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Managerial accounting group assignment

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Managerial accounting group assignment

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Ap Us History American Colonies Essay. Hello and welcome to the exciting world that is Advanced Placement United States History. You are now a member of an elite group: students who dare to take on an exceptionally challenging course. Accounting Group! The risks are great, but then so are the potential gains. Of Critical Thinking Definition! We will take on this challenge together and managerial group, when you are done, you will be justifiably proud of yourself. This course is a one-year class designed to allow the student a head start on college level work, improve writing skills, sharpen problem solving techniques, and develop study habits necessary for rigorous course work.

This course is equivalent to a one semester introductory (freshman) level college U.S. history. This summer’s assignment comes as a result of the time constraints placed on us all in covering the immense content in traditions term paper APUSH over nine months. To allow for more an in depth study of the various periods of American History, it is necessary to cover the managerial group assignment, first 350 years of history during the summer, individually, with some exceptionally readable non-fiction histories. Peeve Essay! You will be tested over the material covered in American Colonies when you return to school in August. The assigned reading is: • Taylor, Alan, #8221; American Colonies: The Settling of North America#8221;, Part I Encounters: CH 1-5 pp. 3-113, Part II Colonies: CH 6-12, pp.

117-272, and Part III Empires: CH 13 19 pp. Managerial Accounting! 275 – 480. Of Critical! THE “AMERICAN COLONIES” BOOK SHOULD BE PICKED UP FROM MY CLASSROOM (#20) BY WEDNESDAY, MAY 19TH. THE COST OF THE BOOK WILL BE BILLED TO YOU. Accounting Group! Read the book carefully. As you read, follow the protection, instructions for the book analysis on pages 3-7 of this document. AMERICAN COLONIES: THE SETTLING OF NORTH AMERICA. READING NOTE-TAKING GUIDE.

As you read, you will take notes of crucial information to group, be described below. You are encouraged to highlight and/or underline key passages in hindu traditions the book and to annotate the text for your future reference. The first unit that we will investigate in the fall semester is managerial accounting group about the American Colonies. This corresponds to Chapters 1 6 in the textbook, Out of Many. You will find this book, American Colonies, by Alan Taylor, a helpful supplement to the textbook. And, as you study the textbook in the fall semester, you will identify some conflicting ideas regarding the historical significance of some events. This can serve as food for, and illustrations of, the thought processes that will help you to be successful in your study of this course. Hindu Traditions Term Paper! As you read Part II, identify and take notes about the following information for group each colony and colonial group: • The name of the colony. • The founding country. • The date on which it was founded. • The name(s) of the founder(s) • Why it was founded. • The type of colony it was (royal, proprietary, etc.) • Difficulties after founding: both in the short- and long-term.

This includes conflicts within the colony as well as outside of the colony. • Any changes in type (self-rule to royal, etc.) Also, as you read, write down any words that you do not know and, periodically, look up their definitions or meanings in a dictionary. Teleosemantics New Philosophical Essays! A successful AP US History student will always have a good collegiate dictionary at his/her disposal. During thesecond week of school you will be tested on this material. Focus Questions: As you read, consider the following focus questions to help guide your reading. In thinking about colonial development, consider the political, economic, and social structure of managerial accounting group each colonial region. Further, consider the factors that influenced the relations with the Native Americans in each colonial region.

1. How did religion shape the development of the New England colonies? 2. What role did geography and peeve essay, tobacco play in the development of the Chesapeake? 3. Analyze and compare and contrast family life in New England. Pay attention to the role of women. 4. Why did the first major slave rebellion, the managerial assignment, Stono Rebellion, take place in new philosophical essays the Carolinas? 5. How did the fur trade and religion shape the development of New France? 6. Managerial Accounting! In what ways did conquest, religion, and geography interact in the Spanish colonies of the American Southwest? Directions: Students are to read carefully both books. Each chapter will have a set of questions/list of topics for which short answer responses will be asked to probe for understanding. Since this assignment is done on MICROSOFT WORD, the student need only to load the file on the computer and then bring it up on the computer screen where they can provide answers based upon what is asked for in the question.

The goal is not to hindu traditions term, fish for a specific answer(s), but to ask the student probing questions for a critical understanding of what the questions are asking. Short analytical quotes are permissible; however, we do not want the student to copy the material directly from the book. It should be written in the student’s own voice as a summary of understanding. Chapter 1: Natives: 1. Pre-Columbian America is “fraught with controversy.” What were these conflicts? Some writers depict Pre-Columbian Americans as ecological and social saints that lived in harmony with each other and nature. However due to the mythology of European colonizers, some writers believe that the Indians were warlike savages with a primitive culture. 2. Managerial Group! What are Taylor’s three ideas which he argues about essay on forest migration? North and South America were the last continents occupied by managerial accounting group people.

Siberia to Alaska offered the readiest passage from the Old World to the New World. The period from 15,000 and 12,000 years ago was an ideal time from crossing into North America. 3. In the New World, Old world explorers encountered complex and diverse peoples. Who were these New World people? Where were they? What was left of the Hohokam was encountered by benefit Spanish explores in the sixteenth century.

These Natives lived in the hills and along the rivers in what is now southern Arizona. 4. How did some natives’ culture demand less of the environment than that of other natives? Some Natives stayed in one area which depleted the soil and wild game. Group Assignment! Other Natives moved from peeve essay, place to place following their food supply. Managerial Group! Chapter 2: Colonizers: 1. Why does Taylor makes a big issue over peeve essay environmentalism? The environment worked to group, the European’s benefit because it gave them a whole new supply of natural resources. On Forest! However, the environmental revolution worked against the native peoples and caused their population to decrease. 2. What caused the expansion of Europe—and why? The expansion of Europe was caused by the population explosion in group the seventeenth and eighteenth century that was made possible by of critical thinking definition imported food plants developed by the Indians. The increase in population traveled to settle the managerial accounting group, Americas. 3. What were the two major religions of the the art thinking definition, age of expansion?

How do they come to impact the new world? The two major religions were European Christianity and those of the Muslim faith. The competition between the Muslims and the Christians was about trade to Asia. By trying to find and alternate route to Asia, the Christians explored the Atlantic which ultimately led them to the discovery of the managerial accounting, New World. 4. Why is the Atlantic Ocean such a central vital environmental concern for the colonizers? The Atlantic Ocean was much stormier and harder to navigate than the shallow seas that the Europeans were accustomed to. 5. Once across the Ocean, what were contributions of the colonizers to the New England area? The colonizers cleared the land for planting and grazing, but the biggest impact was the epidemics they brought to the native peoples that caused them to die in great numbers. 6. Religious Traditions Paper! What does Taylor say about slavery in the new world? The colonists enslaved the managerial group assignment, people to work on sugar plantations, and the colonists justified their actions by saying that slavery would ultimately save the Indians’ souls from hell.

7. How significant was Renaissance science and technology for the colonizers? The discoveries of the New World launched new interest in science and technology which the colonists later benefitted from. Chapter 3: New Spain. Using short paragraphs, summarize Taylor’s assessment of the following: 1. Conquests: In the sixteenth century, the Spanish colonized parts of the North and peeve essay, South America and the Caribbean. Due to their fear of the Spanish Empire, the French, Portuguese, English, and the Dutch attempted to take some of the colonized land from the accounting assignment, Spanish. The Spanish also raided Central America where they took slaves who told them about the riches of the Aztec Empire. Traditions Term! The greatest advantage that the Spanish had in managerial their conquests was the various diseases that they unintentionally passed on to the Indians. Conquistador expeditions were private and led by teleosemantics new philosophical essays independent military contractors for profit.

They usually had a license from the assignment, crown which gave the writing, country a portion of any treasure claimed by the conquistador. The overriding trait for a conquistador was greed. Also, conquistadores believed that anything they did was acceptable because they forced pagans to accept Christianity and managerial accounting assignment, Spanish rule. The Spanish crown feared the conquistadores had too much power to rule New Spain. The crown also thought that they killed or enslaved too many Indians who might have become Christians and tax paying subjects. Eventually, many leading conquistadores died fighting each other or were forced into retirement by the crown. 4. Colonists: During the sixteenth century, about 250,000 Spanish immigrated to the Americas. People from the art of critical thinking, all social classes went, but the middle classes skilled artisans dominated. Women rarely emigrated which resulted in the men taking wives among the Indians.

This mixing resulted in a castas social system. The center of the Spanish Empire consisted of Mexico and Peru. The American Empire was divided into two large administrative regions called viceroyalties. They were governed by a viceroy that was appointed by the king. The viceroyalty of New Spain was made of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean islands. Peru included all of managerial accounting South America except Portuguese Brazil.

Mexico and Peru produced a large amount of gold and silver. Between 1500 and 1650, the the art of critical thinking definition, Spanish shipped about 181 tons of gold and 16,000 tons of silver from America to Europe. While this seemed like a good idea at first, it actually led to economic inflation. Managerial Assignment! This eventually led to the decline of the Spanish military and religious, economy during the seventeenth century. Chapter 4: “The Spanish Frontier”: 1. How and why does Florida became the focus of Spain? Florida becomes the focus of Spain because so many Spanish ships hauling royal revenue were attacked off of Florida’s coast. To combat this, the Spanish crown established a fortified colony along the managerial assignment, Atlantic coast of Florida.

2. Spain reaches west to New Mexico—use of the Adelanto system. Who was Onate? He was the viceroy who was given the job of founding the colony of New Mexico. He founded New Mexico among the Pueblo people who he greatly exploited and eventually massacred, maimed, and enslaved. He was eventually found guilty of essay software adultery and abusing Indians and colonists. 3. What significance can be attached to New Mexico Missions? Franciscans. By 1628, the friars had fifty missions in the Rio Grande Valley. These churches had thousands of converts.

4. Accounting Assignment! What was the Pueblo Revolt, how did it begin and what happen to cause the fanaticism? After years of on peeve essay and off conflict with the governors and the Franciscans, the Pueblo vented their rage by destroying missions, farms, and ranches. The Pueblos in the uprising made a special point to desecrate churches and accounting, mutilate the on forest protection, corpses of priests. Chapter 5: Canada Iroquoia [a shift in geography, a new culture, and very different group of managerial group Native Americans] 1. What were the two major Native American cultural groups? How were they distinct?

Algonquian and Iroquian. These two groups of Indians were distinct because of on forest their cultures and languages. 2. The key for economic development was the fur trade of New France. Managerial Accounting! Why was that so? Fur trading by the Europeans and Natives made them mutually dependent on each other. 3. How and why did trade develop? Discuss. The French traders developed alliances with the new philosophical essays, Northern Algonquians and later the Hurons of the Iroquian culture. 4. How did the fur trade operate in its widest applications Fur trading with the Indians began when the Indians exchanged furs with the. colonists fishing at Newfoundland.

The Indians desired shiny beads and copper, while the colonists highly valued furs. Due to overhunting in Europe, furs were scarce and very expensive. 5. Analyze and characterize The Five Nations. Who were they? The Five Nations Iroquois lived in managerial group large, fortified hilltop villages. Of Money! The women farmed large fields that fed the young men so that they could go to managerial group, war. They could travel long distances to launch raids against many enemies. The Art Of Critical Thinking Definition! 6. What impact did old world disease have upon new world natives? Between 1633 and 1635, smallpox and measles killed half of the Iroquois population. 7. How important was the managerial accounting assignment, formation and development of peeve essay Dutch trade system involvement? It led to a situation in which the Iroquois and the French needed each other as enemies in order to maintain the Dutch traders at Fort Orange.

8. Managerial Group! In the new world the peeve essay, French brought the militant Jesuits to catholicize the new world. Did it work? It did not work. Managerial Accounting Group Assignment! The Iroquois eventually killed or ran off all of the Jesuit priests and writing essay, their converts. Chapter 6: Virginia: 1570-1650. 1. Managerial Accounting Group Assignment! How did English colonization differ from that of the Spanish and French? What was a later outcome of this difference? English colonization was different from the essay on forest, colonization of the Spanish and the French because the English colonized the managerial accounting group, mid-Atlantic seaboard. The French and Spanish believed that this area was too cool for tropical crops but too warm for the best furs. This colonization led the colonists to the discovery of the teleosemantics new philosophical, prime commodity of managerial tobacco in 1616.

Tobacco permitted an explosive growth in population, territory, and wealth. 2. How did Sir Walter Raleigh characterize the relationship between trade and power? Ralegh believed that whoever commanded trade was the lord of the writing essay software, world’s wealth. 3. What was the role of Roanoke? Roanoke was established because the island was buffered by dangerous shoals and long sandbanks. Because of the island’s location, the English believed that Roanoke promised obscurity from managerial group, Spanish discovery and attack. 5. Who were the “sturdy beggars”? Sturdy beggars were English peasants who had been made homeless and essay, unemployed by increased agricultural productivity and national wealth. Managerial Accounting! This occurred because of a loss of common lands formally worked by the peasants. 6. Who was Powhatan? What is the character of the Native Americans in the area?

Powhatan was the paramount chief of about 24,000 Indians that were divided into thirty tribes. Peeve Essay! These Indians were united by managerial accounting assignment an Algonquian language. Religious Term Paper! These Native Americans were distinct because of the mobile way of life and the way that they divided tasks along gender lines. 7. What was the importance of tobacco cultivation? Tobacco allowed the colonists to produce a commodity that consumers would pay high prices for in England. 7. What was the “headright” system? If a man could pay his way over on a ship to Virginia, he would be given fifty acres of land and another fifty acres for managerial every servant or relative whose way he also paid on essay on forest protection the ship. Chapter 7: Chesapeake Colonies: 1650-1750. 1. Who were the leaders of the Chesapeake colonies?

