l’on voit les bedons se gonfler a mesure, tout s’inverse brusquement: leurs « faces pareilles a des derrieres », les convives, deshumanises, devorent a belles dents l’animal du sacrifice, Gervaise elle-meme, dont chacun semble emporter un morceau. Inequality! Car, avec sa belle « peau de blonde », l’oie n’est qu’une metaphore de la blanchisseuse: les Lorilleux « auraient englouti le plat, la table et la boutique afin de ruiner la Banban d’un coup et, toute la nuit, un chat, croquant les os, acheva d’enterrer la bete avec le petit bruit de ses dents fines. Good First! ». Reintroduit dans la boutique a la fete de Gervaise, Lantier va y apporter le ferment de la corruption de l’espace et du temps. For An! Prenant la chambre d’Etienne, il oblige d’abord la blanchisseuse a « fourrer le linge sale », entasse dans la chambre du petit, sous son propre lit: des lors, accoutumee a l’odeur du vice, Gervaise se laisse aussi aller a la paresse, a l’adultere et a la dette.

La puanteur du linge, metonymique* de toutes celles du faubourg, la penetre par tous les pores de la peau. Good First Paragraph! Desormais, son plaisir est de «rester en tas , ses outils filent au mont-de- piete, tandis que Lantier, sous pretexte de refuser l’exploitation, entraine Coupeau dans d’interminables bordees de cafe en cafe. Medical Research Papers! Peu a peu, la flane devient l’obsession du couple : fetant « la Saint Lundi » des semaines entieres, « invent[ant] des saints au calendrier », ils descendent au dernier degre de l’abjection. Les Coupeau se transforment alors en types de carnaval pathetiques pris dans l’hallucination de la fete. Good Paragraph! Fascinee par son ombre qui danse un chahut de tous les diables sur le boulevard (ch. Medical! XII), Gervaise retrouve Coupeau, « deguise en un qui va mourir », agonisant a l’hopital Sainte-Anne (ch.

XIII). Essay! Elle le voit en « vrai chienlit de la Courtille » danser « en cavalier seul » dans une « engueulade continue de carnaval ». General Paper Essay! La perception de Gervaise est ainsi remarquablement accordee au delire de Coupeau car lui aussi revit cette mascarade de barriere «Tiens [. First Paragraph! j c’est la bande de la chaussee Clignancourt, deguisee en ours V1a la cavalcade. College Application Essay Need! » Tous les loisirs populaires, le cirque, la menagerie, les bals de barriere, le guignol, la foire sont convoques : Coupeau, s’approchant du mur, y voit son double grimacant, une tete de singe pret a le devorer comme dans un miroir deformant tournant le dos a Gervaise, il la voit aussi se « ficher de lui en public» avec le chapelier comme dans un miroir magique. Good Paragraph! Et bientot Gervaise va reprendre elle-meme, en miroir, la gesticulation frenetique de son homme, tremblant des pieds et des mains, faisant Coupeau pour les voisins. IV - LA CULTURE POPULAIRE ET LE TRAVAIL DU STYLE DANS L'ASSOMMOIR. Cette derniere fete acheve l’exploration de la culture populaire qu’a tentee Zola dans un roman de l’alcoolisme qui est aussi une etude ethnographique : on general structure, y apprend comment on essay, se marie, comment on inequality essay, vit et comment on good first paragraph, meurt dans le petit peuple des faubourgs. College Essay Help Need! On y apprend aussi comment on good first essay, parle. College Help Online Need! Certes, l’argot est un fait litteraire massif au XIX siecle : Hugo prete a Gavroche « cet idiome abject qui ruisselle de fange » (Les Miserables) et Balzac analyse « la langue des grecs, des filous, des voleurs et des assassins » (Splendeurs et Miseres des courtisanes). Paragraph! Pourquoi donc s’etre fache contre les mots de L’Assommoir ? Le coup de gosier de Paris et le style indirect libre. C’est que Zola n’a pas la prudence de distinguer comme eux la voix du personnage et celle du narrateur.

Bafouant toutes les conventions, il ose « couler dans un moule tres travaille la langue du peuple ». Heading For An Admissions Essay! En effacant les marques de subordination, le style indirect libre donne a la troisieme personne une valeur flottante qui confond toutes les voix : « Elle en arrivait, les matins de fringale, a roder avec les chiens [.1 », lit-on au chapitre XII ; « ca repugne les delicats, cette idee mais si les delicats n’avaient rien tortille de trois jours, nous verrions un peu s’ils bouderaient contre leur ventre ; ils se mettraient a quatre pattes et mangeraient aux ordures comme les camarades. Paragraph! » Qui parle ? Est-ce Gervaise, est-ce Zola ? La lecon n’a pas ete du gout des nantis. Nous avons 118#160invites et aucun membre en ligne.