Hard-driving merchants and planters of the middle class claimed the highest offices in the Chesapeake colonies. 2. Who were the workers in the Chesapeake colonies prior to 1676? The workers in the colonies were indentured servants who were now planters and their families. The successful planters consolidated to managerial accounting group, form large plantations which forced newly freed servants to of money, become tenant farmers or move to accounting group, the frontier. 3. What were the frustrations of freedmen, and to where did they move? The freedmen either had to become tenant farmers, or they had to move to the frontier where they later had problems with Indians.

4. Characterize Governor Berkeley. He spoke against Virginia’s economic addiction to tobacco. He felt that the people under his rule were so desperately poor that they might decide to team up with the Indians to raid the colony to peeve essay, better themselves. Accounting Group! Berkeley was well liked by the wealthiest colonists, and he gave the wealthy well paying public offices as well as other perks. 5. Benefit Of Money! What was his policy toward Indians? Berkeley opposed killing off the Indians because it would end the profitable deer skin trade that he and his friends enjoyed.

6. Group Assignment! Describe the rebellion led by peeve essay Nathanial Bacon. Bacon led a group of elite planters who were upset with Berkeley and a rival group of planters who resented their lack of offices and other rewards. They gained support among the common planters and group assignment, servants by promising to help them. They attacked the governor and his supporters and ran them out of Jamestown in September 1676. 7. Religious Paper! How did the British Crown respond, and what happened to Governor Berkeley? The king said the managerial accounting, Berkeley was “an old fool”, so he sent an army to restore order in software Jamestown. Governor Berkeley and his supporters were run out of Jamestown in managerial group assignment September 1676 by the attackers.

8. Essay Software! How did the Chesapeake planters respond to accounting assignment, the declining supply of white laborers? Chesapeake planters turned to African slaves to replenish servants who had become too scarce and expensive to keep. 9. Teleosemantics Essays! What, then, did the managerial, planters do in order to keep the slaves intimidated? How did they, then, treat the teleosemantics new philosophical essays, common white man? The planters formed a colonial militia made up of common white men to keep the slaves from rebelling. The planters no longer feared the common white man.

9. What colonies comprised the Chesapeake group? Virginia and Maryland. Chapter 8: New England: 1600-1700. 1. Compare and contrast the settlers in New England with those in the Chesapeake colonies. Both colonies were generated due to the social and economic pressures within England. Unlike the Chesapeake colonists, the New England colonists were “middling sorts”. Accounting Assignment! However, the Chesapeake colonists were poor and short-lived indentured servants. 2. What colonies comprised New England?

New England was compromised of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. 3. What was the topography of New England? New England was very cold and rocky. There were also many seaports in the New England area. 4. Who were the principal early settlers in New England? The Puritans were the first people to settle in New England. They decided to leave the new philosophical, Church of England and have their own way of worshipping because they did not like the monarch’s religious aspects.

They also came to share and preach the gospel to those who were lost. 5. Contrast labor and land ownership in New England with that in the Chesapeake colonies. The New England colonies granted land to mean who banded together to found a town, but the Chesapeake colonies’ leaders allocated land directly to wealthy individuals. In New England, the town was a local. government which was fundamental to its politics. However, the Chesapeake colonies relied of the larger county. 6. Characterize the Puritans. What was their motivation in coming to the New World? What were the managerial accounting, principal tenets of their religion? Faith and economics aspired the Puritans to come to the New World.

The Puritans were angry with their Anglican rulers, and they thought that in New England they could purify their churches, supervise one another, and enact a code of writing laws derived from the Bible. Accounting Group! The Puritans also believed that New England would allow them to have a fresh economic start. 7. Describe the Great Migration. John Winthrop was the promoter of the Great Migration. It was the most significant emigration of Puritans to the New England area. The colonists in the New England territory fared much better than the Virginia colonists.

8. How did the Puritans reconcile their religion with the hindu term paper, profit motive? The Puritans first tried to make some money. To help in keeping the people calm, the Puritans started supervising one another, purifying their churches, and making many laws. They maintained peace and order throughout their towns. 9. Why were the Puritans concerned with a: Theocracy? Education? Morality? Where they as bad as contemporary writers have alleged? The Puritans wanted a theocracy because it was the managerial accounting group assignment, study of on forest protection God and religion.

They wanted to spread the word of God throughout the entire world and having a theocracy would help them in accounting that goal. Because the Puritans always wanted growth in their towns, they always sent their children to school to learn about their colony. 9. What were the principal trades in New England? (How did the people make their money?) New England used the benefit, fishing industries as their principal trade because their soil made it hard to managerial, grow crops. The Puritans learned to tolerate the peeve essay, fishermen because they made large sums of managerial money, even though they had no morals. Essay Protection! Timber was also a good business for the Puritans. 9. What was the economic relationship between New England and the West Indies? The New England colonists took their timber and fish to the West Indies. They would in return get molasses, tobacco, and rum for their colony. They would sometimes also get servants to work on small plantations. 11.

Characterize the Bible Commonwealth. The Bible Commonwealth believed that if they did good deeds for assignment others that in return they would receive salvation and save others. They were against worshipping idols, breaking the Sabbath, practicing magic, and blaspheming. They also believed that they were the only people that were right. Peeve Essay! 12. What was the influence of Harvard University graduates on the Puritan hierarchy? The graduates were usually very important men that influenced their society in a positive manner. These men were also ministers of England.

13. Characterize Rhode Island. How did it influence Massachusetts and Connecticut? Rhode Island did not judge people by managerial group their looks or their background. They kept their state ideas and the art of critical definition, problems completely away from managerial, their church ideas and essay, problems. Connecticut and Massachusetts did not look highly upon Rhode Island, but they were thankful for them when MC had problematic people. 14. Why did New England ultimately fail as a “City upon a Hill?” New England ultimately failed because the English showed no interest in their colonies. Managerial! To most people in England, the Puritan experiment seemed at benefit of money, best strange.

New England also appeared irrelevant after the triumphant restoration of the monarchy in 1660. 15. Why was there such a flap over the Witchcraft Issue? Where did it occur? People were frequently accused of witchcraft because most people did not feel safe with strange events that occurred around them. They believed that the strange things that happened had a supernatural meaning. Witchcraft took place in almost the entire New England area, but it mainly happened in accounting Salem, Massachusetts and Virginia.

Chapter 9: Puritans and Indians. 1. List several concerns Taylor discusses in this chapter about the culture and contributions of the Natives The Natives did not waste their land at all. They planted only what was necessary for them to protection, get through the winter and summer months. While the men would be out hunting animals, the women would tend to the fields. Colonists soon took over accounting group assignment and took the Natives’ land away. However, the Natives supplied the colonists with tools in order to make a high profit. Writing Essay! 2. What was the issue of property? What was meant by tribute? Were the natives exploited?

Why? The colonists did not like that the managerial, Natives were wasting their land. The colonists made the Natives mad by clearing out the forests which made all of their game leave. Tribute was opportunities with trade between the Indians and the colonists. Yes, because the colonists took advantage of the teleosemantics new philosophical essays, Natives and gave them less than what they deserved. 3. Discuss the Pequot War. What were the group, important elements, and what was the writing essay software, result? The Pequot War was the first major battle between the Indians and the English. The Pequot War started in 1636. The war occurred because the colonists wanted more land, so they told the Indians to pay them in wampum. The colonists also wanted the Native children held as hostages.

Only five natives were able to survive the war because the colonists set fire to the village. 4. Discuss King Philip’s War. What were the important elements, and what was the result? What type of war did it eventually become? King Philip’s War began because the colonists hung three Natives because. they had allegedly killed a praying town Indian. A civil war soon broke out with Indians due to this. Since the Indian rebels ran out of food, they either had to managerial, join to other Indians or were killed.

5. What was the deal about essay “praying towns?” What did it purport to do? The purpose of praying towns was to do missionary work in managerial a safer environment. Term! Praying towns also kept the managerial, Indians under close supervision and pressured them to change religions. On Forest Protection! The main components of Praying towns were weak and accounting assignment, small bands of Indians. The Indians had to give up their culture to become English. 6. What ultimate end came as victory, and yet, end in defeat? The Indians destroyed the colonist’s fields and towns.

They made French raids throughout the years which caused much havoc for the English. Writing Essay! As a result, the English came back taking all their towns and bringing new people with them. Managerial Accounting Assignment! Chapter 10: The West Indies. Essay! 1. What is managerial Taylor’s motivation to have us explore the West Indies in this chapter? In order for colonists to essay, be rich, every colony had to have a good export crop to support them. The leading export crop in the West Indies was sugar. Because of the price of sugar, many men became rich off of it.

Slaves were often used in sugar plantations. Accounting Group! 2. What significance doe Taylor attach to the art, Barbados? Discuss. The unusual thing about Barbados is accounting group that there were pigs all over the island. They estimated that thousands of wild pigs roamed around the entire island. The pigs also supported the early colonists until they destroyed their herds by wasting them.

3. What is revealing to the reader from the map of the West Indies? Today, the thinking definition, West Indies are still predominately English speaking countries. However, many islands were discovered by the English Empire because they controlled trade. 4. Discuss the major demand for the use of slavery, from whence did it come and who benefited? Slaves were mainly used to accounting assignment, work in the sugar plantations. A large number of workers were needed to cultivate all of the crops.

Eventually convicts and criminals were sent to work as slaves on the plantations. This was the period that African American slaves began to come to peeve essay, the Americas. The English tradesmen benefited from managerial accounting assignment, slavery. 5. Taylor boldly declares that sugar was a rich man’s crop. Why? What demand did it have outside the western hemisphere? Why the need for commercialization and hence colonization? Although there was a big profit from sugar, it cost a lot of money to grow. Many rich men started sugar plantations because they required expensive machinery, technical knowledge, precise timing, and strenuous labor. Traditions! Many colonists came to the West Indies to make a profit off of sugar because the English used it to sweeten their tea. Group! 6. Discuss the planter aristocracy.

Analyze the social strata for the West Indies population. The planters aristocracy was an elite group of gentlemen that made a large amount of money off of the plantations in the West Indies. Corporations that could not make it alone were often bought out by the aristocracy, who gave them more land. The social hierocracy was divided into three parts: the planter elite, the middle class planters, and the slaves. 7. Finally, what does Taylor have to say about the importance of Jamaica? What is his central argument? The Jamaicans welcomed the people that left Barbados.

The new colonists eventually produced more sugar than ever before on the island of Barbados. Jamaica also held many refugee camps for writing essay maroons who in turn helped catch runaway slaves. Chapter 11: Carolina: 1670-1760. 1. Who were the initial settlers of Carolina? The initial settlers of Carolina were a group of West Indies planters. They named Carolina after King Charles II, and they formed the colony during the 1670s. The colony was later governed by eight proprietors. 2. What was the purpose for managerial accounting group assignment the settlement of Carolina? The purpose of the settlement of Carolina was to become a big plantation settlement. It offered many possibilities for the farmers because the land in the Carolina was very fertile.

3. Characterize the topography of Carolina. Carolina had many coastal plains that had good fertile soil. It also had rivers that provided irrigation for the crops. The swamps in the Carolina area also helped the on forest, colonists in various ways. 4. Characterize the climate of assignment Carolina. The summers in Carolina were very long and were hot and humid.

Unlike the summers, the essay protection, winters were short and cold. Because the Englishmen could not stand the hot summers, they usually went away for the humid summers. 5. What was the managerial, concern about interaction between the Indians and the slaves? The colonists were worried that the peeve essay, slaves and managerial group assignment, Indians would join together and team up against the colonists. The colonists knew that they would be defeated because their numbers could not compare to that of the slaves and Indians. 6. How did the leadership of Carolina go about keeping the Indians and writing software, the slaves separate?

If the managerial accounting group, Indians caught a runaway slave, they were promised to be given a large amount of goods by the colonists. Therefore, the Indians were constantly looking for runaway slaves to get guns, ammunition, and the art of critical, clothes. 7. Where was rice grown in Carolina? Rice was planted in the wet lowlands of managerial group Carolina. The colonists attempted to the art definition, plant the rice in a climate that was identical to west Africa. 8. Managerial Assignment! Who taught the planters how to grow rice? The slaves from west Africa taught the essay on forest, colonists how to grow rice. 9. How much rice was grown in the first half of the 1700s?

What was the effect of this rice on the economy? During the first half of the 1700s, there was forty-five million pounds of rice grown. Rice became the second largest exported plant in Europe . 9. What was a second valuable plantation crop? The second most valuable crop was indigo. Indigo was used as blue dye in the clothing factories in England. 10. How much did this crop increase in growth between 1750 and managerial group assignment, 1760? The crop increased approximately 437,000 pounds between 1750 and 1760. Peeve Essay! 11. What was the managerial assignment, effect of working conditions and climate on new philosophical essays slave mortality?

Many slaves were worked to death. The mortality rate increased in Carolina because the climate was much hotter than that of the West Indies. Managerial! 13. What else did the imported Africans introduce to Carolina? Who was affected by on forest protection this disease?

The Africans brought many diseases to Carolina that the Indians had never been exposed to. Malaria was by far the worst disease that was introduced to the Indians. Carolina planters were the main people that were affected by the diseases, but the Indians were also greatly affected. 14. What was the growing fear of the managerial accounting assignment, planters? Since the black slaves outnumbered the white planters, they were afraid that their slaves would team up against them and make a rebellion against the whole planter elite. 15. What actions did the planters take in response to benefit essay, this fear? Due to this fear, the planters kept the slaves as busy as possible. Assignment! The planters also adopted the West Indies slave system, so the slaves were constantly watched and had cruel punishments. 16.

What became a reality near Charles Town on the Stono River, and when? A real slave rebellion began on September 9, 1739. Seven plantations were burned, and their owners were killed. 17. Paper! Who were the founders of Georgia? British imperialists and Carolina officials. 18. What role does Oglethorpe play? He led the first group of accounting group colonists to term, Savannah, Georgia, and managerial accounting group assignment, he was also the leader of the Georgia Trustees who was a group of religious traditions paper social reformers interested in managerial accounting group assignment Georgia.

He could have been known as the hindu traditions term, leader of managerial group assignment Georgia. 19. How was the thinking definition, colony financed, and what was the managerial assignment, significance of that? The colony was primarily funded by the crown and parliament. However, charitable donations were also made by various people. Essay Protection! Georgia was the first colony funded by assignment British taxpayers. 20. Compare and contrast land ownership in essay on forest protection Georgia with the other Southern colonies, especially for the purpose of increasing the number of whites willing to managerial assignment, work and capable of bearing guns. Georgia did not accept slavery at hindu traditions paper, first and accounting, rejected using black men as slaves. However, the white ethnicity was still dominated. Essays! 21.

Why does Taylor have a section in which he discusses the gun trade? Indians would listen and help the white settlers control their slaves, if the white men would trade them their guns. Group Assignment! This made it easier on the settlers. 22. New Philosophical Essays! Who were the Raiders and what is revealed about these groups? The Raiders were Westo Indians who spoke the Iroquoian language. They originated from the Indians around Lake Erie. Managerial Group Assignment! The Westo Indians eventually destroyed all of the Cusabo people. 23. Of Money! What good reasons does Taylor have for discussing “terror” in the territory?

Many white planters were scared that the slaves would. rebel and kill all of them throughout all of the colonies. Managerial! The European countries would be put in debt if all of the white planters were killed. Destruction was horrible when the slaves rebelled. 24. What were the main points of Georgia governing? The main governing power of Georgia was the Georgia Trustees.

The crown and parliament also governed Georgia by funding every expense they had. 25. What characteristic did the low country of Georgia and South Carolina replicate? Georgia and Carolina replicated the West Indies plantation system. They also relied on slaves to work for them in of money essay their large agricultural businesses. Accounting Assignment! 26. What is Taylor’s final conclusion about this area during this century? Georgia and Carolina provided many opportunities for the settlers, whether it was a settler that got a big piece of land or a small piece of land.

Chapter 12: Middle Colonies: 1600 – 1700. 1. What region did the English neglect during the early 17th Century? The English neglected the area between the New England colonies and the Chesapeake Bay colonies. Essays! 2. Describe the topography and climate of the mid-Atlantic region. Compare and contrast with New England and the Chesapeake. The land in the mid-Atlantic region was fertile, unlike the rock soil of New England.

There were three major rivers that provided irrigation and fish. The Chesapeake colonies were also much more sickly than the mid-Atlantic regions. 3. Who took advantage of this neglect? The Swedes and the Dutch took advantage of the neglect, and this also led them to build small colonies in the Delaware and Hudson valleys. Managerial Assignment! 4. How did England react to those who took advantage? At first, the English starting protesting, but later they could do nothing about writing it because they were very weak compared to the Dutch.

The English became very jealous of the Dutch because the Dutch were becoming very wealthy. The English rose up in power and started trying to take back the middle colonies. 5. Managerial! What was the progression of writing software colonial types (royal, proprietary, etc.)? At first, they were propriety colonies because England had lacked dues when they were established. Once the crown grew back in wealth, they were able to managerial accounting, turn back into royal colonies. New Philosophical! 6. Describe the event and result of the English naval squadron in 1664. The English wanted respect from the colonists, so they wanted to take the New Netherlands away from the Dutch. In the end the English were successful because the Dutch had to managerial group assignment, thin their population to save both the Delaware and Hudson valleys. 7. Characterize the Dutch Empire.

The people from the Dutch Empire were very smart and tactful of doing things. Most of their profits came from the teleosemantics new philosophical essays, sugar industry unlike the other European nations. They always took care of what they had and took care of it precisely. Group Assignment! 8. Make a list of Dutch ( New Netherland ) contributions to the area. The Dutch built New Amsterdam which became a large seaport for trading ships. Benefit Of Money! They also founded the first colonies in the middle colonies. 9. Who did the Dutch welcome that were not welcome in most European realms?

The Dutch welcomed the Jews into their realm. They also welcomed many different religions that weren’t looked upon from the European people. They were the group, most diverse in the religious outlooks. 10. Peeve Essay! What is the significance of the phenomenon of Dutch trading companies losing money? The Dutch trading companies losing money helped them get a bigger. profit than before. It also helped establish the assignment, Dutch West Indies trading company. 11. What economic advantage did Dutch shippers enjoy? Who took advantage of essay on forest this?

The Dutch shippers received more profit then the managerial accounting group, English ships because the hindu term, Dutch charged thirty-three percent less. Managerial Accounting! The English took advantage of it. 12. Describe the Navigation Acts. What was the significance of these acts? The Navigation Acts were documents that stated only English exports could sell English ships. Writing! They were also not allowed to trade or sell with any European countries.

The acts began because the Dutch was charging less, so they all sold stuff to them which made the Dutch Empire more rich than the managerial assignment, English. Peeve Essay! 13. Highlight the events between the English and New Netherlands in group 1664 and 1667. English people sent war ships to conquer the New Netherlands because the Dutch were getting too powerful. Peeve Essay! After the Dutch surrendered, the English gave the garrison to managerial accounting, Virginia. A peace treaty was then made in 1667 where the teleosemantics, Dutch gave the New Netherlands to the English. 14. What resulted from these events with regard to the Indian nations? The English traded with the Mohawk and Iroquoian Indians, instead of the Dutch. Accounting Group! They also increased the prices of their goods in order to make the Indians pay more. When other Indians started to attach the Mohawk and Iroquoian Indians, the English refused to help.

15. What action did the Duke of York take in the art of critical thinking definition 1664? What resulted from this action? The Duke of York gave the lands between the Delaware and Hudson valleys to two men. Then they sold it to two other men which were English and Scottish Quakers. The colony of managerial group New Jersey was then split in half. The Scottish Quakers ruled the east part of the art thinking Jersey, while the English Quakers ruled the west part. 16. Accounting Assignment! What situation was New Jersey left in? The crown reunited New Jersey in 1702 because it was not doing well.

New Jersey was also not nearly as powerful economically and agriculturally as its two powerful neighboring colonies. This left New Jersey in the shadows of their great strength and achievements. 17. Who founded Pennsylvania , and why? William Penn founded Pennsylvania because he had always wanted a large colony of his own. 18. Hindu Religious Term Paper! Explain the factional divide that set the older, non-Quaker settlements against the more numerous and mostly Quaker newcomers. Managerial Accounting Group! The Non-Quakers thought the Quakers ere not a real religion and teleosemantics new philosophical, they had no right to be known as a religion. The Quakers also did not support slavery. 19. What action did Penn take when he was unable to reconcile these two regions?

Penn thought that it would be best to make the Quakers a real religion by the King of England. The king made the Quakers a true religion and the non-Quakers started accepting them better. 20. What is the managerial accounting group, status of religion in the Middle Colonies? What is the status of religious dissenters? The religion in the Middle Colonies was very diverse.

They also accepted every type of religion, and they did not persecute anyone who thought differently. As you read Part III, identify and take notes about the following specific details: Chapter 13: Revolutions: 1685-1730. 1. Who succeeded King Charles I? Characterize his dealings with the American colonies. King James II, often known as the Duke of York, succeeded King Charles I. he often called the American colonies, “cash cows.” King James II only worried about the money the people made and not the people themselves. He thought the people should do as he said and respect the crown. 2. What action did Massachusetts take in 1678? Massachusetts stated that they thought the English laws did not reach the writing, American colonies.

The king did not like this, so he revoked their charter. He also made up all the managerial group assignment, governors in the surrounding colonies in the art thinking definition order to have complete control. 3. Who was the governor-general? Explain what he did. The governor-general was Sir Edmund Andros. He levied taxes which made the accounting group, mother country receive more money than the needy colonies. He replaced puritan officers with Anglican officers and he also made sure the Puritan clergy did not receive a salary from the crown. 4. What significant claim did the Reverend John Wise make in 1678?

What was the importance of this claim? What response did Andros make to essays, this claim? Reverend John Wise rallied a group of people to managerial, oppose the peeve essay, new taxes enforced by Andros. He stated since they had the same rights as Englishmen then they could not have levied taxes against them. Andros’ response was they had left English rights behind when they crossed the managerial accounting group, Atlantic Ocean. Peeve Essay! 5. What action did the Dominion take to enforce the Navigation Acts? Why was this a particular hardship on the colonists? The Dominion established a vice-admiralty court that condemned at least six merchant ships.

This made some of their money useless because they could only trade with Englishmen. 6. By what name were the supporters of managerial group assignment William, the Dutch Prince of Orange known? What did they call for? The supporters were known as Whigs. The Whigs wanted a Glorious Revolution, which meant a united group of peeve essay English people had to come together. Accounting! Later, the Glorious Revolution happened.

Chapter 14: The Atlantic : 1700 – 1780. 1. What effect did the Navigation Acts have on the Chesapeake and the West Indies ? The Navigation Act ordered that the Chesapeake and West Indies export their sugar to the art of critical definition, England. They were given bills of exchange that allowed them not to have any debt, since they exported more than they. 2. What effect did a growing economy have on free colonists? The free colonists were taxed less than the managerial assignment, English and obtained a better income than those in England.

They were also allowed to have a higher standard of living that their counterparts in Europe. 3. Explain the effect that a larger disposable income had on free colonists. They were able to but farms and raise livestock to support themselves. It also enabled them to essay protection, build houses at a cheaper price. Since they made a little bit of managerial accounting assignment extra money, they were able to live a healthier life style. 4. How many slaves did the British colonies import during the 18th Century? One and a half million slaves were imported during the benefit essay, eighteenth century.

5. What was the mortality rate among new slaves in the Chesapeake colonies during the early 18th Century? Since the Chesapeake colonies were fed much better and accounting group, healthier than those in the West Indies, they survived longer. 6. How did the number of African-born slaves compare to the number of American-born by the mid-18th Century? The African born were still overpowering the numbers of the American born. Chapter 15: Awakenings: 1700 1775. 1. Of Money! Identify 10 facts about religion and religious establishments in the colonies 1700 – 1775. The colonist were required to attend and assignment, pay a tax to an established church in the colonies. Congregationalist sustained an especially impressive establishment in New England, except for Rhode Island, the Congregationalist had the largest denomination. Also, the New English owns enforced a Sabbath that restricted activity to the home and church, if you got caught working, playing or traveling, you got fined.

2. Describe the results of denominational reconciliation between the late 1740s and 1772. When they attracted more listeners and training ministers, they got together to celebrate their victory. They also did not care about the peeve essay, religious radical, so they got together. 3. Who was George Whitfield? What is group his contributions? George Whitfield, a young Anglican minister, helped develop an the art of critical thinking evangelical style of preaching at differences with the church of England. Group! He also became the first celebrity seen and heard by many colonists.

He traveled and told many people about God. He helped the religious term, printing press get revolutionized by getting his stories printed. 4. Discuss Old Lights vs. New Lights—who was what? The New Lights were those people who believed in the divine grace and the Old Light were those who were against the evangelical style of preaching. The Old Lights believes in structural spiritual preaching with completely no emotions, while the New Lights believed in Whitefield’s preaching methods. Chapters 16 – 19 using the following topics Taylor discusses, outline why they are historically significant and what impact they had on colonial development. Chapter 16—French in America [1650-1750] Started going to Canada, the fur trading company district for the French. In 1673, the accounting group, government wanted to save money, so they stopped which caused emigrants to stop coming.

The emigrants helped develop many new towns that enriched France. The winters in French America were extremely long and cold. The river they had was the ST. Lawrence, which was frozen a lot of the time, so voyages were much longer. The emigrants were usually very few because of these harsh conditions. When the French lived in France, they were poor, but if they stayed in Canada, they had a higher standard of living. They would hunt game for food. Religious Traditions Paper! The wives were treated mush better in Canada than in England.

The women were able to own land or even live as nuns in group convents. Louis XIV ruled over everyone at his house without and parliament rulers. He appointed three rival officials, a governor, a general, a civil administrator and a Catholic bishop. Although they sometimes fought, they always performed a decent job of keeping the French colonies orderly. 5. The Upper Country. The Upper Country was a land full of forests and lakes. Of Critical Thinking Definition! They also das a middle ground solutions that states that neither Indians nor colonists could dominate each other. They set up small refugee camps, so when the Indians were in trouble they could find a place of refuge. Sieur de La Salle established Louisiana for managerial accounting group King Louis XIV. They traded guns, ammunition and furs with the Indians.

He geography of teleosemantics new philosophical Louisiana was a very wet, swampy area with very hot summers. Group Assignment! Colonists who lived there cared more about their slaves because they cost more than the soldiers. 7. Rebels and Allies. Louisiana was split into two distinctive settlements. The first was a small plantation with settlers. The second was an immense hinterland dominated by Indians.

The Natchez people decided to kill many of the settlers because they went into on forest protection, their territory. The crown pulled upper country posts because they were so tired of losing money. The Indians depended on the French for trade, so the managerial accounting group assignment, French got stuck with them. The French sold goods for less than the English, so they did not help the English Empire. Chapter 17—The Great Plains [1680-1800] 1. Villagers and Nomads.

The Villagers lived along the rivers of the southern plains. Of Money! One group of villagers spoke Siouan which consisted of the managerial accounting assignment, Mandan, Hidatsa, Omaha and Ponca. The others were Caddoan speakers. The villagers would walk far out into the plain twice a year to essay software, hunt buffalo. The Nomads also hunted buffalo, but when they ran out they would kill their dogs and eat them.

2. The Bread Basket of the World. The Bread Basket of the World was when the accounting group assignment, Villagers and Nomads would plant different foods. They would sometimes plant rice, wheat, potatoes, manioc or maire to teleosemantics, feed themselves. They would plant a lot at one time and save it for the winter months. Genizaros were captives that worked for New Mexicans or were sent to work in the silver mines.

Whenever they were taken captive, they were usually children and usually never returned home. The children worked on ranches and managerial, often suffered sexual exploitation. After 1740, the free Genizaros got together and formed small communities. Later, they obtained land and served New Mexico as border guards. 4. Horses and guns.

Horses first evolved in the art of critical thinking definition North America before spreading eastward. They became extinct in North America for accounting group some time, but they then returned to North America as domesticated animals kept by essay software Hispanic colonists. As the Great Plains people obtained horses, they also obtained firearms. Managerial Accounting Group Assignment! The primary reason they wanted guns were to defend their villages and raid their enemies. However, they still used bows for peeve essay hunting their buffalo. The French traders traveled the managerial accounting group assignment, Great Plains during the eighteenth century to seek people to trade items with. The Wichita Pawnee villagers got better firearms than the mission Indians and on forest protection, raided the Apache and. Pueblo for captives to sell. In 1716, the Spanish built new missions in east Texas, where the Caddo people lived. 6. Comanche and Apache.

The Comanche were the group assignment, big winners, but the Apache were aggressively catching up to the Comanche. The Comanche soon acquired horses as they moved southeast onto the southern plains. The Comanche would often raid the Apache for horses, women, children and buffalo territory. 7. Bourbon Reforms. New Mexico was saved by Spanish officials during the essay software, 1770s and 1780s. The reform was very slow at first, but it progressed very quickly under the leadership of Teodoro de Croix, military commander of the northern frontier, Bernardo de Galvez, viceroy of New Spain and Juan Bautista de Anza, governor of New Mexico. 8. The Northern Plains. The Northern Plains completion was between the managerial accounting, British and French traders. It cost the British much less to get across the Northern Plains than it did the French. London merchants set up fortified trading posts on writing essay the bay’s western shore.

The traders were more of a help than a threat to the colonists. Chapter 18—Imperial Wars and Crisis [1739-1775]: The British began to realize the increasing wealth and power of France. The French Empire began to grow in the West Indies because of their sugar plantations. Accounting! Instead of directly attacking the French, the British attacked France’s ally, the teleosemantics new philosophical essays, Spanish. The British attacked Spanish shipping, ports, and managerial accounting group assignment, islands around the Caribbean in hopes of restoring British predominance.

2. Balance of Power. Both English and French imperialists recognized in North America that the Indians determined the balance of military power. Because the. Indians dominated the forests between the two empires, they could obstruct the hindu term, advance of their colonial enemy and destroy settlements. Managerial Accounting Group! The Indians held the ultimate power position between the French and British.

3. Seven Years War. Peace did not last long in the New World. Peeve Essay! In Nova Scotia, the British built a navy base at Halifax in 1749 to counter nearby Louisburg. Alarmed, the French built two new forts at the Bay of Fundy, which the British resented as an intrusion on managerial group assignment their colony. The Seven Years War formed because of the French and British overacting to local aggressions. 4. Indian Rebellions. The collapse of New France began a series of problems for the Indians. They could no longer play the French and the British off against of critical thinking one another to maintain their own independence, maximize their presents, and ensure trade competition. Most colonial traders cheated and abused Indians in pursuit of immediate profit, which ultimately led to many rebellions. 5. Imperial Crisis.

The Imperial Crisis was primarily about the colonists not wishing to pay taxes levied by a parliament in England in which they were not represented. This happened even though they were already taxed far less than Britain that lived in England. The tax demands of the managerial group, British also happened at the same time the economy of the colonists was in a postwar depression. 6. Empire of liberty. At first, the colonists wanted to remain a part of the Empire of Great Britain because they had such a good deal. Peeve Essay! Only after Great Britain began to managerial accounting group assignment, insist on new taxes did they consider independence. The colonists did not want a war, and they thought that Great Britain would back down. After winning independence, the new Americans spread across the teleosemantics, continent to the west as their military pushed the accounting assignment, Indians and the Hispanics out of the way.

Chapter 19—The Pacific [1760- 1820] The Russians came eastward across Siberia because of hunting. They traded in western Europe and eventually China in exchange for porcelain, tea, and silk. The Russian traders, known as promyshlenniki, were well armed and came in large number to essay on forest protection, intimidate the Siberian native people. The Russians also exposed the Siberians to diseases and alcohol which caused their population to be devastated. The Russians continued this system of terror and forcing natives to produce skins in managerial accounting group the Aleutians and Alaska. They wanted to set up something like the Hudson’s Bay Company in religious traditions term paper Canada, but they were not able to do so. 3. Alta California. By the 1760s, the Spanish learned about the Russians being in the Aleutians Islands and were worried that they would go further south and west. They were also worried that the British would cross the Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, they ordered the assignment, colonization of peeve essay California. The Spanish failed to accounting, colonize the Alta California area to much extent because they lacked horticulture, precious metals, and adobe towns that the Spanish considered necessary for hindu religious traditions term paper conquests and missions.

The mountainous coast also provided few well-sheltered harbors for shipping. The Spanish thought that the California Indian cultures were stupid and insensible. They thought of the Indians as children who needed to managerial group assignment, be rescued, baptized, and converted to the art of critical definition, Catholicism. The Pacific Islands were not explored by the Spanish until the early sixteenth century when Magellan discovered a western route into the Pacific through the strait named for him. After this, the Spanish. established a colony at Manila in the Philippines. 7. Managerial Accounting Group! Nootka. Essay! During 1778, Captain Cook sailed along the northwest coast of North America while going between Hawaii and Vancouver Island. During this time, Cook spent a month at an inlet on Vancouver Island’s west coast. This was mistakenly called Nootka by Cook. Managerial Accounting! The Natives actually named this place Yuquot. This place and teleosemantics essays, people were referred to as Nootka from that time on.

During the 1780s and the 1790s, Chief Kamehameha became the dominant chief of the Hawaiian islands. He defeated the group assignment, chiefs of the other islands and unified Hawaii under one ruler. 9. Conclusions: What are they. The Spanish lost out in North America because they were more interested in Catholic converts than establishing economic strongholds. The dominant power on religious the Pacific Rim became the United States. The United States also dominated from the Atlantic west to California, bought Alaska from the Russian, and managerial accounting group assignment, absorbed Hawaii in 1898. The Art Of Critical! Grading of the written assignments. Assignment! 1. The responses to the questions will be graded on: clarity, comprehension and understanding of the material. Each answer to the questions must be in your own words.

DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD FROM THE READINGS. . 2. This assignment is worth 100 points. So, there it is: Your summer assignment for AP United States History. Due Date and Submission Requirements: This assignment is due on Monday, August 8, 2011. (Of course you may submit it earlier, which I strongly suggest. Don’t wait until the hindu term, last minute. ) You MUST submit this summer assignment to Mr. Porter via email. Make sure you send the assignment as an attachment.

SAVE A COPY OF YOUR EMAIL IN YOUR EMAIL SENT ITEMS FOLDER. The attachment must be in “Microsoft Word” or “PDF” format in order for me to read your work. SAVE A COPY OF THIS ASSIGNMENT ON YOUR COMPUTER. You may submit this assignment to one of two email addresses: 1. Group Assignment! [emailprotected] (preferred) 2. [emailprotected] (only if first address does not work) I will reply to hindu traditions paper, your email informing you it was received. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours, email me again to ensure I received your assignment. Make sure your name is managerial group assignment stated on the email.

If for some reason you are unable to email this assignment, then you may bring it to school by August 9th and a member of the office staff will put it in my mailbox (only as a last resort). Any work received without your name on it will NOT be graded and will receive in a grade of writing essay software zero. Assignment! If you have any questions regarding this assignment, please email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. (DON’T WAIT UNTIL AUGUST 8th. ). I will be out of religious term paper town from 6/19-6/22 and 7/07-7/18, so plan accordingly if you have any questions. FAILURE TO SUBMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT BY THE DUE DATE WILL RESULT IN A ZERO GRADE (not a good way to start off the year!) Looking forward to managerial accounting group, seeing all of religious traditions term you on Friday August 12th . University/College: University of Arkansas System. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 26 March 2016.

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Comprehensive list of resume buzzwords to use, and how to use them. This is group assignment one of two articles dealing with buzz words. You may want to also read, Buzz Words on a Resume: Why They’re Important. Apparently we are all still searching for essay protection the magic buzzwords to assignment use on our resumes, thus today’s blog post is all about the magic buzz words most people are using, buzz words not to protection use, and why the choice of managerial accounting buzzwords is so critical. Notice that I said “buzz words” or “buzzwords” 4 times in one sentence? While I typically wouldn’t write with such redundancy, it seems that search engines like us to break a basic rule of benefit of money essay writing — thus, I do so. And, I’ve allowed for the both spellings: buzz words, or buzzwords, both of which are correct. If you found this blog via a search engine, you have the proof you need that SEO (search engine optimization) matters. In fact, though I have two articles dealing specifically with buzz words, it is THIS article that you’ll find first, simply because of my opening paragraph. Which leads to our first point:

In many instances, computers search your resume. Managerial Assignment. It’s known as “ATS” and you can learn more, here. Resumes need to be loaded with the right buzz words. I’ve written about the specifics of benefit of money ATS, and won’t repeat it now. But if you’re not familiar with how computers read your resume, I suggest that you might also want to read an earlier article on the topic.

Remember back in grammar school when you first learned about nouns , adjectives , verbs , and adverbs ? Here is a reminder: Nouns, we learned, are used to describe a “person, place, or thing.” Adjectives describe a noun. Verbs are “action words.” Adverbs describe verbs. The nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs you use in managerial group assignment, your resume make up those all- important buzz words that are intended to describe your skill set and achievements, and capture the attention of essay on forest protection a computer or human. Here is a list of common nouns found in a resume. Notice that many of them will differ, depending on your industry: Common Resume Buzz Words – Nouns.

ADJECTIVES — descriptive words that tell us more about the noun. It is the managerial accounting adjectives that “fluff up” a resume. Be careful: You want to remain honest and not fluff so much that you create a work of fiction! Resume’ Buzz Words – Adjectives. As I said, use adjectives carefully, honestly, and sparingly. If your resume is overly peppered with these descriptive buzz words, you lose credibility. Essay On Forest. If you are not genuinely “meticulous,” for example, choose another word.

An action word is one that does something. For example, sang is the verb in “The girl sang .” It tells what the noun (the girl) did or is doing. Managerial Assignment. In my opinion, the verbs in writing essay software, a resume are the most important descriptors. It is the use of the accounting verb that hopefully provides an the art thinking definition accurate description of your achievements. More than anything, employers are looking for your achievements . They want to know what you have done, what actions you have taken. Group Assignment. That falls squarely into essay on forest protection, the world of verbs. What follows is an exhaustive list of managerial accounting these important verbs, words considered by many as “resume buzz words.” Notice that nearly every word has the new philosophical “ ed ” suffix. Managerial Accounting Assignment. I’ve listed the verb in its proper tense for use in most resumes: Verbs — Resume Buzz Words (A-O) Like adjectives, use adverbs sparingly.

Be honest, accurate, and selective. I personally have only two adverbs in my resume. Here is of critical thinking a list of the managerial accounting group assignment most frequently used adverbs: Adverbs — Resume Buzz Words. COMBINING BUZZ WORDS ON YOUR RESUME. Which words you choose and essay protection, how you combine those words is uniquely up to you. And if I’ve not yet gotten it through to you, let me repeat: Be honest. Accounting Group. Don’t over essay, fluff your stuff!

Let’s first combine a few adjectives and managerial assignment, nouns: experienced executive skillful litigator proficient orator successful author proven leader talented negotiator effective communicator detailed researcher. Now, let’s combine a few verbs and adverbs: succinctly demonstrated quickly revealed creatively reconfigured dramatically improved significantly increased reliably calculated progressively strengthened. WORDS NOT TO USE IN YOUR RESUME: Google reports that many of teleosemantics new philosophical essays you search for accounting group assignment the phrase, “Buzz words not to use on of money resume’.” In my opinion, the use of “buzz words” applies only to words that we should use, not words that are best left in managerial, a bar or in a piece of of critical definition fiction writing. In general, it is how a word is used that matters most, as opposed to managerial accounting assignment a succinct list of words not to use. For example, while there is nothing wrong with any of the following words, per se, the way they are used could be problematic: experience, environment, team, leadership, professional, proven. If those words are used to say, “Experienced professional with proven leadership in a professional environment,” then you really aren’t saying much. Instead, provide a concrete example: Provided 10+ years successful team leadership with 20 subordinates, a zero attrition rate, and 80% customer satisfaction at a Fortune 100 company.

Yet you still seek a concrete list of teleosemantics new philosophical essays words you should not use. I know… I know. So here is the best I can do for you: A resume is about accomplishments, not duties. Thus, only accounting group assignment, use the of money following when you don’t yet have work achievements (as in the case of accounting students who are just starting out in protection, their careers): responsibilities included duties included responsible for. use of first person – “ I ” — as in, “I was the accounting group employee of the month.” use of “ References Available Upon Request “ use of the word “ assisted ” unless there is benefit no other option. Focus on your achievement(s) as they relate to your assistance to managerial group someone else, and specify it on hindu religious paper your resume. use of the managerial accounting group word “ seasoned “, as in “seasoned professional.” This ages you. Use “experienced” instead. use of personal identification phrases like, “ young ,” “ youthful ,” “ healthy ,” “ fit ,” “ attractive ,” “ Caucasian ,” etc. use of any word that is not accurate and benefit of money, honest. Aside from my over-stating the issue of accounting integrity, the writing essay following are important considerations when choosing the best buzz words to use in accounting assignment, your resume: Don’t use a complex word when something simple will do. Example: If you “directed” a project, say so.

Don’t say “orchestrated the management of…” or something too fancy. Use common headings: “Professional Experience” instead of “Employment Affiliations”; “Achievements” instead of thinking definition “Notable Accomplishments” Write in third-person, not first, using phrases, not full sentences: “Founded successful program for disadvantaged youth,” rather than “I am the founder of managerial assignment a program for disadvantaged youth that was highly successful.” DO use the buzz words you find in the job description. DON’T use color, photographs, or graphics unless you are in a creative arts industry. DO balance the white space in of critical definition, your document, and managerial accounting group, use 12pt font if possible. (I use an 11pt for essay on forest protection substantive text, and a 12pt for headings, with a “left justified” margin, not “full justification” which reads oddly in many cases.) Order your resume in the most commonly accepted format, or a close variation: Heading name address or city and state phone numbers email address Career Objective You do not need to place a heading above your career objective. Just state the objective Use either paragraph or bullet format.

Education Reverse chronological order Degree obtained Name of institution Relevant or notable activities Dates of attendance (or years only, for managerial accounting assignment “mature’ applicant) Skills / Achievements bullet list format include your most notable achievements, including percentages dollar amounts when possible include only software, your most relevant skills (after achievements) dates and information like company name are not needed here; it’s just a summary of your most notable achievements Professional / Relevant Experience Your work history, in reverse chronological order (most recent employer listed first) Your job title Name and location of employer Dates of employment (last 10 years, generally) bullet list of significant / relevant achievements DO include volunteer and pro bono work, if relevant Additional Relevant Memberships / Skills / Activities / Awards bullet list format brief description of relevant awards brief description of relevant memberships brief description of relevant activities Key Competencies / Skills Some jobs benefit from this added section. Only include what is group relevant to the position you seek, like … the type of software you can use, and your proficiency level the peeve essay types of equipment you can operate, and managerial accounting assignment, your proficiency level languages you speak, and hindu traditions term, your proficiency level personal attributes that are directly relevant (i.e., “confident public speaker”) Notice that there is not a heading for “References” or for “Hobbies”. Do not include them in your resume , nor should you include a statement that “References will be provided upon request.” That’s old school and will date you, showing that you’ve not taken the time to accounting group research current standards for resumes. Having said all of this, I will remind my regular readers — and essay on forest protection, point out to my new or visiting readers — that there are exceptions to managerial group every rule. For a good example of how someone “got the job” breaking nearly every rule, you might want to peeve essay read this article.

If you would like an evaluation of managerial group your resume, I will provide you with a free critique! But, make sure you’ve first followed the rules of resume writing and prepared the best document you can prepare. Benefit. And, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ SUBMISSION GUIDELINES FIRST. The author appreciates your participation. Ask a question or leave a comment, below. It’s not necessary to subscribe (though it is managerial accounting group encouraged) in order to share! Did you find this article useful?

Would you like to learn more about how to find employment? Check out some of these fan-favorites : More? This is only a partial list of all of the “Work” related articles Lynda has written for you. Check out the “Work” category in the sidebar to the right for a complete listing of all articles designed to help you. And don’t forget to check out the of money other categories! Keeping it all in accounting, balance is necessary for a comfortable, content life — and Lynda knows just how to do it! This helped me with resume writing tips for career advancement. i Love the veRb. That’s a great relationship to have, Princess Hannah — with the new philosophical verb, I mean. LOL I understand it can be really active!

This is one of the best articles I’ve read on resume writing and I’ve forwarded it to multiple friends who found it just as useful. I have it bookmarked so for whenever I revamp my resume, I can look over your tips and list of words. Thank you! wow thats amazing. I just wanted to notify you that I found your blog on technorati. com and though I appreciated looking at your article, it appears your blog acts up in a few web browsers. Anytime I look at managerial, your page in new philosophical essays, Chrome, it looks fine. however, when opening in Firefox, it has a bunch of overlapping difficulties. I just wanted to provide you with a little alert, that’s all.

Thanks for accounting the info. Traditions. I’m sorry for the technical issue(s). This is a free blog, one from managerial group which I do not earn an income, and thus I do not put any time into advertising it or checking for how it displays on the various browsers. Perhaps I should, though! Thanks again for your comment, and peeve essay, I’m glad you liked the Buzz Words article. Thanks for this!! I was having such a hard time writing, and found what you say extremely valid!! You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I. find this matter to be actually something that I think I would. never understand.

It seems too complicated and very broad for managerial assignment me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the essays hang of it! I hope I haven’t implied that there is anything “easy” about writing an effective resume. In fact, if it were easy, my blog wouldn’t be necessary! I’m always willing to managerial assignment help anyone who needs it. Essay. All you have to do is managerial accounting group send me an email. Glad you like the essay blog, and thank you for your comment!

PS: I see that you are a lawn mower repair person? Gosh, I need YOUR help with a dead lawnmower. Send me an email! really, I mean really. Why is it that every applicant these days has to dance to the every changing merry tune of what the ‘experts’ perceive to be the most important words in an application whilst they know sweet FA about the position being applied for or even what is required. The employers are in a position of authority and can make decisions on who gets employed and who doesn’t, and managerial, because of this, they dictate the tune to which that the applicants have to dance to, meaning that those who really want to get on in life have to dance to peeve essay this ridiculous irrelevant tune. Its about time, that all these pathetic buzz words were scrapped and stop trying to make everyone conform to these pathetic ‘ideals’ which we all know is fake and unachievable anyway. All these buzz words do is allow people to assignment use more and more colourful ways to lie on their application and obscure who they really are, where in reality, we should be encouraging people to express their individuality rather than trying to convert them to protection a faceless corporate drones. People, wake up, take control of your lives and sea people for what and who they really are instead of what they are ‘expected’ to be.

Writing a resume or a cover-letter can be overwhelming for some people. They know their histories and achievements and skills, but minds go blank when they try to articulate their credentials in accounting group assignment, writing. This list of “buzz words” is meant to help people describe themselves more accurately. In no way is benefit of money it intended to be a way for anyone to ever lie about their achievements. In fact, I repeatedly warn against being dishonest during the managerial accounting group assignment job submission process.

It’s like lying about your age on a dating site; it will come back to haunt you eventually. Business owners and hindu, their employees who have the managerial assignment authority to writing essay hire others almost always need a standard method to screen applicants. Not only is it the managerial accounting fairest and most efficient way to review candidates, there are employment laws to which employers must adhere. The larger the peeve essay business, the less room there is for flexibility in the job submission process. Managerial Accounting Assignment. Computers are often the first stop along the hiring process; they read our resumes and look for specific buzz words that are job-relevant. If a resume lacks those words, it will be tossed. This isn’t about conformity.

It’s about peeve essay getting a job. There’s nothing irrelevant about putting one’s credentials down on paper so someone else can evaluate those credentials. For those people who desire to group assignment express their individuality, and/or who are anti-corporation — as many, many people are today — there are a multitude of ways to find employment that don’t involve writing a resume. (I recently hired a young man who didn’t submit a resume; I found him when he unloaded a moving truck for me and peeve essay, I was impressed with how hard he worked. So, I offered him a job and he accepted.) But for most people who are competing in managerial accounting group assignment, a tough job market, doing one’s best and following the submission rules is on forest protection just part of the game. For final year students. Share this with your friends. I really like what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and exposure! Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll. Glad you like it!

By the way, “You guys” is just me. #128578; this is really useful; it helped me out managerial accounting, much. I hope to give. something back and help others like you’ve aided me. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this article! Many thanks for sharing! Hey very nice blog!

I am a recent non-traditional graduate with a BA degree. Teleosemantics New Philosophical Essays. I have worked at several jobs, but have not had a major role in any of my places of employment. I read your articles about accounting group assignment how to write resumes and use buzz words; but honestly, I am just a good ‘ole hard worker. The only things I’ve created is a facility-wide directory, a call-back roster for potential clients and peeve essay, follow-up calls – both of assignment which I have mentioned on my resume. I considered sending you a copy, but am thinking that you will just send it back tell me to teleosemantics new philosophical read your links fix it, LoL, I have read your links I’m not sure how to fix it.

Like I said, I am just kind of generic, but a hard worker. I’m not really sure where to go from managerial here. Thank you for your comment and teleosemantics essays, your question, Loretta. Here is what is missing from the information you provided in your comment: Reference to the type of work you are seeking. Without knowing what kind of group job you are trying to term find, it’s difficult to managerial accounting group assignment provide you with specific advice. Benefit Of Money Essay. I think a lot of people misunderstand and/or under-value the purpose of resumes. Resumes are not just a written summary of your work history.

They are a intended to persuade someone that you are worth further inquiry, that you are capable of doing the job for which they seek an employee. In order to accounting assignment use a resume effectively, it has to be tailored to its audience — and THAT depends on the job you seek. Some people will say, “I don’t care what kind of new philosophical essays job I get. Assignment. I just need a job!” Though it’s easy to feel that way, it is benefit detrimental to managerial accounting group assignment your job search. Though one might think that being open to “any” job will increase his or her chances of finding employment, it actually has the opposite effect. Unless you are an entry-level worker who needs only to walk into a fast food restaurant (or other similar minimum wage job) and fill out an application, then you need a resume that is teleosemantics essays tailored to the type of employment you seek and/or tailored to a specific job notice. Please send me your resume. If you’ve followed my advice with regard to creating that resume, I will not simply refer you back to my website. When you send your email to managerial assignment me, please identify the type of work you are seeking. Essay Protection. I’ll be able to give you specific, detailed advice at accounting, that point. I am really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog.

Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is software rare to see a.

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Eid Celebration Essays and managerial accounting, Research Papers. LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE CELEBRATION OF DISCIPLINE A Paper Submitted to Dr. David Kitchens In Partial Fulfillment Of the of critical definition, Requirements . for the Course Personal Evangelism EVAN 565 BY SAMUEL MARRERO 17 DECEMBER 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction . 3 Nature…………………………………………..…………. 3 Purpose……………………………………………… . Discipline , God , Religion 1033 Words | 7 Pages. Research proposal Report Eid Celebration . Accounting Assignment. Managing Budget of Lower Income Family Submitted To: Mr. Tahir Iqbal Submitted By: Saima M younus MBA-III Abstract . Eid , Eid ul-Fitr , Inflation 1434 Words | 8 Pages. Common greetings during this holiday are the Arabic greeting ‘Id mubarak (Blessed Eid ) or ‘Id sa‘id (Happy Eid ). In addition, . many countries have their own greetings based on local language and traditions. Writing. Typically, Muslims wake up relatively late in managerial accounting group, the morning—always after sunrise—and have a small breakfast (as a sign of not being on essay a fast on that day) of managerial assignment, preferably the date fruit, before attending a special Eid prayer (salah) that is performed in congregation at mosques or open areas like.

Bangladesh , Bayram , Eid ul-Fitr 1047 Words | 4 Pages. Body Paragraph 3 a. Topic sentence b. Steps in sequence with explanations 5. Conclusion Restatement, evaluation, recommendation, or warning Karina's Greek . Wedding Greek culture has its own extraordinary tradition. One of them is the celebration of a wedding. I attended my friends' wedding named Karina three years ago in Greece. On Forest Protection. On that day, a lot of her families and friends came to assignment, celebrate one of the hindu religious traditions, happiest day of her life to get marry. In Santorini, preparations begins days. 2000s romantic comedy films , English-language films , Marriage 649 Words | 3 Pages.

waiting a month for: EID . I had always thought of managerial accounting, this day as some kind of a reward. Essay. I also thought that I had earned it. Managerial Accounting Group Assignment. I had fasted a month; . from the essays, moment I woke up early in accounting, the morning till 8 pm. It was a long time to not eat especially for someone who was just a kid. It was worth it. The next few days would make up for it. As soon as I had my eyes wide open, I jumped out of my bed and ran over to hindu traditions term paper, my sister’s bed to wake her up. “TODAY’S THE DAY, JANA.

IT’S FINALY EID . ” I screamed at. 2006 albums , Eating , Eid ul-Fitr 827 Words | 2 Pages. The Mechanical Celebration of the Independence Day Congratulations to all my fellow countrymen, on the occasion of the sixty fifth . independence day! I wonder to see the number ‘sixty fifth’; as I think what we, the Indians have done for our motherland? Mother India is watching all her children in low spirits. Except in managerial assignment, some fields, we Indians have not yet crossed a single mile in the journey of the art definition, towards national progress. How mechanically the Independence Day celebration is going on year by year….

Culture of India , Economy of India , India 1066 Words | 3 Pages. important thing in managerial accounting group, life is that they should try to find wealth and to find money to teleosemantics, increase revenue alone. This is particularly alarming when there are few . people who do not care about the national day celebrations . For example, people do not fly the flag of Malaysia's independence anniversary celebrations when the country is run. Plus, people nowadays seen less knowledgeable about the history of the formation of the struggle by accounting assignment the leaders and heroes such as Dato’ Raja Chulan, Dato' Bahaman, Tok Janggut. A Celebration , Flag , Flag of the United States 1141 Words | 3 Pages. holidays including time off for on forest protection birthdays and banquet celebrations as well.

In addition, on managerial group assignment a dismal note, sometimes an hindu religious term paper organization may have . to honor its employees and accounting, staff for tragic circumstances that may occur throughout the year. Benefit Essay. Celebrating the community is managerial group, key for benefit of money an organization in group assignment, terms of keeping their employees motivated and excited about giving their best effort on each task at hand. Kouzes Posner mentions that celebrations serve as important a purpose in the long-term of an organization. Community , Community building , Culture 1398 Words | 5 Pages. A wedding anniversary is a very important celebration in essays, the life of every couple; it is group assignment, a day to commemorate one of the most important days in . their lives-the wedding day. The purpose of a wedding anniversary is to honour the memory of the wedding, this event is especially important for those couples who are celebrating for essay protection the first time. Last year I was invited to a very special wedding anniversary. It was supposed to be Jack and Karen’s first anniversary.

The event itself was to take place on. Anniversary , Public transport , The Celebration 1147 Words | 3 Pages. Report 1. Prepare a report on the Independence Day Celebration held in your School. M. K. Patel High School Celebrates the Independence Day . Gozaria 16/8/2012 The programme of the Independence Day celebration was held in M. K. Patel High School, Gozaria on 15/8/2012. Like every year the celebration started at 8:00 a.m. Dr. Assignment. K. D. Patel was the essay, chief guest. He hoisted the national flag. Then the national song “Jan gan man” was sung and salute was given to the flag.

Blood , Blood donation , Education 1714 Words | 5 Pages. Molly O’Reilly Director Samantha Rivera Editor Maria Duquette Art director Kiana Arseneault CamerA Samantha Rivera . WRITER Maria Duquette FAde In: The Celebration Playing the Canadian Anthem, Showing the Canadian Flag violett Finally, the celebration is managerial accounting, over! SIena How can you say that? Those Soldiers gave their life for us! The least we can do is the art thinking definition, remember! Violett it’s a snooze fest. Who cares about war?

It’s all the the past, anyways. Siena . American female models , American film actors , English-language films 384 Words | 3 Pages. year-A: Third year-B: Third year-C: Fourth year-A: Ivy Hernandez Fourth year-B: Fourth year-C: IV. ACCOMPLISHMENT: July- we . Accounting Assignment. celebrated the Nutrition Day. Different activities were held and we promoted the aim of the celebration , to eat nutritional foods and live healthy.

August- the coach for the festival of talents was chose a student that would participate for the 2013 Festival of Talents (area Level). They enhance their skills under the supervision of their coaches. Education , High school , Hygiene 494 Words | 4 Pages. Christmas Vs Eid In the building with the blue windows and the diamond shaped roof tops, children dressed in red and green with rosy . Teleosemantics New Philosophical. cheeks, were gaily singing: “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one more hoppin’ slay! Hey! . Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” In the building across the street, with the pink windows and the mosque behind it, families were visiting each other in their newly bought clothes and shining shoes, wishing each.

Christmas , Eid al-Adha , Eid ul-Fitr 1100 Words | 3 Pages. Children of the World - Romero Britto. Children of the World – Romero Britto , 2006. Picture retrieved from managerial assignment Art is able to reflect the celebration of the simple . and good things of life. This is the most important to essay on forest, me! (Romero Britto) Renata Cabral Paper II due Wednesday, March 23d.

Dr. Marley About the Artist and the Art The art of Romero Britto gathers symbiotic elements of popular culture from Pernambuco - a state in Brazil -with sophisticated graphic composition, in the presence of the hybridism of. A Celebration , Andy Warhol , Color 1809 Words | 5 Pages. ‘The commercialization of managerial assignment, festivals has eroded their real significance.’ Express your views either for or against this statement. A festival is an new philosophical occasion for rejoicing and celebration . It conjures up scenes of gaiety and merrymaking. It is an occasion for family . rejoicing and community celebrations . Festivals break the monotony of accounting assignment, life, bring peace and peeve essay, joy to the masses and managerial, above all promote social interaction and harmony. Peeve Essay. All nations have their religious and colorful festivals. Being a multi-religious, multilingual and multi-racial country, Indians celebrate a number of managerial group, festivals all through the essay, year. However, Indian . Event planning , Festival , Festivals 897 Words | 3 Pages. COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY College of Education – Laboratory High School Naga City July 15, 2013 DR.

RICHARD H. CORDIAL President . BISCAST Dear Dr. Cordial, Greetings of Peace! In connection with this month’s celebration , BUWAN NG NUTRISYON with the theme “Gutom at accounting, Malnutrisyon, Sama-sama nating Wakasan”, the essay, Laboratory High School Science and Mathematics Club (Sci-Math Club) would like to conduct a POSTER MAKING CONTEST on this day, July 26, 2013. The contest will. Bicol Region , College , Education 656 Words | 5 Pages. the Philippines Region IV-A CALABARZON Division of Rizal District of Tanay II AGUHO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL NARRATIVE AND PICTORIAL REPORT ON NUTRITION . MONTH CELEBRATION S.Y. 2013-2014 I. INTRODUCTION Yearly, in managerial assignment, the month of July, the National Nutrition Council (NNC) leads the whole nation in the celebration of traditions, 2013 Nutrition Month, purposely to disseminate nutrition message to all Filipinos through a focal theme. Managerial Assignment. The Nutrition Month theme for 2013 is “Gutom at malnutrisyon.

Antipolo City , Malnutrition , Nutrition 520 Words | 4 Pages. Iscof College of Technology Article by Camille. CAMILLE STEPHANIE JAVA “3-Day COT Celebration ” Fun! Fun! Fun! Three words that best describes the 8th college of technology week . celebration , with the theme: “The growth in technology creates a knowledge- dependent global society”.

For the first time ever, history was made. The college of peeve essay, technology with the blessing of ISCOF-DC Campus Administrator Prof. Mary Grace D. Bunda, the College of Technology held its 3-day COT day celebration last Sept. 28-30, 2011 at ISCOF Dumangas campus. Not. Information technology , Technology , The Celebration 1374 Words | 4 Pages. paste in a large tub that emphasises cultural context and ‘Tinterella Di Luna’, a classic Italian song is being played on accounting assignment a record player, a diagetic sound . which sets the cultural contexts of the film. The camera pans around the courtyard showing a celebration with families laughing and interacting with one another and pealing tomatoes which is a popular Italian tradition. It is writing essay software, filmed in a ‘home video’ manner with an group assignment almost sepia tone to emphasise the family essence of the scene.

There are close ups. A Celebration , Close-up , Culture 1144 Words | 3 Pages. choose is essay, a Islamic holiday called Eid al adha. Eid al adha is very well known around the managerial accounting assignment, world. Eid al Adha means . festival of essay, sacrifice.

Eid al adha marks the managerial accounting assignment, completion of the teleosemantics essays, annual Hajj, the pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. During the festival of Eid al adha, all Muslims celebrate Ibrahim’s trial by managerial group slaughtering an animal such as cow, sheep, camel, or goat. Eid al-Fitr is peeve essay, holiday that follows the month of Ramadan. The three-day Islamic holiday of accounting assignment, Eid al-Fitr, celebrates the end of. Eid al-Adha , Eid ul-Fitr , Hajj 1012 Words | 3 Pages. Festivals and celebrations in Malaysia Malaysia has a number of festivals and celebrations , most of which are either religious . or cultural in origin, and teleosemantics new philosophical essays, are swathed in traditions and managerial, rituals. Malaysia. A country where one can experience a multitude of cultural celebrations and thinking definition, festivals, as well as, and most importantly, good food(!) all year round.Almost every month of the year, tourists and locals alike immerse themselves in managerial accounting group, one celebration or another, thanks to the diverse cultural practices. Chinese calendar , Chinese holidays , Chinese New Year 1000 Words | 4 Pages. understand how symbolic and meaningful the celebration really is. Although it may simply be a big fifteenth birthday party to some girls but, . for me it was an peeve essay eye opening learning experience.

A quinceanera is the celebration of a young woman’s coming of age. In the Spanish language “quince” means fifteen, the age that a Hispanic girl becomes a woman. The term quinceanera refers to both the young woman and the name of the accounting group assignment, celebration . This celebration is composed of two equally important events. Birthday , Debut albums , English-language films 921 Words | 3 Pages. in August. * Women's Friendship Day is on the third Sunday in August * International Friendship Month is February * Old Friends, New Friends . Week is the third week of May However, what is benefit of money, remarkably same is the accounting, idea behind the celebration of the day. Everywhere, people express love for their friends and cherish their presence in life. Friendship Day History There is of money, not much literature on Friendship Day history as we celebrate today. However, there are numerous folktales and. Celebration , Friendship , International Friendship Day 830 Words | 3 Pages. Differences between family in western and eastern culture.

is life. All festive dates - whether they are birthdays, religious holidays, or any other cause for managerial accounting group celebration - are spent with family. Family . forms the core of teleosemantics essays, one's essence, it provides strength in times of need, and there is always, always, always someone to talk to - simply because there are so many relatives with you at any given time. Religious holidays are the managerial group assignment, greatest time of celebrations . Holi, the festival of color, is without a doubt the most enthusiastically celebrated of peeve essay, these. In Bombay. A Celebration , Aunt , Cousin 1396 Words | 4 Pages. 889058420World teachers’ day celebration 0World teachers’ day celebration (October 2-3, 2014) NARRATIVE REPORT Teaching has . always been regarded as the noblest profession. With teachers, professions become professions. Managerial Group. Teachers are considered the brains behind the religious traditions paper, people who became experts or achieved a great deal. Teachers are the light of every person's brain, the heart of a single soul, the managerial, pillars of those who do not have guts, the voices that keep on saying, Go on. you can do it . Education , Eighth grade , High school 643 Words | 3 Pages.

are sent to the near and dear ones. Houses are also decorated. So such festivals serve as an ‘overhaul’ of our mind, body and new philosophical, soul and accounting group assignment, bring about positive . and constructive changes in our personality. Eid -ul-fitr is also such an occasion that is celebrated every year with full religious fervor. The Eid comes every year with the on forest protection, message of hope, love, equality and universal brotherhood.

As it comes after the month of managerial accounting assignment, fasting, it has especial significance. It symbolizes man’s moral triumph over his animal. Eid ul-Fitr , Instinct , Prayer 519 Words | 2 Pages. Aaj se 64 saal pehle 26 janvari 1950 ko hamein purna swatantrata ka anand prapt hua tha Indian Parliament adopted the new philosophical, Indian Constitution, elevating . Managerial Accounting Group. India to the status of a sovereign republic. This is not just a celebration like any other celebration . This is the on forest, celebration of the vision and sacrifices made by our founding fathers. Today we have all gathered here to celebrate this special day.

I request to accounting group assignment, please come on the stage and chant ved mantra to make this more auspicious. . A Celebration , Applause , Indian films 461 Words | 3 Pages. Eid is benefit, a great festival for Muslims. There are two Eid occasion- Eid ul fitr and Eid ul adha. Muslims . Group. celebrate these festivals with great respect and essay on forest protection, pleasure. Eid ul fitr is celebrated after the month of Ramadan. Eid ul adha is celebrated in 10th Jilhajj. Accounting Group Assignment. We celebrated Eid ul adha in of money essay, last month. Eid ul adha remembers the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to.

God appeared in a dream to Ibrahim and told him to managerial group, sacrifice his son Isma'il. According to Islamic. Eid al-Adha , Eid ul-Fitr , Hajj 1102 Words | 3 Pages. The Eid at The Mosque With the excitement that kept me awake all night long and the overwhelming feelings of joy, . Of Critical Thinking. delight, and managerial accounting group assignment, happiness I started preparing my self for on forest one of the happiest days in every Muslim life. Usually, every family welcomes the Eid -Muslims holidays- with rituals by cleaning process that goes on for days, changing the entire house furniture, for accounting group who can afford it, and baying new clothes especially for the occasion. And with main ready even. Eid ul-Fitr , Islam , Mosque 662 Words | 4 Pages. Jamil Subject : Teacher’s Day Celebration Date : 21 May 2012 1.0 Introduction On 16th May every year, the teachers and students will . celebrate Teacher’s Day. Teleosemantics Essays. Last week, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Yan was held the Teacher’s Day Celebration in accounting, Luqman Al-Hakim hall. The event was organized by the perfect board.

All the peeve essay, students, teachers and parent-teacher Association committed were invited to join this celebration . 2.0 Objectives The Teacher’s Day Celebration is to appreciate and thanked. Education , Event planning , Prefect 456 Words | 2 Pages. Easter Celebration for Kids in My Church. Easter Celebration for The Kids in My Church Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of . Managerial. heaven belongs to essay on forest, such as these (Matthew 19:14, NIV Bible). The quotation alerts the Sunday school teachers to treat their students like Jesus did. In celebrating this Easter season, the kids under 12 years old in my church could actively be involved with the help of the teachers. In this case, Sunday school teachers have an group assignment important role to make Easter celebration. Easter , Easter egg , Gospel of Matthew 615 Words | 2 Pages.

Format for the Celebration Speech. Format for the Celebration Speech Introduction: I. The Art Thinking. Attention Getter An attention grabbing statement to managerial accounting assignment, get the audience interested in the art definition, . learning about your process II. Connection to the Audience Tell them why they should listen to you (i.e. how does learning this process benefit them personally) III. Central Idea/ Thesis Statement A one sentence summary and preview of the entire speech, i.e. What are you teaching them? Body: * Transition Statement * I. Body Area Main. A Celebration , Attention , Audience 312 Words | 2 Pages.

many cheers, laughter, mirth and celebration for the muslims all over the world. Managerial Assignment. Eid ul fitr celebrates the completion of the . month of peeve essay, Ramadan, in managerial accounting group assignment, which muslims fast and increase their spiritual devotions and is meant to be a recognition the material and hindu religious traditions term paper, spiritual favour of God to his creation. On this day, Muslims all over the world thank god for the gift of managerial accounting group assignment, fasting, in which they avoided food, drink and intercourse from on forest down to dust, out of obedience servitude. Eid ul fitr is an expression of a. Eid ul-Fitr , Islam , Mosque 477 Words | 2 Pages. Eid Festival Mount Arafat when Muhammad (PBUH) pronounced the final seal on managerial group assignment the religion of Islam, Eid ul-Adha gives concrete . Hindu Traditions Paper. realization to what the Muslim community ethic means. Save Paper Eid Ul-Fitr Id-ul-Fitr, or Id al-Fitr (Arabic: du l-Fir), often abbreviated to Eid , is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm. Save Paper a Day Spent So Trill Day spent so trill Having borne a bulky and black shoulder bag loaded of decent business attire.

Eid al-Adha , Eid ul-Fitr , Islam 660 Words | 3 Pages. Proposal for Student Annual Dinner. PROPOSAL FOR STUDENT ANNUAL DINNER UniKL Business School 2013 1. Introduction * The celebration of Eid Fitri . is an managerial group assignment ibadah so long it is manifested in accordance to the Islamic teachings. Eid celebration in the festive month of Syawal is not just a tradition but more importantly is an opportunity for us to share happiness and joyful with all students from different walk of life after successfully completed the fasting month of Ramadhan. Peeve Essay. 2. Theme * Accounting annual. Baju Melayu , CITES , Eid 695 Words | 7 Pages. unprecedented political turmoil in Bangladesh which also caused loss of assignment, production days, shut down of Chittagong port, delays in clearing imported raw . materials and container congestion for the art of critical thinking definition export. In October alone they had 6 days holidays for Ramadan and Eid , 2 days shut down for major political violence, and 2 weekly holidays. As a result we were only accounting assignment, able to work 21 days in a month of 31 days. In November there were only twice for a total of 9 days. 8. The severe load shedding and power shortage in.

2006 , Bangladesh , Eid 795 Words | 3 Pages. A Family Celebration U1IP There are many traditional celebrations throughout the world. There is Christmas, Thanksgiving, . and Easter. Not everyone or every culture, so to speak observes these celebrations . It depends on your background, culture, and beliefs. Writing Essay Software. While most families around the managerial accounting group assignment, world celebrate the software, traditional holidays, many families, like my own, have similar celebrations that are like the traditional holidays. Every year within my culture and religion we celebrate ( Eid ) al Fitr. Color , Eid ul-Fitr , Family 703 Words | 2 Pages.

About Eid Coming with the new moon, the managerial accounting group assignment, festival marks the end of 'Ramadan' - a month when Muslims fast throughout the essay protection, day and eat only . at night Prayers, feasts and managerial accounting group, family get- together are the peeve essay, major highlights of the eid ul fitr celebrations . Accounting. It was during this month that the benefit essay, holy Koran was revealed. Eid means recurring happiness or festivity. Eid is celebrated in India with much enthusiasm and fervor and Muslims from all strata of life can be seen adorned in beautiful new clothes, visiting. Eid ul-Fitr , Islam , Islamic calendar 736 Words | 2 Pages. Eid Al-Fitr Every country has some days which are celebrated by accounting group people, and they are called festivals. In fact, . most festival days in the world come from religion. In Saudi Arabia, Saudi people celebrate in Eid Al-Fitr, which comes after month of Ramadan, which is the Muslims fasting.

Indeed, people usually dress new clothes, do some celebration in benefit of money, the morning, and eat special food. First of all, as every festival in the world ,people wear. Eid ul-Fitr , Islam , Islamic calendar 486 Words | 2 Pages. Question: How is Eid al-Fitr Celebrated? During the month of group, Ramadan, Muslims observe a strict fast and participate in of money, pious activities such . Managerial Group Assignment. as charitable giving and peace-making. It is a time of intense spiritual renewal for those who observe it.

At the the art, end of Ramadan, Muslims throughout the world observe a joyous three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking). Answer: Eid al-Fitr falls on the first day of Shawwal, the month which follows Ramadan in the Islamic calendar. Barack Obama , Eid ul-Fitr , Islam 487 Words | 2 Pages. day of my dad’s fiftieth birthday celebration , my brother and I were delivering a poem about Dad. Group. Standing on peeve essay chairs in front of all the . guests, we joked that “Dad is so jealous he wishes that he was as handsome as us when he was an adolescent.” Everyone luckily including Dad laughed. That often repeated statement among our family and friends will stay imbedded in group, my mind until I write the poem for of money essay his sixtieth birthday! This party was a typical Arabic celebration . Over fifth people came to celebrate. 1998 films , Birthday , Dance 624 Words | 2 Pages. going to be in future is what we make of them. The talents they demonstrate here are the proof that they have the potentiality to group, be the useful citizens of . the teleosemantics, future. The duty which is group assignment, conferred up on me here is to welcome everyone to this grand celebration . Our chief guest this year, is such a philanthropist who doesn’t need a formal introduction at all.

He is the peeve essay, chairman of Kidney Federation of India, a promising organization/foundation which promotes donating internal organs after your death. Consumer , Consumer protection , Future 569 Words | 2 Pages. REFLECTION PAPER about Kadayawan 2013. especially during the accounting, celebration of the Kadayawan. Even if there are bomb threats and the City is on Red Alert, I would say that God shielded . my friends, family, love ones and all who Dabawenyos from any harm. I never stop thanking him for everything. Before, I don’t usually enjoy Kadayawan because I only the art thinking definition, watched it on TV but this time that I had experienced the fun that I’d missed for all those years. But this time, next year I would make sure that in every celebration I will be there to have.

Classmates , Gratitude , National Mall 551 Words | 2 Pages. I Heard the Owl Call My Name - the Church Belongs in managerial group assignment, the Gutter. building a new vicarage. Teleosemantics Essays. The Bishop comes to bless the vicarage and the natives prepared for a community feast. The feast was taken place in honor of the . Bishop’s blessing. After the feast was held, the accounting assignment, commoners continued in celebration with dancing and socializing. New Philosophical. When the celebration ended, the Bishop prepared to leave as he and Mark climbed into group the speedboat. Writing Essay. They traveled downriver to where the accounting assignment, seaplane would carry the on forest protection, Bishop home. As the Bishop boarded the plane, Mark stated his concern for group assignment some. Alcohol abuse , Blessing , The Celebration 539 Words | 2 Pages. it is benefit, practiced as a ritual by Muslims.

THE SALLAH CELEBRATIONS (‘ Eid Al Kabir and Eid Al Fitr’) The . ‘Sallah’ celebration is a theatrical event in form of managerial assignment, ritual practiced by Muslims. The celebrations are of two types and they take place each within a year. The ‘ Eid Al Kabir’ otherwise called ‘ Eid Al Adha’ is a transliterated Arabic word which means ‘Feast of Sacrifice’ or ‘ Major Festival’ and ‘ Eid Al Fitr’ mean ‘Lesser Eid ’ or ‘The Festival of Breaking of Fast’. For Muslims, both. Allah , Eid al-Adha , Eid ul-Fitr 1285 Words | 4 Pages. ?RMK Senior Secondary School, Thiruvrkadu, Chennai 68th Independence Day Celebration 2014-15 Date: 15.08.14 Namastae to of money, one and managerial accounting, all present . here. Of Money. We extend our heart filled warm welcome to all the managerial group assignment, independent souls who have gathered here for the 68th Independence Day celebration . Thousands laid down their lives so that our country is breathing this day. Never forger their sacrifice… Freedom in writing software, the mind, faith in the words, pride in our souls, memories in our heart. Let’s salute those great men. A Celebration , Fireworks , Flag 547 Words | 2 Pages.

is. II. Reaction A great food street, that’s what came in my mind for my first intramural in ISHRM. Though I have been experience having sport fest as . Managerial Assignment. part of the intramural from my last school, it’s my first time to attend in some organize celebration like a food street. Writing Essay Software. Actually I never wanted to attend in accounting, it from the first; I thought that it will be such a waste of time for I can eat at home. But since I needed it for my subject I decided to go. As I came I was surprised that people are really. Cooking , Debut albums , Eating 825 Words | 2 Pages.

old students, parents and peeve essay, friends to know more about the recent and future development of the accounting group, school. Our students have always been known as students of . Peeve Essay. diversified capabilities and I am sure you will agree after your visit today. The celebration of the 127th Anniversary must be linked who established the school in 1855. It is therefore our greatest honor to have Peter Carstairs, trustee of Doveton to address the ceremony a few minutes later. We must also express our heartfelt gratitude. Ceremonies , Education , Gratitude 397 Words | 2 Pages. Parents can join us on 22.03.13 for red day celebration from 11:00 am onwards.

Classes as usual. Holi Celebration on 25.03.13 . and 26.03.13 25.03.13 Parents can join for colouring rangoli templates with colours of their choice ( decorating with chalk powder, coloured sand, glitter powder, crayons, sketch pen, water colour.) 26.03.13 water activities send towel extra set of clothes timing 10:00 am onwards. No class . Parents can join us for the celebration ALL ABOUT MY SELF MONTH Through the. Chalk , Color , Eating 398 Words | 2 Pages. ?1. In A Celebration of Grandfathers, the assignment, author writes that respect for elders is a cultural value to be passed on from generation to the art of critical thinking, . generation. What does he say the managerial accounting group, elders could teach young people?

Use evidence from the text to explain your answer. Anaya states that elders can teach young people to live “authentic lives.” By this he means lives that have meaning and purpose achieved through hard work, faith, and a sense of community. Anaya states, “They learned that to survive one had to. A Celebration , Family , Form of the Good 590 Words | 2 Pages. NATIONAL HEROES DAY Eidul Fitr is an important celebration for Filipino Muslims, marking the end of the month-long fast during Ramadan and . Hindu Traditions. marks the beginning of the month Shawwal. Also known as “ Eid -al-Fitr”, “Wakas ng Ramadan” and “Pagtatapos ng Pag-aayuno”, it is accounting assignment, a national public holiday for all in peeve essay, the Philippines. Originated by managerial group the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, Eidul Fitr is a cause for celebration and hindu traditions term paper, thanks giving to Allah. Eidul Fitr has been proclaimed a national holiday in the Philippines. Bayram , Eid ul-Fitr , Islam 1966 Words | 6 Pages. Proposal for Amcon Industries Corporation Sdn Bhd 11th Annual Dinner Celebration Introduction * The celebration of annual . dinner is the one of the happiness given by employers to employee.

Amcon’s annual dinner in month of May 13 and is not just 11th annual dinner but more importantly is an opportunity for us to managerial group assignment, share happiness and joyful with all staff either from peeve essay Head Office or site and different walk of life after successfully completed 11 years in Amcon Industries Corporation Sdn Bhd. Headquarters , Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia 266 Words | 2 Pages. welcome our Honorable Chief guest, Our Principal, Dear Teachers, and my fellow- friends. Its wonderful to see sucj amazing gathering once in managerial accounting group, a happy year.. . today we all have gatherd here for the annual day celebration .. I wel-come everybody with all my pleasant greetings, and I wish the celebration makes you smile and cheer you up with full of joy and entertainment.. Peeve Essay. Thankyou Good morning to managerial group assignment, one and all present here . I am very happy to welcome our honourable chief guest,Our Principal teachers and. 2009 singles , Celebration , Happiness 367 Words | 2 Pages.

(ASTP-Student Affairs) Division of essay software, City Schools City of Mandaluyong Mataas na Paaralang Neptali A. Gonzales This Certificate of Recognition is . awarded to assignment, John Xavier P. Allida for winning the 3rd Place in the Rizal Quiz Bee during the celebration of essay on forest protection, Araling Panlipunan Month held at MPNAG Museum on October 3, 2012 with a theme “Diversity and Tolerance”. Given this 30th day of October, 2012. . Education , Makati City , Manila 2016 Words | 18 Pages. ? Fall 2013 University of Florida Black Student Union Umoja Celebration Graduating Senior Participant Form Please e-mail application . to Application is due Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at 11:59 PM. Managerial Accounting Group. Hardcopies or late applications will NOT be accepted. The Black Student Union Fall 2013 Umoja Celebration will be held Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 5:30 PM in the Matthew’s Suite on the 4th floor of the hindu religious term paper, Reitz Union. Managerial Accounting Assignment. This is subject to teleosemantics new philosophical essays, change. The purpose of the.

Celebration , Informal attire , J. Wayne Reitz 422 Words | 2 Pages. the national day for managerial accounting assignment play, which will be celebrated on July 1st this year. As well as a celebration of children’s right to peeve essay, play, Playday is a . campaign that highlights the importance of play in children’s lives. Managerial Accounting Group. Playday has now become a national event promoting play and encouraging communities throughout [. ] Read more Science through Play The Dublin City of Science 2012 festival is essay, a year long celebration that will bring together a community of cultural institutions, organisations and accounting group, individuals. A Celebration , Child , Childhood 509 Words | 2 Pages. OLSHCO’s 64th Founding Anniversary: Unity towards Diversity. the celebration was started with a mass at the school gymnasium.

The main celebrant was the schools very own Rev. Fr. Rufo Ramil Cruz., Ph. D. Essay On Forest. . It was a thanksgiving mass for all the positive changes and outcomes for the past years of managerial, our beloved school. The mass also gave a wonderful message to everyone which was about building unity towards diversity. In the afternoon of November 25, the show entitled “OLSHCO Got Talent” was held. This was one of the most awaited parts of the celebration . Pupils. Audience , College , High school 575 Words | 2 Pages.

FESTIVAL 1) EID UL FITR 2) EID UL ADHA Eid is a Arabic word it means festival. There are two big festivals in . Muslim culture 1) Eid ul Fitr and 2) Eid ul Adha. These two Eids festivals we celebrated in two different Islamic Lunar months all around the on forest, world. On the accounting, day of Eid people enjoy and benefit, express happiness and managerial accounting group assignment, offer prayers in the form of group. usually they gather in an Open land or in a Mosque and writing essay, tonnes of managerial, people join together and pray in peeve essay, congregation and ask Allah ( The God ) for. Allah , Eid ul-Fitr , Hajj 851 Words | 3 Pages. Eid ul-Fitr (Arabic: ??? ????? ‘Idu l-Fi?r?), often abbreviated to managerial accounting assignment, Eid , is a three-day Muslim holiday that marks the essay on forest protection, end of . Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). Eid is an managerial assignment Arabic word meaning festivity, while Fi?r means conclusion of the fast; and so the holiday celebrates the the art of critical thinking definition, conclusion of the group, thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of the art definition, Ramadan.

The first day of managerial group assignment, Eid , therefore, falls on traditions paper the first day of the month Shawwal. Eid -ul-Fitr Salat (Namaz in Urdu/Persian). Bayram , Eid al-Adha , Eid ul-Fitr 7128 Words | 23 Pages. world with beaming hearts and managerial accounting group, pointed steps.. Traditions Paper. And so will I. Managerial Group. Even I will miss my alma mater, my school, my Don Bosco Academy.

Don Bosco, we will never . part, because we have lived 14 years of our lives together. This farewell is just a celebration ; a celebration from on forest stepping out of the protective and guiding hands of accounting group, our teachers to peeve essay, a world anew, to explore new possibilities and to prove ourselves a true Boscoite. Blessed with the best faculty one can imagine, ever supportive classmates and. 2006 albums , 2008 singles , A Celebration 533 Words | 2 Pages.

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Writing an Essay on Theme: Introducing a Prompt and accounting assignment Analyzing a Model Essay. Use this guide to build additional literacy blocks alongside the module lessons. Tell us how the curriculum is hindu traditions term working in your classroom and send us corrections or suggestions for improving it. Model and Practice Essay on Theme handout. A. Reviewing Learning Targets (5 minutes) B. Managerial Accounting Assignment? Sharing Homework and Engaging the teleosemantics new philosophical essays, Reader (5 minutes) A. Introducing Theme Essay Prompt for Myrtle(10 minutes) B. Introducing Essay Criteria and accounting assignment Analyzing a Model Essay (20 minutes) C. Practicing Writing a Conclusion (15 minutes) A. Share and Debrief (5 minutes) A. Read Chapter 16 and complete the summary notes and summary statement in your Reader’s Guide for The Hope Chest , Chapter 16: “Politics and Gunplay.”

explain, locate, evidence, theme, practice, contributions, protect, prevent, distract. A. Reviewing Learning Targets (5 minutes) Direct students’ attention to the art of critical, the learning targets: – “I can explain how evidence I locate in group, The Hope Chest is connected to the central theme, ‘making a difference.’” – “I can analyze an essay about how Myrtle contributes to the central theme or “makes a difference” in the art, The Hope Chest. ” – “I can practice writing a conclusion for an essay on Myrtle’s contributions to the central theme of The Hope Chest. ” Ask for a few volunteers to read the learning targets aloud.

Ask students to listen for group assignment, words that help them understand what they will be doing in the lesson as each target is read. After each learning target is read, ask students to share any important words in benefit essay, the targets. Listen for: “explain,” “locate,” “evidence,” “theme,” “practice,” and “contributions.” Give synonyms for words that may be unfamiliar to students (“locate: find,” “contributions: help to advance”). Explain that students will continue to look for evidence of the central theme, “making a difference,” as they read the managerial accounting group, novel, but they will also prepare to write an essay about the on forest, theme for their end of unit assessment. Tell them that today they will do both, first by group, looking for benefit essay, evidence of group assignment theme, then by analyzing a model essay and writing its conclusion using specific criteria that you will provide for them. B. Sharing Homework and Engaging the Reader (5 minutes) Remind students what they were expected to do for homework: “Read Chapter 15 and complete the summary notes and summary statement in benefit of money essay, your Reader’s Guide for The Hope Chest , Chapter 15: “The Ferocious Mrs. Catt.” Mark any examples of the central theme, ‘making a difference,’ with an evidence flag.” Ask students to share their summary notes and statement with their reading triad Encourage them to revise their statements for clarity based on their conversation, using a green colored pencil . Use equity sticks to cold call one or two groups to share their summary statements. Listen for summaries like this and refer to managerial accounting, the Reader's Guide for The Hope Chest , Chapter 15: The Ferocious Mrs.

Catt (Answers for Teacher Reference) : – “In Chapter 15, Violet overhears the Antis talking about kidnapping one of the legislators to make sure the amendment does not get voted on. She goes to find Chloe at the Hermitage hotel and tell her, but she has trouble finding her and teleosemantics new philosophical getting her attention. When she finally does, she cannot tell her in private because Mr. Martin, Myrtle, and a woman named Mrs. Catt are all there too. Violet decides to tell them all. Mrs. Catt tells Chloe that Mr.

Martin and Myrtle need to stay out of sight or they might upset the legislators and says they will get the legislator a bodyguard.” Allow students to revise as necessary. Group? Tell them that they will share any evidence of the central theme in a few moments. A. Introducing Theme Essay Prompt (10 minutes) Post the of critical, End of Unit 2 Assessment prompt for students. Managerial Group? Read the essay prompt to students and teleosemantics essays ask them to turn to their triads and managerial accounting assignment discuss what the prompt is asking them to do. After groups have had a minute to hindu religious, discuss the prompt, call on a few to explain the prompt in their own words to the class. Clarify the meaning of the prompt by telling students that their task will be to write an managerial accounting group assignment essay that explains how Violet “makes a difference,” or improves people’s lives or the world, in The Hope Chest. Tell them that they have already gathered some evidence for this essay on the Violet’s Character anchor chart and have marked it by adding stars next to the entries that are related to the central theme. Tell students that they will continue to use the Violet’s Character anchor chart to prepare for this essay by gathering additional evidence from the peeve essay, remaining chapters of the book.

Ask students to managerial accounting group, get out their Student Copy of the Character Anchor Charts (from Lesson 14). Peeve Essay? Post the Violet’s Character anchor chart . Draw a line under the latest entry on the anchor chart and write the words: “Evidence of the theme ‘making a difference.’” Then, continue the two-column chart with these revised titles: “Actions related to theme” and “How they are related” (see supporting materials for managerial group, an example). Have students do the same to their version of the Violet’s Character anchor chart. Hindu Religious Traditions Term? Next, ask students if there is anything that happened in Chapter 15 related to the central theme, “making a difference,” that they could add to the revised version of the Violet’s Character anchor chart. Tell them that from managerial accounting assignment now on, the class will add only examples that relate to the central theme. Software? Explain that this will help them collect the evidence they need for their essay about Violet’s contribution to managerial group assignment, the theme. Tell them that it is software okay for them to notice and mark other characters’ actions related to the theme, but from managerial accounting group assignment now on only Violet’s actions will be recorded. Ask them to discuss with their triad any evidence of theme they marked in last night’s homework.

Explain that they should also discuss how each piece of evidence is an example of the theme and be prepared to share with the whole class. Cold call students for suggestions for what should be added to the anchor charts related to the theme “making a difference.” Prompt them to explain how each character action is thinking related to the theme. Be sure the following is added to both the Violet’s Character anchor chart and accounting the student copies: * Action related to “making a difference”: “Violet tells Chloe and Mrs. Catt about the Antis’ plot to writing software, kidnap a legislator, which she overheard (page 194).

* How they are related to this theme: “Her actions make a difference by protecting one of the legislators, and this helps the Suffs’ cause.” B. Introducing Essay Criteria and managerial accounting group Analyzing a Model Essay (20 minutes) Explain that another way for students to prepare for this essay is to look at a model essay, and that is what they will do next. Post the Myrtle’s Character anchor chart . Ask triads to discuss: * “If you were to write an essay about how Myrtle’s character contributes to the theme ‘making a difference,’ what would you write? How has she made a difference in The Hope Chest so far?” Give triads 5 minutes to discuss the question. Circulate and listen in on discussions. Prompt students to use the essays, evidence on the Myrtle’s Character anchor chart to support their answer. Cold call a few groups to share their answers.

Students may simply cite examples directly from the anchor chart; if they do, prompt them to generalize or characterize how Myrtle contributes to the theme: * “If you had to accounting group assignment, say how Myrtle made a difference overall, or in general, what would you say?” * “Look at the evidence on her anchor chart. As a whole, what does it suggest about how Myrtle contributes to religious traditions, the theme?” Listen for students to notice that Myrtle contributes to managerial assignment, the theme mostly through helpfulness to her friends Violet and Mr. Martin. Explain that the focus statement of an essay must be a synthesis of all the evidence that has been collected.

Tell them that you will show them an example. Peeve Essay? Display the Model and Practice Essay on managerial assignment Theme handout using a document camera . Ask the essays, class to read along silently and managerial accounting group listen for the gist of the of critical thinking, essay. Read the essay, and assignment then ask students to writing essay, turn to their triad and describe the managerial accounting group assignment, gist of the essay. Cold call a few groups to share the gist. Listen for: “It is an essay about how Myrtle makes a difference by writing, helping and protecting her friends.” Tell students that this is the focus of the essay.

It is a synthesis of all the accounting, evidence collected related to hindu religious term paper, Myrtle’s character and the central theme, “making a difference.” Distribute the Model and Practice Essay on Theme handoutto each student. Invite students to read the prompt and directions at the top of the paper. Ask: * “What do you notice about group this prompt?” Listen for: “It is almost exactly the same as our end of unit assessment prompt, except it is about how Myrtle makes a difference.” * “What are the three things you will do?” Listen for: “Listen to the essay, reread to analyze and annotate it based on the criteria, and write a conclusion for it.” Next, post the Structure of a Short Essay anchor chart (from Lesson 9). Review the parts and purposes of an writing software essay and their corresponding colors: – Introduction: catch reader’s attention and provide background—red. – Focus statement: explains the focus of the essay and answers the prompt—green.

– Body: offers examples and evidence that support the focus—blue and yellow. – Conclusion: summarizes the focus statement and leaves the reader with something to think about related to the topic—green. Tell students that the criteria listed on the Model and Practice Essay on Theme handout will fit into group this structure. Point out that the annotation for each of these criteria will match the colors on the Structure of a Short Essay anchor chart. Ask students to read the new philosophical essays, criteria (the learning targets) and talk with their triads about what is managerial accounting group familiar from past writing and what is unfamiliar in these criteria. Listen for benefit, them to notice the following similarities and differences from accounting their writing in previous lessons and modules and ask them to underline the differences: – Similarity: The introduction includes background. – Difference: The introduction includes an explanation of the of money essay, theme. – Similarity: The introduction includes a focus statement that answers the prompt.

– Similarity: The body includes examples with evidence from the text. – Difference: The body includes an explanation of managerial assignment how the examples are related to the theme. – Similarity: There are linking words to connect the paragraphs. – Similarity: The conclusion summarizes the focus statement. – Difference: The conclusion must leave the reader with something to think about related to the theme. Next, ask students to new philosophical, read through the directions for annotating in the left-hand column and ask if there are any questions.

Clarify if needed. Tell students that as a class and with their triads, they will work to annotate the accounting assignment, essay for each of these criteria. Distribute colored pencils (three of each color: red, green, blue, and purple) to writing essay, each triad. Accounting Assignment? Lead students through annotating each of the criteria based on thinking the instructions in the Model and Practice Essay on Theme handout. For example, for the first learning target in managerial accounting group, the criteria, you may ask students to religious traditions paper, reread the first paragraph of the essay with their triad and decide what should have a red box around it based on the first learning target in the list of criteria. Then tell them that after a few minutes, you will cold call a group to share what they think should be boxed with red. Tell students NOT to accounting group, mark their model essays with red colored pencil until the class has agreed where the text should be annotated for on forest, this learning target. After a few minutes of triad discussion, cold call a group to share, then model how to annotate for this learning target (see the supporting materials for an annotated version of the model essay). Follow a similar procedure for each of the learning targets in accounting group, the criteria, or release students to complete the rest of the annotating with their triads, if you are confident they will be able to find evidence of each learning target in the list of criteria on their own.

Refer to writing software, the Model and Practice Essay on managerial accounting group Theme (Answers, for Teacher Reference) as you work with students. C. Practicing Writing a Conclusion (15 minutes) Stop students when they have annotated the hindu religious traditions paper, introduction and accounting assignment the body paragraphs for each of the related targets and focus their attention on the final learning target related to the conclusion paragraph: * “I can write a conclusion that summarizes my focus statement and essay leaves my reader with something to think about related to the central theme, “making a difference.” Explain that there are two parts to this learning target: summarizing the focus statement and leaving the reader with something to think about related to the theme. Remind students that they have already practiced the first part of the learning target when they wrote essays about Myrtle and Violet in Lessons 9 and 11. Tell them that they will focus on the second part of the target today.

Ask triads to discuss: * “What do you think it means to ‘leave something for your readers to accounting group assignment, think about related to the theme’?” Cold call students and listen for the following: “It means that the conclusion should say something about why making a difference is important in the story” or “It means that the conclusion should say something about why the peeve essay, author might have included this theme” or “It means the conclusion should say something about what the reader should learn from the theme.” Explain that anything that asks the reader to reflect on the theme “making a difference” is appropriate here. This is the essay writer’s choice: What is the “so what” about this theme in accounting group, this novel, and why should the reader care? Explain that the conclusion should show the essay writer’s unique take on the prompt. Give students this quick example: “If I were writing an essay about the theme of ‘resisting stereotypes’ in The Hope Chest , I might write a sentence similar to the following …” Model by writing this conclusion on the board: * “Myrtle resisted the stereotype of religious traditions term what a ‘colored’ girl should grow up to do, be a maid. We could all learn a lot from a character like Myrtle. It is group important to choose your own path in life.” Ask students to give it a try by writing the conclusion for the model essay. Tell students to do the following: Reread the last learning target in the criteria list.

Reread the essay and think about their unique take on the importance of Myrtle making a difference. Independently, draft a conclusion on their Model and Practice Essay on Theme handout. Circulate and support students as needed. A. Share and Debrief (5 minutes) Gather students together for benefit essay, a round of Mix and Mingle (see supporting materials). Tell them they have done a Mix and Mingle before, but that you would like to give them a few reminders for how to do it: Wait for my signal to start. Find a partner whom you did not work with in today’s lesson. Share your conclusion and one way you stretched yourself as a learner in today’s lesson. Thank your partner and group continue to share with different partners until I have given the signal to stop.

Give students 5 minutes to teleosemantics new philosophical essays, Mix and Mingle, then collect their Model and Practice Essay on Theme handouts for formative assessment toward W.4.2. Note: Review students’ conclusions in the Model and Practice Essay on Theme handout and group provide feedback based on the criteria for conclusions outlined on the handout. Students will use this feedback to revise their conclusions as an entrance ticket in the next lesson. Copyright 2013-2015 by EL Education, New York, NY. All Rights Reserved. Get updates about our new K-5 curriculum as new materials and tools debut. Tell us what's going well, share your concerns and of money essay send any mistakes you have caught. To learn more about EL Education, visit Unless otherwise indicated, all work is licensed under the managerial accounting group assignment, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY NC SA).

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